International Sales Manager

Biotek Ozone
  • Proactive leadership of Marketing and Sales team.Facilitate a team approach to achieve sales objectives, increase productivity and enhance employee morale.Conducted complete revamp of existing sales materials and overhaul of web content, marketed for Western consumption.
  • Strong multi-cultural literacy developed from work with international clients and internationally diverse sales team, regular communication in Chinese language.
  • Improved intelligence and operational efficiency for all sales supported functions by introduction of Pentaho BI and MySQL solution.Cross-department installation facilitated rapid decision making, robust data availability and real time monitoring of sales functions.Performance management notified sales reps of parts life expiration, cuing staff to solve customers’ needs before customers become aware, increased sales volume, operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Directed all sales communications to North American accounts, generated large multinational accounts that were key to fulfillment of strategic future expansion objectives.