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Work experience

Jan 2009Sep 2014

Interactive Analyst and Project Manager


Accounts: FNB-Biznetwork, Makro, Telkom, Clover, African Media Initiative, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), IntegraAfrica

Key Responsibilities: Conducting website analyses Usability studies and methodologies Managing online projects and campaigns Managing creative and development teams Uploading content onto websites and web maintenance Client servicing, billings and account management End to end project management

Applications Used: Ensight (Content Management System), Rhino (CMS), Microsoft Project.

Dec 2006Dec 2008

Account Director

Enterprise IG/The Brand Union

Accounts: Southern Sun (Timeshare, Budget, Economy, Premier and Deluxe tiers), African Banking Corporation, Portfolio of Africa accounts (Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco). These include, EABL (East African Breweries Limited), Mazagan Resorts, Dansa Foods, Dangote, Diamond Bank.

Key Responsibilities: Management of portfolios and project management Brand maintenance for all Southern Sun tier groups, i.e. Timeshare, Budget, Economy, Premier and Deluxe, as well as other accounts Forecast billing, invoicing and debtors control Co-ordination of major client presentations and creative reviews Continuous liaison with client on status of various jobs Management of accounts from research phase to implementation Continuous generation of contact/call reports. Ensuring that creative executions meet communication strategies. Organization of internal training for new staff

Applications Used: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Project, Maconomy.

May 2004Oct 2006

Account Director

Mindpulse Strategic Consulting

Accounts: TDS (Telkom Directory Services), Castrol, Discovery Health, Unilever, Dept. of Housing, SA Post Office

Job Function

Finance Ensuring billings integrity for each month Ensuring company profitability Generation of revenue Marketing Business Development (Sales) Strategy and Proposal Development for all accounts Advertising and Marketing Market Research and benchmarking services vs. competitors

Key Responsibilities Providing functional leadership and management Retention of major accounts Positioning company and promoting products and services Development, management, discipline and reward for staff under supervision Retention of clients through superior customer service and loyalty programs General client servicing

Applications Used: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Project, Freehand 08/10.

Mar 2002Apr 2004

Account Manager

8 Seconds Image and Brand Creation

Accounts: Cell C, JOWSCO (Johannesburg World Summit Company), Roche Diagnostics, SA Express, Khula Enterprise Finance, CFG (Courier and Freight Group) and SAA Golf Open

Key Responsibilities: Receiving brief from client Handling of monthly account billing Continuous liaison with client on status of the branding and advertising procedure. Updating of status reports Continuous generation of contact/call reports Advising the clients of the competitor status by issuing a comprehensive competitor analysis report Ensuring that creative executions meet communication strategies Ensuring high quality production and proof reading Extensive market research Acquisition of new business Generating tender documents and pitch presentations

Applications Used: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Project, Freehand 08.


Jan 2009Dec 2010

Introductory course in Ayurveda

Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, India

Practical and theoretical training in Ayurveda under the departments of Basic Principles,
Ayurvedic Pharmacy and General Medicine.

Jan 1997Dec 1999

Diploma in Graphic Design,Computer Art and Desktop Publishing

5th Dimension College of Visual Arts

Graduated, Diploma in Graphic Design, Computer Art and Desktop Publishing

Basic In-Store Visual Merchandising (Module One) Merchandising backwall perimeters and systems Fashion and houseware displays Balance, repetition and focus Moduling, co-ordination and statement Lighting, floor layouts, finnishes and fixtures Rail disciplines and alignment Instore advertising material Materials and cost effectiveness Lifestyles and target market Display props and high level displays Co-ordination and statement Web Design HTML Macromedia Flash Authoring Software Macromedia Fireworks Web Production

Jan 1998Dec 1998

Diploma in Graphic Design,Computer Art and Desktop Publishing

5th Dimension College of Visual Arts

Graduated, Diploma in Graphic Design,
Computer Art and Desktop Publishing

Jan 1996Nov 1996


Nirvana Secondary School, Lenasia

English, Afrikaans, Mathematics
Science, Biology, Art

Career Synopsis

My career started off as a graphic designer in 2000, after a completed diploma in graphic design, computer art, desk top publishing and web design. Finding a passion for understanding businesses and creating brand and business solutions, I moved into a client service role where I interacted between clients and design and development teams. In this role, I became skilled at the art of translating marketing, communication and business strategies into graphical, creative and digital concepts.

I had the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry and influence some of South Africa’s best loved brands. These brands include Telkom, Makro, Clover, FNB-Biznetwork, Southern Sun, African Banking Corporation, East African Breweries Limited (EABL), South African Post Office (SAPO), TDS (The Yellow Pages) and Unilever.

Since 2009, my focus has been within the digital space. My involvement in key accounts like FNB-Biznetwork, Makro, Telkom and Clover involved digital strategies, creative thinking, website design, development and implementation, information architecture and usability studies. All expertise were utilised from the identification of an opportunity to the delivery of a solution.


My Unique Experience

Account and Project Management
Account management for the following clients involved taking the initial brief from client, unpacking it by making sense of the exact deliverables and appropriate solutions. Management of the account included continuous liaison with clients, frequent status meetings, progress reporting, client presentations and handling of budgets and resources to measure profitability.
I developed strategies and proposals which included market and desk research as well as competitor benchmark analyses. From a project management perspective, I build project plans in Microsoft Project and keep a close eye on it to ensure that everything is on track.


Usability Studies
My expertise in this area involves defining methodologies to monitor, analyse and improve website conversion rates. I achieve this through audits and evaluations, heatmapping software to aggregate mouse movements and research in the form of focus groups, email questionnaires and telephonic interviews. These methods enable me to identify problems and recommend appropriate solutions.


Content Management
The content management systems I am familiar with are Ensight, Rhino and Open X (Banner Management Tool). All these platforms showcase structured content with east access. My skill not only includes website management and content updates, but training of these systems to clients to enable them to take ownership of their websites. 


Interactive analyses
As an interactive analyst, I am able to provide through-leadership in measurement and analysis for digital marketing solutions. I do this by extracting website stats, analyzing them and presenting them to client on a monthly basis.  I do this to show progress and to understand the user in order to explore and deliver better solutions.


Brand Engagement
This is an area I’m very passionate about. Brand engagement is a systematic process to assist people within organizations to not only understand their brand values, vision and mission, but to live this attitude in their day to day lives at work. This process focusses on effort and increases productivity by ensuring that every individual within the organization keeps their brand promise.
To create this brand experience, I was involved in the co-ordination and facilitation of workshops to train employees on how to live the brand message, as well as to identify and establish brand ambassadors to continuously keep those values alive.


My Personal Methodology

Desk research is where I begin (because I love Google). During this process, I do competitor benchmark analyses to identify best practices for use of navigation, design, terminology and content. The current website (if there is one) is evaluated to understand and define the areas of improvement.

I co-ordinate and facilitate workshops using the Participlan Workshop Methodology. This is an interactive process with key stakeholders to understand business objectives, targets markets, service offerings and features and functionality relevant for the business. This process probes into the pains of the business and identifies the route to a final destination, i.e. creative, content and functional requirements are defined.


This step looks at defining the information architecture model to map out the content and functional requirements. I prepare a sitemap and wireframe prototype to demonstrate the content and navigational strategy for the new website. I show as many screens to get the idea across.
My primary objective is the focus on the user at the core of it all.

Management of Design, Development and Implementation
While the work is being processed, I manage design and development teams in line with the project plan to ensure timeous delivery. Constant creative reviews with teams and client liaison is essential during this phase and I will not sleep until the deadline has been met.

System Testing
On the development environment, I perform system testing and make sure all bugs are fixed before handing over to client. This includes testing of each feature, as well as layout, design and content over different browsers and mobile devices. Bugs are systematically populated with progress assigned to each one. It’s Go Live from here once everything is in order.


My Exposure

Makro (2008-2012)

The Task:
To transfer the site to a new content management platform to improve the retailers ability to manage and promote their frequent campaigns, competitions and promotions through the site.

The Solution:    
For this retail-extensive and customer orientated website that received close to 50 000 visitors on a daily basis, the solution entailed end-to-end project management of the site from content and product updates to promotional campaign and competition management. It was managed via the Ensight and Open X platforms that was strictly managed on a daily basis to ensure visual appeal that reflected the brand.

The Result:
Makro became a preferred channel for customers to find better process and better value. It offered a convenient and informative experience with increased customer interaction. The increased visual appeal better reflected the brand, while the extensive functionality was evidence of truly understanding the Makro customer.



The Task:
To create an user-centered website design that ensured that user needs, behavior and environment can fit comfortably with the business processes and transaction systems. 

The Solution:    
Usability and user experience optimization. This was achieved through focus group research, email questionnaires and telephonic interviews, reporting and tracking through google analytics and heatmapping, customer surveys, user experience evaluation and managing a prototype design from strategically laid out wireframes.

The Result:
An appealing and user friendly website that clearly defines Home, Business and Mobile Deal sections.   


Clover (2009-2011)

The Task:
To launch a new website that supported Clover’s intention to rejuvenate the overall image of Clover among consumers, customers and staff. Strong emphasis was placed on brand building, as well as the introduction of ‘Clover Lifestyle’ (through emphasis on health-based content and functionality).
My specific task included monthly reportback presentations to outline full statistics on the site and to identify new opportunities and/or solutions to constantly improve.

The Solution:    
Full analysis, design, definition, strategic and operational day-to-day management of the site.  

The Result:
Continuous improvement of site and visitor activity. Site analyses enabled me to identify most popular Clover brands and products to assist with offline and other advertising campaigns. Increased sales through the use of Clover products in various recipes within the ‘Clover Lifestyle’ section.

Southern Sun (2006-2008)

The Task:
Senior account management of the entire Southern Sun portfolio which included all hotel tiers, I .e. timeshare, budget, economy, premier and deluxe hotel ties. In addition, the task included the rebranding of the Sandton Sun Hotel, The Palazza and two Southern sun Premier Hotels (Katherine Street and Pretoria).

The Solution:     

Continuous client liaison, weekly status update and reports, briefing designers, creative reviews, managing client reverts, co-ordination of major client presentations to Southern Sun and individual hotel managers and assessment of all brand touch points ranging from front office stationery and in-room amenities to outdoor signage.

The Result:
World-class and consistent branding across all market segments.


Cell-C (2000-2001)

The Task:
To create an opportunity for Cell C to dominate and make its presence known within the telecommunications industry.  

The Solution:    
A strong presence campaign.  I was involved in a comprehensive audit phase to understand the brand, its environment and competitor presence to identify new opportunities. This involved an audit of 700 outlets around the country and reporting on each channel with site information including structural details, photographic representations and unique opportunity analysis.

The Result:
Activated brand presence in shopping malls, main streets, CBD and high traffic areas, townships and spaza shops (Informal businesses).  


South African Post Office (SAPO) (2004-2006)

The Task:
To reposition SAPO and leverage its products and services by introducing new revenue streams. To positively integrate with technology such that its advancement did not an end to its business.  

The Solution:    
An advertising strategy that supported company objectives, defined value propositions, business strategy, communication plans and the roll-out of post office retail store countrywide.

The Result:
Pervasive presence and digitalizing of post office services.  



“One of the most organized individuals I have met. When something needs to get done, you we can count on Roshni to get it done. She goes the extra mile not only to understand systems but makes an attempt to tackle code too if she has to. ”

  • Rustum Tavaria

Deta IT Business (Rhino Developer)


“We have been working with Roshni for several years and the experience has always been fantastic. We find her to be extremely efficient and effective in attending to all our requests, as strange as they may be sometimes. All work is executed in a timeous manner and correct the first time.

She conducts herself in a very professional yet friendly manner showing courtesy to all our staff whenever they interact with her, and they all love working with her.”

  • Shyam Pitamber

(The Contact Lens Shop)


“I observed Roshni to be a healthy, practical and determined individual with the right mental attitude. She is one of the few people I have met who encompasses acceptance, will-power, hard work, persistence and perseverance.”

  • Dr G. Guddoye

(Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, India)


Me in General

I am an avid Yoga student at the South African School of Yoga. I am an early riser and perform at least 8 hours of yoga per week. It keeps me grounded, focused and high on life.
As part of the school, we are affiliated with Childline where together we make a difference to the lives of 10-20 under privileged and abused children. This difference is in the form of taxi or transport costs to varsity/school and back, yoga lessons, feeding schemes and spiritual upliftment.

I follow Ayurvedic principles by making conscious diet and lifestyle choices that enable me to stay balanced and flow with the rhythms of nature.

I’m big on travel. I can’t get enough of it. Mumbai is my favourite city in the world and I visit India frequently. I have been to USA (New York, Washington DC, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Memphis, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas), Canada, London, Seattle, Europe (Amsterdam, Germany, Italy (Rome and Venice), Austria, Switzerland, Paris and Belgium). Within Africa, I have visited Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Kenya, Uganda and ofcourse Southern Africa (Durban and Cape Town) with my heart and roots in Johannesburg. I love the world and I love its people!

Other Activities

Other Activities I enjoy: Yoga (Intermediate to Advanced, South African school of Yoga), Art of Living Foundation (recognised by the UN, WHO, UNICEF), Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle (Gujarat Ayurved University, India), Global Travel, Reading and Hiking.

Personal Achievement

Having the ability to utilise my design knowledge successfully in a client service position, focusing in marketing, branding and digital. I pride myself on a high level of discipline, some regard it as a chore. For me, its a kind of order that sets me free to fly.


Deta IT Business

Rustum Tavaria (Director)Deta IT Business+27 82 332 8799


Kevin Felsher (Managing Director)Thoughtcorp+27 82 576 2258

The Brand Union/Integraafrica

Tendai Mhizha (Strategy Director)The Brand Union/Integraafrica+27 82 900 1204

Mindpulse Strategic Consulting

Mandla Msimang (CEO)Mindpulse Strategic Consulting+27 82 415 7015