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K-12 Educational technologist with specialization in project-based learning across the curriculum including science, language arts, world languages, math, social sciences and the arts. Interested in teaching K-12 computer applications classes, i.e. web publishing, podcasting, video production, keyboarding, digital art, animation, Microsoft Office, etc. Experienced K-12 technology trainer. Able to coach and assist teachers with integrating technology into the curriculum. Certified trainer for Smart, Interwrite and Mouse Squad.

Work experience

Computer Applications Teacher

Mountain View Whisman School District

Taught web publishing, presentation, graphic design, keyboarding, digital video, animation, database, spreadsheet, word processing, student technical support team, and yearbook (hard cover and video) and digital art. Managed, maintained and supported two Mac computer labs including LCD projector, printer, digital / video cameras, external speakers / sound system, and scanner. Installed and updated lab software / drivers.  Supervised and managed school student technical IT certification group. Designed, developed and administered goals and objectives for students in grades 6-8 in alignment with National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and California Content Standards including Science, Math, Language Arts, and Music.

Technology Integration Specialist

Merced Union High School District

Trained and assisted 120 high school faculty and school student population of 2500 meet district and school board goal of integrating technology into academic curriculum including podcasting, closed captioning, web and graphic design, video production, digital storytelling, desktop publishing, blogs, web-based media, file conversion and E-Learning course development.  Trained teachers how to effectively use interactive whiteboard, wireless tablet and student response system (clickers) technologies. Developed training and staff development resources i.e. video tutorials, digital portfolios, visual aids and other documentation. Lead chairperson for high school technology committee. Appointed board member to district Student Technology Committee. Authored and awarded grants including $80k technology grant for the purchase of mac mobile computer lab, servers, printers and wireless access points. Initiated and implemented student technical certification course. Supervised and managed student IT group.



Supplementary Authorizations

CLAD, NCLB (technology and music)



CSU Fresno


San Jose State University