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Bachelor of Arts, Geography


Minor in Geospatial Science (GIS)

  • Concentration in GIS, Biogeography & Cultural Geographic Research
  • Vice President of Humboldt State Geographic Society

Associate in Science, Geography


Associate in Science, Natural Science


Associate in Arts, Social Science



Big Data

University of california, san diego
Apr 2016

Big Data

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Wesleyan University
Apr 2016

Data analysis and interpretation. Analysis tool and refining data analytic techniques

Survey Data Collection and Analytics

University of Michigan
Jan 2016

Data collection and analysis. Specify research question and methodology

Data Science

Dec 2015

Concepts of data science and research

FLOW Education

Nov 2015

Facilitating Learning through Outdoor Watershed Education 

AdditIonal Courses

  • Environmental Law and Policy, The University of North Carolina
  • Oil & Gas and Industry Operations and Markets, Duke University
  • Programming Cloud Services, Vanderbilt University

Relevant Training & experience

  • Guest Scientist - US Forest Service; Remote Sensing  Technician
  •  Familiar with Windows, Linux. Proficient in Java, R, Python, Processing, HTML, SQL, and C++


Vegetation management & Restoration
Species Identification
Geospatial Science
Academia Writing
Environmental Planning
Research and Analysis
Database Management

Work History

GIS Specialist

JUL 2016Present
  • Performed analysis and created GIS data,  tables, forms, reports, and exhibits to meet  project objectives.
  • Advanced Python scripting.
  • Vegetation Management and Restoration.
  • Assess and fulfill requests for GIS information to clients.
  • Apply GIS techniques and principles to accomplish efficient project management.
  • Manage GIS related projects to insure resources are used efficiently, objectives are attained, and deadlines are met.
  • Design and preparation of cartographic products, creation of spatial data, and facilitation of project needs assessments and alignment with quality control standards.
  • Use industry standard programming languages to automate processes and procedures to enhance GIS efficiency.
  • Assist with GIS quality control procedures by reviewing & evaluating team work products and providing guidance to insure standards are met and requests are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Coordinate with other departments to insure necessary documentation is received to maintain the accuracy of GIS data.
  • Ensure accuracy and updates of GIS data.
  • Perform data manipulation, distribution, and integration.
  • GIS best practices and principles. 
  • ESRI Platform installation / configuration / performance tuning.
  • ESRI ArcGIS suite (including desktop), ArcGIS Server 10+, ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS.
  • Trimble Terraflex
  • Maintain and operate all field equipment.
  • Database design and modeling.
  • Field Work, collecting data as needed. 


Jan 2014Present
  • Research physical and cultural geography:      Including geophysics, biogeography, geopolitics and geoeconomics.
  • Developing and managing associated databases, raster, collecting field data, preparing field maps and map-based report graphics, process basic spatial analysis and running statistical calculations.
  • Perform cartographic functions in GIS, modeling of natural environment and project-related features through GIS base layers to characterize site conditions and conduct habitat assessments.
  • Produce written research and data collection for scientific journal publishing.
  • Working knowledge of the sciences; Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Physics, Social Sciences, and computer science.
  • Interviewing, setting up focus groups, surveys, and social media.
  • Environmental Planning, including, planning, permits, and design. Up to date on laws and regulations from federal and state entities. Experience in interpreting legal descriptions, plotting out maps, and designing layouts.

  • Knowledge with As-Built, red-lined, hand drawn and GIS maps
  • Digitizing and rectifying aerial photograph. Remote sensing analysis
  • Geodatabase creation, implementation, versioning and maintenance; geo referencing layers; data conversion; raster and grid storage, compression, and distribution; and spatial and network analysis and in creation, implementation and maintenance of geodatabases and shape files.
  • Possess knowledge, skills and abilities in ArcGIS Server administration, Oracle and MS SQL database administration and in administration of ArcGIS for Server and related products, including ArcGIS services and related web mapping applications and full ArcGIS desktop suite.

Environmental Recruiter

CARDnO Contractor
Feb 2016Apr 2016
  • Recruited nationwide.
  • Provided qualified candidates on a wide variety of positions including scientists, technical, engineering, financial and administrative positions for environmental firms.
  • Sourced candidates from resume data banks, LinkedIn Recruiter and job boards to create pipelines for positions, conducted targeted e-mail campaigns.
  • Contacted candidates; presented current openings matching their skill set, created interest in the company.
  • Well versed in recruiting compliance and appropriate interviewing.
  • Managed candidate flow on requisitions; reviewed applications, conducted phone and online  interviews and submitted selected applicants to the hiring team for review.
  • Created strong relationships with the on-site recruiting and HR staff to ensure the most suitable candidate was selected. 
  • Areas of expertise: Used science background in multiple disciplines to recruit staff in the environmental field. Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Social Sciences, and computer science.

Geologist/GIS Specialist

Jun 2014Feb 2015
  • Operate and maintain the logging unit and equipment.
  • Evaluating lithology samples and reporting any hydrocarbon shows.
  • Monitor rig functions, operations, and downhole conditions.
  • Communicating geological drilling information as requested by client.
  • Created and maintained standard and custom map products using ArcGIS. 3D and spatial Analyst extensions for modeling and analysis Perform Cartographic Design.
  • Run quality checks on incoming data and prepare data for importing. 
  • Conduct Route Analysis utilizing Linear Referencing tools.
  • Create Python Scripts applicable to repeatable processes.
  • Data Conversion from CAD and other sources.

Teacher's Assistant

Jan 2014May 2014
  • Teaching and leading GIS beginner and intermediate class.
  • Grading paper and tests.
  • Assisting with research.
  • General clerical duties.


PBSB Accounting
Dec 2008Dec 2013
  • General bookkeeping Financial reports, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Job-Cost Accounting.
  • Human Resources ; recruiting, payroll, benefits.
  • Manage government reporting and compliance.
  • Administrative and Secretarial services also provided.

Operations Manager/Accountant

Oct 2006Jan 2008
  • General bookkeeping Job-cost accounting.
  • Human resources; workman's comp, insurance, benefits.
  • Public Notary-notarized invoices and other documents as needed.
  • Managed jobs, crews, set-up new projects, contracts and proposals.
  • Kept inventory on site and at warehouse.

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Cedar Valley Construction
Oct 2005Oct 2006
  • Recruiting placing job ads to candidate selection.
  • Organized orientations benefit enrollment and safety meetings.
  • Handled confidential issues, employment verification, garnishments., payroll changes, updated all employee records.


Research Projects and Presentations:          

                  -  The Face of Oil: An Identity Revelation of the North Dakota Oil Boom Migrant Workers                               

                  -  China: Economic Neocolonialism, China's Engagement In Africa

                  -  Women In Community Supported Agriculture: The Underlining of Archaic Gender Roles In Humboldt County

                  -  Wiyot Tribe and the Cultural Revitalization After the Return to Indian Island

                  -   Federal Policy Effects and Time Analysis of Pre-Contact Tribal Lands and Changes Through the Federal

                          Buy- Back Land Program in California