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Buy4Now is a software company that was formed in 2000.  We work with grocers to build and design eGrocery websites as well as providing eGrocery consultancy and assistance in the areas of marketing, fulfillment and IS integration.  Buy4Now works with over 50 retailers worldwide, employs 100 people and accrues revenues of almost $10M per year.  As the company has grown, my role within Buy4Now has changed.

Feb 2005 to Present - SVP of Sales & Consultancy in the USA

After almost 4 years in the Dublin office, I was tasked with assisting in the creation and execution of Buy4Now's US business plan.  I moved to the US and was heavily involved in the pre-sales, sales and post-sales interaction with all grocery clients and was instrumental in the creation of a $5M per year revenue stream. 

This role required strategic vision as well as drive, industry-specific knowledge and sales experience.  It also required great attention to detail and an ability to engage with potential and actual customers over a long time period.  I constantly had to demonstrate thought leadership in eGrocery, both internally and with clients.  My eGrocery responsibilities with each client extended to the following -

  • Assessing the suitability of grocery stores as picking locations and setting up hardware, equipment and fulfillment processes in those stores
  • Designing and project-managing the creation of delivery vehicles
  • Training pickers in quick and accurate fulfillment
  • Constructing a delivery plan that takes account of traffic, anticipated demand, capacity, road networks, load times and maximum truck utilization.
  • Training the drivers to become eGrocery 'ambassadors'
  • Creating cost-effective marketing plans
  • Developing forward-looking P&Ls that take account of all aspects of an eGrocery operation.
  • Collating available consumer data from the website, from user groups and from surveys to better understand consumer requirements and behavior patterns
  • Monitoring results from all of the activities mentioned above and working with the grocer to tweak any plans accordingly

My day-to-day immersion into the worlds of grocery and online grocery shopping has given me a unique perspective of the eGrocery business from operational, IS and marketing points of view.  My time in the US has moved me into a management role where an operations/account management team report directly to me and other individuals report indirectly to me on projects that I sponsor and manage.

Aug 2001 to Feb 2005 - VP of Sales & Marketing Ireland

I joined Buy4Now before their 1st birthday when we consisted of a dozen people in a makeshift office.  As is the case with start-ups I gained a great amount of experience in a broad range of areas before I moved to the US and into the role described above. 

I started off in a content management / marketing role, but soon moved into the area of sales and account management. I was responsible for signing up new retailers and securing their continuing happiness on "Ireland's Online Shopping Centre".  I was also tasked with accruing advertising revenue through online and e-mail marketing channels.  In this role I was able to gain vital experience and knowledge of eCommerce for grocery and non-food clients.  I was able to secure a large number of permanent retail clients and temporary advertising clients and consistently make my targets.  All of my accounts re-signed with Buy4Now when their contracts ended.

May 1999Aug 2001

Public Relations Executive

Dunnes Stores

I worked in the Head Office of Ireland's largest retailer in two separate roles

May 2000-Aug 2001 The Public Relations department was given sole responsibility for the creation and maintenance of the company website.  I was put in charge of the website, with responsibility for the content and design of the site.  I took a number of design and development courses and worked closely with each department to ensure that the website positively represented the brand.

May 1999-May 2000 I was cherry-picked from a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Relations to help create an in-house Public Relations department.  Our three-person team had responsibility for creating and issuing consumer and corporate press releases, responding to media queries, organising media events (e.g. fashion shows, cookery demonstrations) and liaising with the food, fashion and household design departments on a regular basis.


Oct 1994Jun 1998




I have over 10 years of experience in the grocery and eCommerce industries.  My expertise incorporates Finance, Marketing, Operations, IS and Management.


Ali Murdoch, CEO and Founder of Buy4Now (contact details supplied on request)

Other Education

Ongoing - I am currently studying for an MBA in Technology Management