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All About Me

I am a polite girl who is always up for new tasks. I am currently a photographer who works for myself. My hobbies are to people watch, watching how people act out together and when they are by themselves, especially when people are working. This influences my work majorly making the shows that I have been involved in more life like, making it easier for my audience to relate to it. I have phenomenal taste in music which is interpreted into my work. Music is a massive part of my life as grew up with my mom playing the piano a lot.

Work experience

Jun 2002Aug 2008

Production Manager

The Only Way is Essex

Throughout this job role, I had to ensure the budget wasn't spent over and this includes cost relating to the crew and practicalities of running a production. This also meant I had to oversee the search for locations and sign location releases. Throughout the filming of TOWIE I had to ensure that the team that had been hired were working well and getting the production finished on time. The responsibilities I had to carry included setting up controlling the spending, paperwork and liaising with the First Assistant Director to make sure the production schedule and departmental budget are on target. At the end of each production, as TOWIE is filmed in series, I would have to 'wrap' the production. This involved ensuring that all final voices are dealt with, locations are signed off, and rental agreements are terminated and equipment that had been borrowed returned.

May 2000May 2002

Construction Manager

Hollyoaks, Eastenders, Coronation Street

Throughout this job, I had to manage a crew and plan how sets and stages for Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and Coronation Street was built, this shows I am able to manage a large crew and organise to build a set to a large scale. Also throughout this role I was given the responsibility to order tools and materials which were needed for the sets and stages. This also came with a budget, so I handled with staying within an important budget. A key responsibility I had for this job was to ensure that strict health and safety guidelines are followed, especially for crew working at heights and with machinery. This included checking the safety and stability of all sets constructed.


Sep 1999May 2001

90 Credit Extended Media Diploma

Solihull College

Throughout this course I managed to develop skills to end up where I am today. I discovered new knowledge on how to film and direct documentaries even allowing me and a small group to travel to Leamington Spa to film a large group of people form the Guide Dog Association. Another skill I managed to understand was designing and animating. The designing part of my skills helps me with my photography nowadays allowing me to express that skill through photos aswell as my emotions.


This are some samples from my current work. I mainly focus on black and white colours. This allows viewers of my work to see what emotion that can be taken from them. I love being a photographer it allows me to express my emotion and how I am feeling at that current time in my photographs. By doing this is emphasizes the amount of emoption that is in me aswell, it lets me reach out to the world aswell. Taking photos from high places aswell lets me feel free. I mainly shoot in New York as this is my favourite city in the whole world. Its  so busy and always awake allowing me to get different images throughout the busy time of the night and during the day.