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Reality television celebrity Ronnie Negus has applied her entrepreneurial spirit to a range of projects throughout her life. In an effort to support, empower, and inspire others through her own experiences as the mother of a special-needs child, she recently co-wrote a book to foster acceptance and understanding of children with special needs. She has also recently opened her life up to public scrutiny. Since early 2011, Ronnie Negus has appeared on the Real Housewives of Vancouver, a show that depicts the lives of several high-profile women. Although tentative at first, Negus made the exploit a positive and constructive one and remains grateful for the experience. A lifelong health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast, Ronnie Negus exercises regularly and advocates embracing internal and natural beauty and wellness rather than that derived through cosmetics or medication. She has recently partnered with ENZED Nutricorp to endorse a product line that comprises natural supplements that treat a wide range of issues, including insomnia, anxiety, and weight gain. She is furthermore collaborating to develop and launch her own vitamin and skincare lines.In a philanthropic capacity, Ronnie Negus is devoted to several important causes, including such charities as British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital. Moreover, she sits on the Board of Directors for the BC Centre for Ability, a support program that provides therapy and other services to young children with disabilities. In addition, Negus donated her entire earnings from appearing on Real Housewives of Vancouver to BC Centre for Ability. In her free time, Ronnie Negus enjoys gardening, exercising, and traveling. She resides near the waterfront in Vancouver and frequents her home in Napa Valley.

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