Roy Westfall

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2000 - Oct 2012

IT Architect

First Data Corporation

Designed, developed, implemented, supported and maintained complex financial transaction processing software systems in C and C++ on Unix (Solaris) using Oracle databases.

Designed, implemented and maintained a heavily threaded Java application services framework layered on J2EE and SOAP Web Services and the C++ interface objects to this system for both clients and servers.

As the most senior developer at my location, supported the development staff with expertise in software design, languages and tools and methodologies.

Worked extensively on OpenVMS applications, including porting of complex application systems from OpenVMS and Unix.

Mar 1999 - Apr 2000

Senior Application Developer

ZEH Software

Designed, implemented and maintained large format printing software primarily for the oil and gas industry.

Integrated large format printer technology into the Dassault Systemes Catia auto-CAD suite.

Developed and integrated software that built and ran on Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Irix, Linux and Windows, using the QT framework.

Aug 1989 - Mar 1999

Application Architect

First Data / TeleCheck

Developed, maintained and supported financial transaction processing software.

Designed, developed and maintained architectural components and low-level objects.

Designed and created a dialer system, including Windows NT device drivers, middleware and user interface components to be used for Check Collections.


Sep 1982 - Dec 1986

University of Iowa



Oracle Development

PL/SQL Pro*C/C++, DBD::Oracle

DECNet Development


OpenVMS Development

Including system services, QIO, RMS, pseudo terminal, shared memory, logical names, event flags, mailboxes, executive and kernel mode code, multi-threading and multi-tasking.

TCP/IP Sockets Programming

On Unix, Windows and OpenVMS

Unix and Linux Development

Including SysV and Posix IPC, multi-threading, multi-tasking.

Scripting Languages

Including Perl, Bourne/Bash, Python, and OpenVMS DCL among others.


Extremely strong C skills.


Strong skills in Object Oriented Design and implementing OOD in the real world.



I am a software developer and architect with more than twenty years experience in C, C++ and Java development on Unix, OpenVMS and Windows systems.


A senior level software design and development that leverages my skills and experience.