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Owner and Marketing Manager at ICE Future SRL, oct 2007-aug 2008 PR Specialist at Ubisoft Craiova, sept 2008 - present

HR Assistant at Ubisoft Craiova, sept 2008 - present

ECDL Trainer at EUROaptitudini Craiova, jan 2010 - present


I want to develop a carrier in the Public Relations and Human Resources domains.


Oct 2003Jul 2010

Diploma Engineer

Faculty of Automatics, Computers and Electronics

2003-2008: Faculty of Automatics, Computers and Electronics, gratuated with 10.00/10.00

Fields of study:

  • Computer programming
  • Computer graphics
  • Programming Techniques and Study of Algorithms
  • Object oriented programming
  • Operating systems
  • Databases design

2008-2010: Faculty of Automatics, Computers and Electronics, Master on Software Engineering, gratuated with 10.00/10.00

Fields of study:

  • Knowledge and semantics - based sytems
  • Modeling and performance evaluation of e-business systems 
  • E-business systems engineering 


Bristow Business and Communication Research Center

2008-2009: Certification on "Business Public Relations" (graduated with 10.00/10.00, first of the class) and "Human Resources Management" (graduated with 8.17/10.00)

2009-2010: European Business Communication Scholarship (graduated with 9.50/10.00)

Fields of study: 

  • Business Communication (graduated with 10.00/10.00, first of the class)
  • Leadership and Management Communication (graduated with 8.17/10.00)     
  • Business Public Relations (graduated with 10.00/10.00, first of the class)     
  • Personal Development. Human Relations Development (graduated with 9.83/10.00)

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

PR Specialist and HR Assistant


As PR Specialist my tasks are:

  • Organize regional events 
  • Write reports after specific stages of a project
  • Negotiate and make new contracts for public campaigns
  • Write and present in a training session the induction presentation about the studio to all new employees 
  • Develop and sustain strong relationships with the local media (radio, television, newspapers) and the students (student groups and forums) 
  • Maintain a strong collaboration with the technical faculties in Craiova (Faculty of utomatics, Computers and Electronics and Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics)
  • Participate to events on the gaming domain and technical students competitions
  • Organize team buildings for the employees 
  • Write training projects for the future development of the studio

As HR Assistant I have to:

  • Participate to job fairies representing the studio in Craiova 
  • Make and administrate a database with CVs received on specific areas of expertise 
  • First selection of received CVs, organize the agenda, supervise the candidates taking tests; take and assist to HR interviews
  • Make and continuously update a folder of all the employment papers for the studio in Craiova
  • Organize and sustain internal trainings
  • Use internal tools to write reports about the monthly activity 
  • Administrate and distribute internal papers (meal tickets, salary flyers, financial papers, etc.) to all employees
  • Communicate with local authorities for legal papers (Public Finance Administration, Police) and accounting issues (Dolj Treasury, ITM Dolj)
Jan 2010Present

ECDL Trainer

  • Organize teaching and ECDL certification sessions at the EUROaptitudini center
  • Teach trainings on introduction to the PC world according to the ECDL curricula and EUROaptitudini's teaching methods 
  • Solve exams simulations with the students 
  • Supervise and evaluate students according the ECDL certification program 
  • Write periodical reports about the evolution of the students and the balance between expectations and students' satisfaction 
  • Permanent consultancy after finishing the trainings to all ECDL students


Technical skills
  Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point) - advanced level 3D Studio MAX - beginner level Adobe CS3 Master Collection-Photoshop - beginner level    
Communications Skills
I am a very open minded person, I work very hard to achieve all my goals and I never give up. I like to work with others as a member of the team, but also as a coordinator. I have management experience (from my own company) and I've learned a lot about managing efficiently a team from the courses I've took at the Bristow Business and Communication Research Center. I like to organize events and I am very careful with the little details, so that the results after every event satisfy all the people involved in it (company, media and participants). I am an optimistic person and very determined in learning more things about the domains I like: Public Relations and Human Resources.
Foreign Languages
English - Advanced Francais - Intermediate


Jun 2010Present

Formator Certification

„Spiru Haret” School
Jan 2010Feb 2010

ECDL Complete Certification

SC EUROaptitudini SA
Jan 2010Feb 2010

ECDL Teaching Certification

SC EUROaptitudini SA