Career Highlights

Career Highlights

  • Appointed to the New York City Police Department January 1987.
  • Promoted to Detective – 3rd Grade March 1991.
  • Promoted to Detective – 2nd Grade February 2004
  • Recipient of the New York City Police Department’s Medal of Valor for ‘acts of outstanding personal bravery” during the rescue and recovery efforts relating to the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001
  • Tasked with developing a new program for the Intelligence Division, Operation Sentry, an intelligence network of police departments in the New York area. Identified / acted on potential threats and functioned as liaison to local and municipal law enforcement agencies within a 250 mile radius of New York City.
  • Conducted complex investigations and cultivated a comprehensive network of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • Coauthored Guidelines for Handling Long-Distance Confidential Informants.
  • Served as member of team that researched and developed a recidivist / larcenist database that utilized background data to identify potential perpetrators.
  • Active member of city-wide investigative unit; managed high level special intelligence projects.
  • Acquired extensive experience compiling police, hospital, and neighborhood canvas reports, investigating accident scenes, interviewing witnesses, and taking statements.

                                                                                          Accomplishments and Awards

  • Honorable Mention Award
  • Meritorious Police Duty Awards
  • Excellent Police Duty Awards

Unit Citations

  • Certificate of Appreciation, New York City (NYC) Police Commissioner
  • Certificates of Appreciation, Chief of Internal Affairs
  • Passed the New York State Exam for Licensed Investigator.


  • NYPD Honor Legion
  • NYPD Emerald Society
  • NYPD Steuben Association


  • FBI Top Secret Clearance with SCI Protocols
  • Board Member, Town of Wallkill Little League


I suspect you’ll find very few individuals with a background such as mine and it’s one I’d like to put to work on your behalf. The depth of my training and experience in criminal investigations, as well as, interviewing of suspects and witnesses, intelligence gathering and extensive report writing, uniquely qualify me to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

As you’ll see on the enclosed resume, I am a recently retired Detective, Second Grade, having completed a distinguished 20-year career with the New York City Police Department. Moreover, having worked as a career investigator in a variety of commands, I have the background and training that encompasses all areas of criminal investigation.

You will find me to be a tenacious, self-motivated individual, able to perform effectively in work environments which require the ability to make quick, reliable decisions and execute multiple tasks simultaneously.


Qualified By

Retired Detective, 2nd Grade, with a distinguished 20-year career with the New York City Police Department and broad experience with complex investigations, research, case management, and electronic / technical surveillance and project management.

  • Seasoned Investigator: Thoroughly familiar with field and technical surveillance methods. Extensive hands-on experience with overt and undercover investigations, intelligence gathering, interviewing techniques, fraud detection and investigation, asset searches, threat assessment, and intelligence gathering / analysis. Experienced in conducting background checks, fraud / accident investigation, and Workers Comp investigations.
  • Effective Communication and Reporting Skills: Analytical problem solver, known for ability to write accurate, well-organized investigative reports; able to record and develop detailed case notes, provide compelling analysis, make effective presentations, and consistently meet deadlines. Accustomed to producing written intelligence reports for intelligence briefings at the highest levels of U.S. Government.
  • Computer and Internet Literate: Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel PowerPoint) Photoshop, Case Management Programs (Orion Magic), Open Source Interview research tool, IDS, and HIDTA. Skilled in conducting Internet research and using commercial Databases such as Choice Point, Lexis-Nexus, and AutoTrack.
  • Extensive Network of Contacts:Extensive network of contacts with state, national, and international law enforcement and intelligence agencies, including Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Security Agency, and Defense Intelligence Agency.

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2013 - Present

Vice President, Partner

John Cutter Investigations

John Cutter Investigations, Inc. is a full service Private Investigation Agency specializing in a wide range of Corporate, Private, Individual, Civil, and Criminal Investigations and Security Assessments for Schools and Corporations. With over 100+ years of combined experience in the field, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

Our people all come with vast experience from both the private and public investigations sectors, and we all have our areas of expertise. In forming JCI our goal is to be the best within our areas of expertise. Don’t you deserve the best? Something else that JCI brings to their clients is the capacity to deliver a high quality product at reasonable cost. We have seen too many companies “over promise and under deliver” to their clients in the past. John Cutter Investigations personnel enjoy providing superior service in all areas of Investigations and Security assignments. All client requests are addressed immediately and confidentially upon receipt. <o:p></o:p>

Please visit our website for an introduction to our array of services. We look forward to working with you in the future for all your investigative and security needs.<o:p></o:p>

Jul 2007 - Apr 2013

Vice President, Investigations

BDA Investigations

Initially hired to supervise the White Collar Division at BDA Investigations, this position involves the coordination and investigation of a wide range of cases. As Vice President of the Corporate Investigations Division,  I am responsible for managing an eight member Investigative Research Analyst/White Collar Division Team, which includes the hiring, training, and rotation of personnel and providing direction and resources to maintain the collection, analysis, presentation, and distribution of investigative related analyses applicable to the daily and long range desires of our client. Thorough investigations by the White Collar Division reveal specific details and information which are generally unattainable using one's own sources and include a comprehensive and detailed final investigatory report. The White Collar Division has been retained by countless law firms and Fortune 500 companies to provide in-depth investigations on many diverse cases, clients include real estate developers, corporate CEO's and major financial institutions. This Division's case load also includes, witness locate cases, as well as due diligence and corporate investigations, asset and litigation research, background and pre-employment cases.

  Since February 2008, my role at BDA has expanded to include supervision the General Investigations Division as well as the White Collar Division. In this capacity I supervise and coordinate a wide range of investigations ranging from surveillance to investigating homicides for trial preperation and litigation support.

Vice President of Corporate Investigations performs the following duties:

  • Hires, trains, and rotates the White Collar Division Team analysts for optimal coverage of resources and investigative abilities.
  • Leads a team of investigative research analysts in collecting information, organizing it effectively, and analyzing and presenting it in a manner that meets our client's management needs in program management and decision making.
  • Provides, on a daily basis, direction, project scope, and editorial guidance to the investigative analysts.
  • Acts as the primary liaison between BDA and individual or corporate clients to provide information on the quality of BDA's investigative Due Diligence reports and to effectively assist the client in choosing the proper level of investigation to adequately meet their needs.
  • Liaises with individuals, national, and international corporations as necessary to coordinate use of services necessary to complete our investigative goals.
  • Identifies appropriate training and liaison opportunities for White Collar Division Team and develops a budget for these in consultation with the CFO.
  • Supervises White Collar Division Team Analyst's analyses of our client's final investigative reports and is responsible for providing oral briefings to clients and executive officers as necessary.
  • Organizes work requirements of the White Collar Division Team and to maintain records of customer feedback.
  • Maintains an awareness of current emergency preparedness operation practices within our high-rise office building setting and contributes to any ongoing emergency situations as required.
  • Demonstrates strong managerial skills and written and oral communications skills; possesses the ability to conceptualize and analyze problems; provides solutions clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing; and is highly self-motivated, exhibiting strong initiative and follow-through abilities.
  • Computer literate in Microsoft Office Suite Professional, Timeslips (billing and time tracking software), as well as other commercially available programs.
Jan 1987 - Mar 2007

Detective 2nd Grade

New York City Police Department

Detective 2nd Grade Detective-Investigator (3/2001 – 03/2007)Priority Targeting Section, Criminal Intelligence Section, Intelligence DivisionSelected as a founding member of the Criminal Intelligence Section, created in March 2001, I was assigned to the Priority Targeting Section, an Organized Crime Task Force. As a member of this unit I was used technology, as well as, investigative field work to monitor, to investigate and prosecute intra-borough, multi-state, multi-national and recidivist offenders’ criminal activities occurring in NYC with ties to outside organizations and geographical regions. Extensive networking with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the investigation of criminal activities including loan sharking, gambling, narcotics trafficking, and racketeering.During my last four years I managed one of the Intelligence Division's high priority Intelligence Projects, which required that I manage a Confidential Informant (CI), several off site properties and business accounts, facilitate travel internationally and domestically, and act as a liaison with the JTTF locally and nationally, as the case necessitated.

  • Specialize in identifying emerging organized crime enterprises in order to undermine their structure, influence and presence in NYC.
  • Identify and coordinate prosecution of career criminal and recidivist offenders.
  • Integral in the research and development of a recidivist/larcenist database that utilized background data to identify “most problematic” perpetrators.
  • During my tenure with the NYPD Intelligence Division I have been assigned as the lead liaison to the Federal (FBI) Fusion Center during significant events that have occurred in New York City (i.e.: UN General Assembly, Republican National Convention, G8 Conference, etc.)
  • Tasked with establishing an intelligence project on a group of recidivist burglars the FBI labeled as YACS (Yugoslavian, Albanian, Croatian, Serbian) – an elite group that targeted banks, ATMs, Jewelry stores, and other high-profit locations.

Detective-Investigator (1999-3/2001)Internal Affairs Bureau, Enforcement/Debriefing/Interview Techniques (EDIT), Group 52A city-wide investigative unit tasked with investigating corruption and related street-level enforcement.

  • Investigated and conducted enforcement on wide range of criminal complaints including narcotics, prostitution, trademark counterfeiting, and club violations.
  • Debriefed prisoners at length to ascertain depth of knowledge of criminal activities; information often used to enhance or close open cases.
  • Testify before court and grand jury and appear in court as expert witness.

Detective-Investigator (1995-1999)Internal Affairs Bureau, Technical Services UnitRecruited because of my proficiency in photography and darkroom skills, I was assigned to this Bureau’s custom photographic lab to aid in the investigation of corruption-related activities.

  • Redesigned and constructed the existing facilities into a custom darkroom.
  • Installed and operated covert video, and/or, audio recording devices in a wide range of applications.
  • Adept at surreptitious surveillance – often assisted other departments in case investigations.
  • Conducted covert night surveillance.
  • Trained officers in undercover operations and advanced electronic surveillance techniques.

Detective-Investigator (1992-1995)Vice Enforcement Division, Organized Crime Control BureauInvestigations and surveillance of organized crime activities relating to New York State Penal Law violations of alcohol, tobacco, prostitution, and gambling statutes.

  • Investigated and conducted enforcement 
  • Investigated Organized Crime organizations relating to illegal ‘Policy’ and Sports betting activities.
  • Conducted 'bet-and-bust' plainclothes operations to apprehend perpetrators; provide expert testimony in Bronx criminal and State Supreme Court.
  • Examine business, personal and public records to establish facts and authenticity of data and secure search warrants as necessary.
  • Arrange "buy and bust" deals utilizing undercover tactics and arrest sellers and group members.
  • Conduct photo, video and electronic surveillance of criminal activities to compile evidence.
  • Maintain and issue all technical and surveillance equipment.
  • Organized crime liaison for crime families and worked directly with federal agencies and provided information regarding crime families and organized crime activities.
  • Community police liaison; worked with Organized Crime Control Bureau and appeared before the community board to address important issues and the relationship between the community and the Vice Enforcement Division.

Detective-Investigator (1989-1992)Field Control Division, Organized Crime Control Bureau

  • City-wide field investigative unit tasked with investigating corruption-related complaints.
  • Conducted internal investigations involving corruption complaints within the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
  • Equipment Officer; responsible for the set-up of covert audio and video surveillance equipment.

Police Officer (1987-1989)Patrol Services Bureau, 49  Patrol PrecinctPerformed all aspects of uniformed patrol duties and crime control for robberies, burglaries, assaults, larcenies and all crimes committed within the precinct; obtained confessions, located witnesses and gathered evidence at crime scenes.

  • Conducted arrests and performed interviews with suspects and witnesses.
  • Assigned to the Precinct Conditions Unit responding to all specialized assignments, patrol of high crime areas and locations of special community interest


Aug 1983 - Jun 1985

Bachelor of Science

Criminal Justice degree prepared me for employment in all areas related to the field of criminal justice and other government agencies, as well as for graduate school in related disciplines.



Computer Literacy

Proficient in the following software: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) and the following applications: Lexis Nexis, Westlaw, Autotrak, Choicepoint and many other commercial databases.

Photography - Video

Experienced Photographer:   Expert in using photographic equipment and methodologies, including digital, black & white, and color cameras; film and darkroom equipment; video equipment; and night vision devices.  


Seasoned Investigator:   Thoroughly familiar with field and technical surveillance methods. Extensive hands-on experience with overt and undercover investigations, intelligence gathering, interviewing techniques, fraud detection and investigation, asset searches, threat assessment, and intelligence gathering and analysis. Experienced in conducting background checks, fraud and accident investigation, and Workers Comp investigations.