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Boy Scout of America-

Im a Boy scout of Troop 3, am an Assistant Scout Master

Graduation Year

MAY OF 2011


To find a part time job so i can develop a new skill, strength and work experience. 

Work study so i can continue my education at  U.T.I  

General Charater

 How do I see myself? I am hard working, personable, motivated with my hands. I like to see smiles, appreciations, and even friendship. Friends are comfortable to seek help from me when they have problems because they say I make things easier than it looks. I like to motivate people so they can gain confidence in themselves, prove to them that they are talented and we just need to overcome all challenges. Hard working is the last thing. I work hard because I will not stop until my goals are met, and that is how I see myself.

Awards and Achievements

4th PLace Medal - wrestling ( San Pubelo Wrestling Tournament)

Medal - Presidential Physical Fitness Award ( 2 Years )


Aug 2007May 2011

Has High School Dipolma

Wallenberg Traditional High School


Computer Skills
I am able to operate Microsoft Words and other computer applications.
I can speak Chinese.

Work experience

Daly City
Sep 2011Dec 2011


Yo-Go Frozen Yogurt

I worked as a cashier for Yo-Go Frozen Yogurt. Besides managing the register, I also organized the store and cleaned it.  I made sure that there was always enough yogurt, toppings and utensils for the customers to use.

Jun 2011Jul 2011

Cutco - The World's Finest Cutlery

Vector Marketing Corp.

 The World's Finest Cutlery is a company that sells kitchen accessories. A company associate trained me to be a salesmen, to be a people person, and to be comfortable talking with people.  My job was to make appointments with people and advertise the cutlery to the customers.

Apr 2010Aug 2010



Leftovers is an accessories and furniture store. My duties were handing items such as carrying furniture from one store to another, organizing and cleaning.  Merchandising was the best part of the job because I got to rearrange items in the store so potential customers could see how  . A valuable skill I learned was how to communicate and welcome the customers.

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Children Development

Service to the Community

 I have had many opportunities serving the community. One of the best learning experience I have done was CDC (child development center). I have spent more than one hundred hours volunteering. I assisted teachers with everything; just to number a few, activities planning, classroom management, and tutoring services. The part I enjoyed the most was working with the kids and kept learning fun for them. I also taught them a lot on arts and craft Furthermore, I have gained leadership, and planning skills.   

                            Volunteered: 104 hours

Jan 2009Jan 2009

Homeless Shelter Service Project

I volunteered as a server for the homeless in the Homeless Shelter Service Project.  I also prepared the tables, cleaning before and after meals.

Nov 2008Nov 2008

Food Bank Drive

The Food Bank Drive was a two week event where I went around passing out flyers advertising for the Food Can Donation.  I also helped collect canned foods for the Food Drive.

Oct 2008Oct 2008

Beach Clean Up

 This volunteer experience at the beach involved going around picking up garbage,  I was there for four hours cleaning up the beach with my Scout Troop.

Sep 2008Sep 2008

49ers Book Club Donation

For the 49ers Book Club Donation, I volunteered Candlestick Park (49ers stadium) to organize books and money. My job was to ask people if they would like to donate books and or money to children who didn’t have a book to read.

May 2008May 2008

Flag Planting at Presidio Cemetery

 I volunteered at the Presidio Cemetery with my Troop where I participated in a ceremony honoring the deceased soldiers by planting flags in front of their tombstones.