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I specialise in executive education, content development, publishing and marketing.

I help business people, professionals and entrepreneurs to get their messages out clearly and to strengthen their personal brand. I do this by providing services related to writing, editing, content development and podcasting. If you're trying to figure out your niche, your audience, your content proposition and how to make this clearer and more meaningful, I believe I can help.

This could be articles you may be keen to write, blog posts you'd like to publish, guest-posts on platforms you're eager to get on, newsletters or messages on social platforms. It could even be that I help you by ghostwriting your first book (with your direction, of course).

I'm also good at running and managing events. Whether it's a 100 person conference, a 20 person seminar or an intimate breakfast Roundtable of eleven, I have the skill to bring the right people together, to manage and moderate the event and deliver on your needs.

I run Vertical Distinct, a media and learning organisation. We publish great content, with the help of our network of high calibre contributors from around the world. We also run a range of internationally accredited in-demand technical and professional courses across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. We do this for both Human Resource and Technology professionals.

If I can help you with any of the above, we should talk. Drop me a line at

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Editor/Publisher/Writer and Programme Director

Vertical Distinct Sdn Bhd

leading provider of business education and a digital media platform, servicing mid to large corporations, focused on Human Resource and Technology sectors, with a global footprint.

Oversight on the strategic direction of the organisation and primary charge of the development and provision of technical and business management programmes offered. Leads a team of seven to manage third party relationships with prospective faculty; lead new product development and develop a dynamic marketing and promotion strategy supporting the products. Digital writer and editor, with extensive experience producing articles, news, advice, interviews and commentary for Human Resource and Technology professionals. An inbound marketer helping subject matter experts develop and strengthen their voice as well as reach new audiences.

  • Strategy - Built the business from ground up, establishing blueprint for growth and put in place relevant supporting processes to enable the company to operate within the first year;
  • Product development - Successfully  sourced and developed a strong faculty network within the first year to support the provision of both technical and business related training;
  • Inbound Marketing - Developed and launched a dynamic content marketing strategy that involved information marketing and social media outreach, using exclusive, original content;
  • Media  - Created, developed and led the provision of regular exclusive and original content, with various subject matter thought leaders and influencers, in a variety of formats including articles, white papers and podcasts, servicing both Human Resource and Technology professionals;
  • Publishing - Created, developed and led the provision of Accelerate, a digital Human Resource magazine;
  • Branding - Driving brand awareness, building trust and showcasing value through article writing, podcasts and speaking engagements.

Apr 2016Present

Associate Editor

HR Gazette

community of leaders and influencers with fresh perspectives on topics including HR Technology, Talent Management, Performance, Learning, Strategy, and Leadership. The publication has a global reach of 100,000s of HR professionals and business leaders.

Mar 2017Present

Creative and Communications Specialist

LeadWomen -

Work collaboratively with the team to identify, design and implement effective member communications, corporate announcements and engagement strategies to promote LeadWomen’s brand, programmes and services.

Apr 2007Present

Ghostwriter | Copywriter | Content Marketer | Editor | Proofreader for hire

Helping you with your writing.
Helping you with getting published.
Helping you strengthen your personal brand.
Strengthening your resume or online profile and doing LinkedIn Profile Tune-Ups.


Contributing Writer


Women of HR is a site dedicated to the development of women in human resources and business. It is a place to find information and discuss topics on a wide variety of issues that impact the lives of women. It’s a place to find community and collaboration. It was founded by high calibre HR professionals including as Lisa Rosendhal, Trish McFarlane, Jennifer Payne, Shauna Moerke and Lance Haun.

Dec 2016Present

Contributing Writer

Hppy | Employee Engagement and HR Publishing

Hppy is an employee engagement insights platform, providing leaders and HR managers information, data and ideas for creating better workplaces. We provide content and services that support leaders be more efficient in designing, implementing and understanding employee engagement strategies.

Nov 2016Present


New Straits Times
Aug 2004Dec 2014

Programme Director, Flipside + Editor, HR Matters Magazine

Flipside Sdn Bhd

leading provider of technical and professional development training catering to the Asia Pacific market focused primarily on the Technology sector. Publisher of  the quarterly magazine, HR Matters, servicing the Malaysian HR professional. With offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Oversight on the strategic direction of the organisation, in a team of 15. Led the development of various certification-led programmes offered for technology professionals. This entailed managing third party relationships with prospective faculty who can teach these subjects, deciding on the marketing aspects of the courses, planning the rollout of these programmes in terms of cities and dates and driving demand of these courses through inbound marketing.

  • Product development - Built a training business from the ground up, focused on instructor-led technical training, servicing Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Involved curriculum development, pricing and marketing thereof.
  • Media and Publishing - Over a period of seven years, launched and managed a niche quarterly magazine, HR Matters Magazine, catering to Human Resource professionals, that generated revenue via events and subscription and built a community, both online and offline.

Aug 1999Jul 2004

Co-Director/Co-Founder and Legal/Operations Director

Tell Business Pty Ltd

Sydney based conference and seminar organiser , providing technology training, servicing Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Managed key positions in the areas of operations, technology and product development of online business educational products, in a team of 18. Managed all legal requirements for the company, including business plan development, client relations, company secretarial filings, development of legal policies, personnel recruitment and employee relations. Was a key team member negotiating investment and financing opportunities explored.

Jan 1999Jul 1999

Legal Advisor

Homeseekers (NZ) Limited

Commercial real estate investment services firm based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Provided inhouse counsel on property laws and negotiation on a project basis. 

Feb 1997Nov 1998

Advocate & Solicitor

Messrs Balendran, Chong & Bodi, Advocates & Solicitors

Legal firm specialising, among others, in commercial contracts, sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements and financing agreements.

Drafted and managed negotiations for commercial contracts, sale and purchase agreements for selected housing projects as well as financing agreements.



Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP)

University Malaya, Malaysia

Post graduate legal programme required for being admitted to the Malaysian Bar.


LL.B (Hons)

University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK (now known as University of South Wales

Three year law degree programme.



review, rewrite, verify and check for grammar, punctuation,  spelling and general proof-reading.


high quality blog posts, article writing, book reviews and interviews on Human Resources, Technology, Business, Personal Branding and Entrepreneurship; ghostwriting; copywriting for marketing campaigns, websites and email promotions.

Social Media

content writing for social platforms, marketing, building relationships and engaging audiences.


email marketing, content marketing, social selling, advertorials.

Podcast creation

short, focused audio interviews with leading professionals in either Human Resources or Technology on a whole range of business issues such as leadership, mentoring, coaching, software testing and managing change. Includes pre and post production of the podcast and marketing campaign.


websites, brochureware, email campaigns, flyers - both print and digital.

Writing Portfolio

A small selection of writing and publishing experience below  :

An online publishing platform where you can access some of my articles and interviews done.

This is my blog where I cover entrepreneurship and personal growth.

This is where I work as an editor, publisher and writer. These are articles I have written.

This is a US based online community of HR leaders dedicated to the development of women in HR and business. I am a contributor author.

This is where my blog sits now.

6. Accelerate Magazine
A digital quarterly Human Resource magazine - you can preview up to 20 pages
i. Issue 05 Nov 2015. Why HR Should Really Learn to Coach
ii. Issue 04 Aug 2015. Your First Mentoring Conversation
iii. Issue 03 May 2015. How Learning Styles Helped Us Create a Global Top 10 L&D Function
iv. Issue 02 Feb 2015. How Are You Playing your Inner Game?
v. Issue 01 Nov 2014. Creating a Climate for Innovation

7. HR Matters Magazine
Initially print and then digital quarterly Human Resource magazine - full access to magazine
i. HR Matters Magazine Issue 26 - Apr 2014.  Recruiting at the Speed of a Click
ii. HR Matters Magazine Issue 25 - Jan 2014. Gamification : Through a Cross-Generational Lens

Writing and Publishing Portfolio

HR Matters Magazine


May 2013

International English Language Testing System

British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment

Overall Band Score 8.5

Other Portfolio

Podcast - What Does It Take To Deliver Successful Change Programmes?  
An Interview with Elissa Farrow 
In this exclusive podcast, brought to you by Vertical Distinct, Rowena Morais talks to Elissa Farrow, an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach who specialises in portfolio, programme, project and change management. Global Board Secretary for the Change Management Institute, Elissa was invited on the call precisely because of her background in change management. The plan for the call was to examine the various factors which influence the delivery of successful change initiatives in organisations, considering issues like the role of managers, what commitment means as well as closer look at the relationship between the soft and hard issues at play. 
Listen at 

Youtube Video Interview 
What It Takes To Begin Mentoring - An Interview With Doug Lawrence  
This video interview hosted by Rowena Morais, Editor of Vertical Distinct features guest, Doug Lawrence, who has been instrumental in developing a curriculum to train people on how to become effective mentors. 
This interview looks at what it takes to begin the mentoring journey. You will hear about : 
1. the need to have the right mindset; 
2. critical preparatory steps you need to take; 
3. how to identify the most appropriate mentee; 
4. what is called for in mentoring; and 
5. how to deal with mis-steps. 
Watch on