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I am a team lead and software developer working for in Amsterdam. I previously worked at Amazon EC2 for four and a half years. I have a degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Cape Town. My differentiating skills include team leadership, project management, quality control, solution architecture, cloud computing, agile software development, extreme programming, service-orientated architecture (SOA) and dev-ops.

Work experience

Sep 2016

Team lead & software developer (current) is the industry leader in online accommodation services. It is a subsidiary of The Priceline Group.

My team owns the primary proprietary internal tools used by customer service agents (Perl, JavaScript, MySQL).

Sep 2015Sep 2016

Senior software engineer

Jumo is a mobile money platform, integrating with mobile network operators to deliver loans and other financial services directly to customers' cellphone-linked mobile money accounts.

I work on the core engineering team responsible for developing, maintaining and operating the central mobile loans system, including loan disbursal and collection, loan lifecycle progression, accounting and customer messaging, and user interfaces for call centre and administration (Ruby on Rails, AWS, JavaScript, Heroku).  I helped design and implement the decision management subsystem for offering loan terms to customers (Ruby on Rails, MySQL) and I designed and implemented a system for customising these loan terms based on customer's past repayment performance. I helped design, implement and integrate SOA services for managing fraud and for managing arbitrary know-your-customer (KYC) data. My responsibilities include working with internal business customers, requirements gathering, project specification and planning, design, development, deployment, tracking projects to completion, reporting to business and ongoing operations.

May 2011Sep 2015

Software development engineer

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon EC2, a subsidiary of and a division of Amazon Web Services (AWS), is the pioneer and market leader of cloud computing, where customers can rent on-demand utility computing resources, such as virtual machines, for hosting within Amazon's datacentres.

2012 - 2015: I worked on a team which developed, maintained and operated key internal operational tools for EC2, including the primary tool for humans and computers to interact with the logical internal and external resources of Amazon's EC2 datacentres (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Java), and the web UI and API for issuing SQL queries across the fleet of primary operational databases for EC2, VPC, EBS and  datacentre infrastructure (Ruby, MySQL). I helped maintain and build-out EC2's fleet of database hosts for historical data (MySQL). I worked on a team which developed and maintained a web-based tool for managing the configuration of resources within SOA services using templates (Ruby on Rails, Java). I designed and implemented a service for scheduling maintenance on fixed hosts (Java).

2011: I worked on the User Experience (UX) team, where I wrote an automated test framework and suite of test cases for the EC2 and VPC Management Consoles, the single page web application user interfaces for EC2 (Python, Django, Java, Selenium, JavaScript). I performed manual and exploratory testing, and worked with developers to create test plans and specifications in order to deliver automated test cases.


US20140188815A1 Annotation of Resources in a Distributed Execution Environment  (pending)
US9178867B1 Interacting with restricted environments 
US9647896B1 Rule-based actions for resources in a distributed execution environment 
US9313208B1 Managing restricted access resources 
US9473799B1 Resource data query processing 
US9455879B1 Validating changes to attributes for computing resources 


Jan 2007Dec 2010

Bachelors of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering (Hons)

University of Cape Town (UCT)

73% weighted average. 3 years on Dean's Merit List.

2010: Undergraduate thesis project was a hardware-based multi-purpose audio system on a programmable chip, with embedded soft microprocessor, capable of recording and playing back audio and MIDI, implemented on an FPGA (VHDL, C, Python, Matlab).

2009: Led team of three second-year students to develop an application called Sign Language Tutor with video capture and playbook and basic gesture recognition (2009) (C++, Qt, cross-platform). Tutored second-year computer science (C++). Golden Key committee member.

2008: Certificate of Merit for Computer Science. Engineering faculty scholarship. Winner South African Google Gadget competition for creating an iGoogle application 'LastCritic', which would display recent music album releases, along with rating and number of listeners, on the Google homepage (JavaScript, HTML, CSS). Integrated with Metacritic,, YouTube and Google Social. Golden Key member (75%+ average).

2007: Winner Africa Studies class medal. 100% for Engineering 1.

Jan 2006Dec 2006

High School Senior Certificate (Matric)

Abbotts College Milnerton

Winner Dux medal: first place in college, Computer Science subject prize, Science subject prize, English subject prize (97%). Principal's award for phenomenal perseverance and effort. Student representative council (SRC) member. Pass with endorsement (distinction).

Other work, projects and internships

Lions Head view (2015) I created a Raspberry Pi-based device which automatically takes minutely photographs, collates them into timelapse videos and uploads them to YouTube and other social media (Raspberry Pi, bash, AWS, IFTTT, YouTube API)

Howzit Instant Messenger (2010) I created a web app which was a fully-functional Mxit client, allowing Mxit to be used via a web browser. It provided integration with other social networks and supported Mxit's binary protocol for media transfer (Node, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS)

Snapbill (2010) I worked on an online recurring billing and invoicing web app. I created an abstraction layer over the various payment gateway providers (PHP, Python).

ACI Worldwide (2008) Internship. I created a load and stress-testing framework on top of the existing functional testing framework for the core real-time transaction processor, which was the company's main product. This work included optimising the real-time transaction processor (Grinder, Python, Java, Jython). I created a plugin for Eclipse IDE which provided syntax correction, suggestions and highlighting for the existing proprietary test case specification language (DSL) (Xtext, Java, Eclipse).

Silvaknit (2002) I created the UI front-end and serial port (RS232) interface for converting a punchcard-based textiles factory to a digital and hydraulic solution. This allows the customer to program the knitting machines using a UI rather than punchcards (Visual Basic 6).


Jul 2015Sep 2015

Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1


Statement of Accomplishment. 83.9%

Apr 2013Jun 2013

Introduction to Data Science

Washington University

Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction. 87%

Jan 2001Mar 2001

A+ Computer Technician


Youngest graduate from college