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Work experience

Machine Operator

Hollister produces medical products. Operators are trained to run these machines and produce, inspect and pack these products. We have several goals we are required to meet. This position requires good mechanical ability along with a "good eye" at catching defects.

You must also be proficient at computer software. Multi-tasking is a must. I have been working toward a Level 3 position. This is an more indepth approach in team building. I was selected for this position. We focus on productivity, review our metrics, make rapid improvement ideas for reduction of scrap and up-time. We hold monthly meetings to review our goals.

Part of our daily requirements is pulling up MI's. Each job has a specific one.

Open House Recruitment Assistant

In 2006, Hollister held an open house to screen and hire new associates.  I was chosen to help out with this process.  It was a two day event and my job was to pre-screen applicants based on criteria, work history, etc. for recommendation for full-time employment.  I was also selected to participate is an introduction video for new hires.

Training Coordinator

Hollister Inc. is ISO, FDA, regulated. They require extensive training for associates who work at this facility. I have held the position on my team as training coordinator for the past two years.  What this involves is pulling up MI's for new associates to read that explain the job process, walking them through the safety procedures, along with filling out the necessary paperwork involved in correctly doing the job. As a medical product facility, Hollister requires extensive documentation for lot trace. My job was to train new hires, or temporary associates how to complete this task.

Tour Presenter

I have been trained to be a "tour guide." This includes nursing students, patients, management groups, or other planned visitors, to explain how the facility operates. I have held this role for 5 years.

Apr 1991Present

Medical Product Manufacturing Associate

hollister, Inc.

Pharmacy Technician

Williamson Pharmacy

My job was to fill prescriptions. I was employed there for two years.




I worked at GMAC for one year. My duties involved answering calls, sorting and filing. Miscellaneous other duties.




Has various assignments working in different offices.


Karin Blackstone

Karin is the team leader for one piece pouch team. I have known Karin for several years.

Liz Huffer

Liz is my current team leader.

Diann Morrison

Diann was my team leader for almost one year.


My objective is to take my career to the next level. I enjoy meeting new  people and welcome the opportunity of a challenge. I believe the skills I have acquired working in a High Performance Organization has given me the tools I need to help me succeed.  I have been trained on team concepts, one-to-one skills, SMART stradegy, eight step problem solving, and much more. I have participated in Kaizen events and welcome the idea of change.

I am someone you can rely on the get the job done right the first time. I look forward to hearing from you.