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In a Nutshell

My first job in online content programming gave me the opportunity to contribute to a consumer/citizen-focused tool getting 44 million page views a month. What an extraordinary introduction to the potential of online community it was. 15+ years, much learning, change and exploration later, I now put my passion and experience to work in pursuit of social justice. As an experienced digital strategist leading and success-monitoring exciting community-focused campaigns, my emphasis is on engaging and activating the public in participatory democracy and corporate advocacy.


Challenge: Guide Washington's premiere consumer advocacy organization into online democracy

Delivered: Enthusiastic, consistent, effective and growing e-activist community

Challenge: Lead young organizing non-profit through its growing pains into mature social engagement

Delivered: Situational analysis, metrics, best practices, convergence strategy, consensus planning leading to complete internal reorganization for enhanced performance in digital era 


Food & Water Watch is an innovator in online tools and programming.

Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Special Advisor to the Executive Director for Social Engagement

Food & Water Watch

With the digital space securely moving forward, Executive Director Wenonah Hauter tapped me to help plan and execute a huge name recognition effort for Food & Water Watch. We launched her US book tour for Foodopoly and international tour for Frackopoly to acclaim. We combined the old and the new for a true multi-channel program that includes an award-winning site, a video trailer, a 100+ event tour, supporting social media and an increasing demand for engagement by Wenonah and Food & Water Watch. In addition, Wenonah asked me to design and implement a digital strategy for our European work and to get involved with fundraising. The expansion of the planned giving program is in progress. Stay tuned for more details on that. 

Feb 2008Jul 2012

Director of Digital Strategy

Food & Water Watch

Soon after I arrived at consumer powerhouse Public Citizen, the food division spun off to create Food & Water Watch. Once the online community at Public Citizen was thriving, I swam over to Food & Water Watch to launch its Internet strategy. Food & Water Watch is steeped in a long tradition of grassroots organizing and so I set to work building a case and consensus for expanding its organizing efforts to the online sphere. I did this by digging into the metrics, calling together working groups and generating a convergence plan that links together traditional and emerging media and online and offline organizing. The results include:

  • 250% increase in list size
  • Active communities on Facebook and Twitter for both US and European offices
  • More than doubling of online traffic
  • Reorganization of Food & Water Watch internal structure to reflect commitment to online engagement
  • Serious "de-wonking" of online content so that it is accessible and relevant to the public
  • 12-fold growth for year-end fundraising

In addition to the extraordinary rewards of designing and implementing Food & Water Watch's digital plan, I have gotten great satisfaction from working closely with experienced and passionate organizers and policy experts on issues that our critical to our time. It is an amazing place to work.

Jun 2005Feb 2008

Manager of Online Initiatives

Public Citizen

I grew up with Ralph Nader as a role model for consumer advocacy and political activism. After two years of training in online advocacy with the company that innovated it (Capitol Advantage), I saw that one of its customers, Public Citizen, was looking for a Manager of Online Initiatives. I contacted them to see if my expertise might be valuable to their effort and I soon went to work for the organization my exemplar had founded with the goal of helping them grow into online democracy.

At Public Citizen, I emphasized a strategy of doing the basics well. The core of their online community was an older and established supporter base used to hearing from Public Citizen offline. We sought to reach out to them in a smart and effective series of online actions, fundraising asks and a newly launched online newsletter called Citizen Direct. The result was a growing and action-hungry community that increasingly turned to online giving.

Public Citizen issues can read as especially inside-the-beltway. We were able to reach record actions by emphasizing the David & Goliath story in the narrative. Using this standard technique, the core audience was inspired to take action and tell their friends about Public Citizen's work. The process began of cultivating a new era of supporters. With transformation underway and a strategic plan unveiled, Public Citizen was launched into online participatory democracy.

Mar 2003Jun 2005

Client Services Manager

Capitol Advantage

Capitol Advantage supplied AOL's Government Guide with its elected official content and software so it wasn't much of a leap to get there after I left AOL. At Capitol Advantage, I was exposed to and trained in a whole new set of skills for online community growth. My first assignment was to learn and support their online fundraising module called Chariteam. One of the numerous benefits I gained from this employer was the opportunity to work with the fundraising giant -- the Arthritis Foundation. We worked together to create an ongoing and highly successful online fundraising component to their trademark Arthritis Walks.

My online fundraising education at Capitol Advantage was intense but brief -- Capitol Advantage got the proverbial offer it couldn't refuse for Chariteam and I was given the chance to move into their core business of Capwiz.

As a Client Services Manager for the flagship advocacy tool Capwiz I:

  • Helped 300 customers with a revenue value of over $1,200,000 imagine and execute winning grassroots advocacy campaigns
  • Designed and led customer trainings
  • Consulted on best practices for Website traction
  • Learned the ins and outs of online advocacy from an entrepreneurial approach

At Capitol Advantage, I had a bird's eye view of the developing culture of participatory democracy and was in awe of the important work my customers did. It was the perfect segue into my journey to non-profits.

Jan 2002Feb 2003

Manager of Community


AOL tasked each of its employees with the mission of "enriching, entertaining and delighting AOL members with high quality community programming and interactive tools; driving traffic throughout the service and to partner content; making AOL the most desirable destination on the Web." It was an exciting and inspirational time and I loved every minute of it. After two dynamic years with AOL's Web-wide product, Government Guide, I moved into the member-driven arena known as Community. My accomplishments included promotion and management of the conversations, special events, staff and member-generated content in the areas of covering topics as diverse as the military and spirituality and romance and ethnic interests.

In those days, AOL Community was THE online gathering place and many of the tools it had as part of its utility are the essentials in today's social networking sites. In addition to innovative tools, AOL had great content. We highlighted special guests, unique events and hot topics by way of the highly visited AOL Welcome Screen. We created a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week living program and invitation to connect that millions took advantage of. It was the birth of the social Web.

Mar 2000Jan 2002

Assistant Program Manager


Back before and brought government services to the public, AOL launched a Web-wide product called We affectionately called it GovGuide. GovGuide indexed ALL federal, state and local government Websites and developed consumer-friendly tools to help citizens, citizen hopefuls, visitors and anyone seeking government services get what they needed. At its high-point, Government Guide was generating 44 million page views and was in the top 100 sites on the Web. It was my job to make sure that it was highlighting the ever-increasing new sites federal, state and local governments were launching. In addition, I was programming content for new easy-to-use consumer tools and features and promoting our site to AOL's Welcome Screen to expand our spectacular traffic. Government Guide broke new ground by bringing citizen voices to the tool and by giving people the opportunity to share tips and tales with each other. My job was to integrate the citizen-focused tools of the day -- then known as message boards -- into the data driven site. I was working on Government Guide on September 11, 2001. Because of its proximity to Dulles Airport, AOL officially evacuated that day. But Government Guide -- organized under the newsroom --- stayed with the AOL news staff late into the night to make sure the members were getting news, information, support and all the latest in government services. In the days that followed, AOL members turned to Government Guide often looking for and finding, tips, updates and inspiration on how to cope with the astonishing moment in history we recall as 9/11. It was a challenging time that delivered many rewards and included record-breaking traffic for Government Guide.

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