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Work experience

Jul 2013Present

Senior engineer

  • Data mining
    Mars generates about 200,000,000 queries per day. We will analyze these queries to known the state of different users. In addition, we will put these queries to memcached and Hadoop in a specific format. Moreover, we run Map/Reduce jobs for some data mining of these queries. 
  • Distributed crawler system
    Design and implement the crawler system. Many clients get tasks from the server. It uploads the result to the server while it completed the task.
  • make achievements:
    1. To reduce the cost, design and implement the distributed crawler system.
    2. Get the title of engineer of month


  1. Proficient in C/C++, familiar with STL. 
  2. Experienced with big data processing. 
  3. Familiar with algorithm design, data Structure and computer network. 
  4. Have strong learning and analyzing capabilities. 
  5. Passionate to think and learn, and hard-working. 
  6. Good team work and communication skills.




Southeast University


Qingdao University

Language Ability


Project Experience

Distributed crawler system(2015/02–Now)

Description:To reduce the cost of the company, we design and implement the distributed crawler system. The system contains scheduler, downloader and crawler. Downloader gets tasks from scheduler. It uploads the result while it completed the task. Scheduler splits tasks and give tasks to the downloader. It also records results that downloader uploads. Crawler gets URLs of many famous markets.
Responsibilities:1. Design the distributed crawler system.
2.Implement the scheduler and downloader.
3.Reverse some famous markets and get URLs from these markets.
Achievement:1.Reduce the cost of the company.
2.Get the title of Engineer of Month.


Description:It gets queries from Akamai and analyses these queries. The analysis module contains loader and parser. They communicates with each other via blocking queue.Loader loads logs and put the logs to blocking queue. Parser gets logs from blocking queue and puts message in memcached. Moreover, it puts logs on Hadoop in a specify format for data mining via Map/Reduce.
Responsibilities:1. Design the system with my mentor.
2. Implement Loggetter, AkamaiLogAnalyzer and write Map/Reduce program for some data mining.

Knowledge representation and reasoning(2010/09–2013/03)

Company:Southeast University
Description:Design and implement and inference engine of epistemic specification.
Responsibilities:1. Provide an algorithm of the inference engine.
2. Prove the algorithm.
3.Implement the inference engine.
Achievement:Applying for a patent: a method to implement an epistemic specification solver.

Menu of copying machine(2011/03–2011/05)

Company:Southeast University
Description:The system contains LCD, FboxUI and FboxD. LCD displays the menu and receives the key while entering. FboxUI communicates with LCD via Uart. FboxUI gets data from FboxD and sends the data to LCD to display. FboxUI also responses while receiving the info of button pressing from LCD.
Responsibilities:1.Design and implement fboxUI.
2.Port the program to ARM with cross compiler chain.
3.Port many libs to ARM such as libewf.