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Ronny Sadam Husen

Experienced IT Project Engineer


————— My Objectives —————

To use my skills and potential to assist an organization in acheiving its goals while seeking long term career and optimum growth.


Network Engineer Plus Balikpapan

Mar 2014Aug 2014

Cisco Network Engineering

- Learn the fundamental of cisco and common network architecture

- Learn how to built a computer network using cisco device

- Learn how to troubleshoot a network

Gadjah Mada University

Jun 2013Jun 2013

PLC and SCADA System

- Learn the fundamental of PLC and SCADA system
- Learn the implementation in industry
- Learn how to build the system from scratch

UPTD BLKI Balikpapan

May 2012Jul 2012

Automotive Engineering

- Learn the fundamental of car and motorcycle engine

- Learn the electrical and air conditioner system in a car

- Learn how to tune up the car engine

- Learn how to overhaul the car engine

Apr 2009Apr 2012

Computer and Network Engineering

- Learn the fundamental of the computer hardware, software, and network

- Learn how to build simple network using Cisco and Mikrotik device

- Learn how to build simple DNS, Mail, Proxy, Web, and FTP server using linux OS (Debian)

- Active in OSIS (as vice chairman), ROHIS (as chairman), and Music club (as keyboard and guitar player)

Work Experience

Oct 2014Present

Project Engineer

Work at PT. Pama Persada Nusantara distric Adaro (Tabalong, South Borneo) as Supervisor and System Administrator for Wireless Network Infrastructure of EWACS PRO (Fleet Management System developed by Pama).

The network architecture is using Cisco Unified Wireless Network technology (mesh network). We use Cisco WLC 5508 as the controller and Cisco Aironet 1532E and 1552E as the AP. The AP mounted at 70 Mobile Tower that deployed in mining pit of Pama to cover 400 heavy mining unit.

We use other device (Ubiquity, Infinet, Wisnetworks, and some Catalyst Switch) to built the network.

To manage that network, we use Cisco Prime Infrastructure as wireless and other cisco device management system. We also use the PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler to monitor and analyze the availability and latency of the infrastructure and client device. In realtime, we use The Dude monitoring software from Mikrotik to alert us when a network device has an issue.

My responsibility is to help customer to manage and maintain the wireless network infrastructure. The detail is listed bellow :
1. Supervising customer’s team in deploying, troubleshooting, and configuring the device
2. Give an improvement and troubleshooting advice to customer
3. Create a plan on demmand
4. Share knowledge to customer’s team to help them understand the job and technology

Sometimes I got an assigment from my Manager to work in other project. Some of those are listed bellow :
1. Support team at Pama Kideco to config WLC 2504 and Cisco Aironet 1572EAC to cover JIGSAW and SENOPATI system.
2. Support team at BUMA SDJ to config WLC 2504 and Cisco Aironet 1572E
3. Do an audit at Pama Kideco for the customer’s Wireless Network Infrastructure
4. Do an observation at Trakindo BUMA Adaro for Wirelss Network Infrastructure that used by Minestar system.

Jan 2014Aug 2014

Project Administrator

Work at PT. Indominco Mandiri (Bontang, East Borneo) as Project Administrator while still working as IT Support

My responsibility is :
1. Create and manage the project administration, documentation, and report
2. Manage petty cash
3. Manage project tools and material
4. Deliver customer’s goods and manage the paperwork
5. Distibute the dataller’s sallary

Dec 2012Aug 2014

IT Support

Work at PT. Indominco Mandiri (Bontang, East Borneo) as IT Support to work in various IT project.

My responsibility is :
1. Attend the meeting of new project bidding
2. Supervising IT project
3. Do a technical installation and maintenance
4. Create final documentation of the project
5. Train the customer about how to use the installed system and how to maintain it

Some of the project I was working at are listed bellow :
1. CCTV Surveilance System for security and production departement using Dell PowerEdge R720 or IBM x3650 M5 + Milestone XProtect Professional as NVR and 60 AXIS P5514-E PTZ CCTV Outdoor Camera. The network is using singlemode and multimode fiber optic and Motorolla Cambium wireless device in some place. For the availability, we use APC UPS in all node.
2. Fiber optic network for PLC and SCADA system on conveyor and crusher.
3. LAN network (wired and wireless) installation for New Finance Office


General Wireless Networking

I have strong fundamental of general wireless networking base on CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) book.

Cisco Unified Wireless Network

I can built a cisco unified wireless network using Cisco WLC and Cisco Aironet AP from scratch.

Cisco Switching and Routing

I can built a simple cisco switching and routing from scratch

Network Management and Administration

I can manage a network and do the administration using any NMS software like PRTG, Cisco Prime Infrastructure, Ubiquiti Air Control, Cacti, Nagios, The Dude, TeemIP, OpenNMS, and more.

Windows and Linux OS

I can install and configure a server that using Windows Server or Linux Server (Debian or Ubuntu)

Project Management and Reporting

I can manage a project and create a complete reporting


I can work in a group as a leader or member. I can make a group to work in harmony to achieve the project or job goal effectively.

Web Programming

Curently I learn the web programming by my self (html, css, php, and javascript) when i have a free time.

Work Safely at Mining Area

I can work safely in the mining area using my knowledge and my experience

Surveilance and Access Control

I can built an access control and surveilance system from scratch