Ronan Waterson

  • Sherwood OR

High School Freshman Student


Work experience
2014 - 2015

High School Studies

Oregon Episcopal School

Completed one year at Oregon Episcopal School, where we are taught an inquiry method of learning. Completed courses of  Honors Physics and Honors Precalculus in a highly rigorous and competitive college-preparatory environment.

2011 - 2014

Middle School Studies

Veritas School

Attended Classical Christian school, where we were taught how to  speak and write Latin, how to understand basic theology, and how to write in classical styles. Studies focus on formal logic and rhetoric throughout all subject matters.


    • Achieved Honorable Mention in the Northwest Science Exposition with the project  "The Fourth Dimensional Hypercube: An Unexplored Theory"
    • Took first place in the Speech Meet Veritas All Middle School  poetry competition
    • Successfully predicted the future path of the asteroid Vesta
    • Took a main role in a production of the play Society
    • Took first place in the Latin Olympika; derivatives section and  second in the  team oral section
    • Led after school geography club with peers and younger students
    • Played soccer  for Sherwood Indoor and Outdoor recreationally
    • Played lacrosse for Sherwood recreationally


  • Traveled to Ireland and  toured ancient sites all around Ireland, including religious ritual mounds over 5000 years old
  • Traveled to Latvia and learned about the history and culture there

Work Experience

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Tending gardens

Neighbor's Property

Worked throughout the whole of last summer  watering and taking care of our neighbors' garden while they were away on vacation