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Ross and Devita Writer are long time residents of Juneau, Alaska, and still maintain their primary home (wilderness homestead) near Juneau.  However, since Ross retired from his position with the IT Department of the State of Alaska in 2008, they have been on the move, first spending time on a ranch near Yakima, Washington, and as of spring, 2012, are undertaking a permanent relocation to the Scottsbluff, NE, area to be near family.

Devita has a life long career as an artist, and in addition to recognition as a landscape painter,  in recent years Devita has been a primary artist in producing the decor of new cruise ships under construction in Italy and Finland by Carnival Cruise Lines.  You can read more about Devita at

Devita hopes to connect with the arts community of western Nebraska, and will be devoting considerable time connecting with her five grandchildren in the Scottsbluff area.

Ross is actively seeking employment.  His professional background is Information Technology, Contract  Management and Public Affairs.  But as an Alaskan, and former business owner, he has a variety of interests and skills... from driving trucks to carpentry.

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Ross: IT Consultant, Project Manager. Devita: Art and Design

Ross: Agribusiness IT Consulting - Devita: Carnival Cruise Lines Interior Appointments


Ross: B.S. Forest Ecology. IT Certifications

Ross: Iowa State University, University of Alaska. Devita: Cornish School of Alied Arts