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  • Programming Language Skills:C, C++, Objective-C, Java, C#, PERL, Assembly and TCL
  • Database Programming Skills:SQL, Oracle, ADO.NET & LINQ (Language Integrated Query),
  • Other Technologies:XML, XSD, XSLT, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, TCP/IP, WPF, PHP, CSS & DOM
  • Software Tools:Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, NetBeans,SQL Server, MySQL, OllyDBG, Oracle, VMware Server, VSphere Client, Virtual PC, Ethereal, Source Control Tools, Bug tracking systems, NAnt&Star UML.
  • Strong knowledge & experience in Software / Application Development, Object Oriented Programming, Algorithms, Wireless networking, Computer & Network security.
  • Operating Systems Experience:Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X and Windows Server.
  • Good leadership, communication & interpersonal skills

Work experience

Jun 2010Mar 2013

Software Engineer

iPass Inc.

Development and Engineering of Shrink-wrap software that excels at WiFi, 3G, Ethernet, Dial-up connectivity & Enterprise VPN in a Agile Software Development process with the Scrum Framework.

  • End-to-end feature development for the network connectivity client software of Open Mobile on multiple platforms
  • Writing high level design & functional specification documents to support the software implementation
  • Mastering agile software development skills following the Scrum framework
  • Demonstrating the developed features on a periodic basis to the other engineering teams
  • Closely interacting with the backend platform team for feature development, software integrity and reuse.
  • Supporting customer escalations by careful investigation of their log files
  • Day to day fixing of bugs in a fast paced agile software development process
  • Interaction with Build & Release team, to solve build related issues & increase build efficiency.

1.    iPass Open Mobile for iOS (Oct '11 - Present)


  • Completed Professional development course in Objective-C & iOS
  • Proposed, designed & developed a XML Framework for parsing & management of XML configuration files for the client software.
  • Extended the iPhone App to a Universal App for supporting iPad.
  • Third Party Provisioning API: Providing a way for third party Apps to communicate to Open Mobile App for the purpose of activation / provisoning
  • Tracer Bullet: Facilitate activation of the Open Mobile iOS client through profiles of other platforms (like Windows, Mac, Android, etc.)

2.    iPass Open Mobile for Windows (Jun '10 - Sep '11): 


  • Account Manager Plug-in: Exposed command line capability for administrators to pre-populate or push credentials on the user machines.
  • Automated localization tool: PERL based tool to format resource files and compile them to satellite assemblies with LOCBaml.
  • ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) connectivity into the Dial Module of Open Mobile software using the native RAS API
  • Phonebook update agent plug-in: Automatic updates for the policy-based phonebook files used by the Open Mobile Dial module.
  • Refactored the “Logging subsystem” and enhanced the “Troubleshoot logging subsystem” for effective filtering of the logs.
Jun 2009May 2010

Software Development Intern

iPass Inc.

Open Mobile Office: Development and Engineering of Shrink-wrapsoftware that excels at WiFi, 3G, Ethernet, Dial-up connectivity & Enterprise VPN in a Agile Software Development process with the Scrum Framework.

Modules develeped:

  • Implemented encryption-decryption algorithm to bind password to current login user credentials & machine characteristics.
  • Migration Tool: Automatic lossless migration of personal settings from legacy versions of the software.
  • Hotspot Browser Login: Seamless external authentication of iPass users at non-iPass networks.
  • Logger application: To manage logging, organizing, zipping & emailing log files
  • Developed & deployed unit tests & automation test scripts on multiple operating systems.

Development Platform: C++, C#, .NET, Interop Assemblies, XML and XSD

Dec 2008Dec 2008

Free Lance

Braintronics Inc.

Developed & hosted the website for Braintronics Inc. using HTML and JavaScript.

Jul 2007Jul 2008

Software Development Engineer

MAQ Software India Ltd.
  • Developed Emerging Markets Regional Program (EMRP), a database-backed web application for automating of the rebate workflow by Microsoft for OEMs using LINQ, C# .NET, SQL Server 2005: 01/08 – 05/08
  • Developed MAQ Software India Ltd. Web Application for PC, mobile & PDA users on the .NET Platform using JavaScript, XML & XSLT in a development team of 6 members: 10/07 – 01/08
  • Developed Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) web application usingXML, XPath & AJAX: 07/07 – 10/07
  • Provided training sessions on Design Patterns (MVP & MVC) & Web Part Development: 01/08
  • Lead a team from India location for 3 simultaneous SharePoint development projects.
  • Cleared certifications: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (70-528, 70-536) & Professional Developer (70-547)

Development Platform: C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, AJAX


Aug 2008Present

Masters of Science

San Jose State University

Masters of Science, Computer Science atSan Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Graduating in May 2010

GPA: 3.55


Cryptography and Computer Security, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Advanced Wireless Networks, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Database System Principles, Software Reverse Engineering and Bioinformatics with PERL Programming


  • Masters Individual Research project:  Metamorphic viruses with built-in buffer overflow using in-built buffer overflows in newer OS’ using Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) under guidance of Dr. Mark Stamp in C++ & Assembly Language.
  • Poster presentation of Master’s thesis of metamorphic viruses at College of Science Research day. (Spring ’10).
  • Object Oriented Analysis: Developed Code Generator software that will convert UML diagrams into Object Oriented Java code using Java, UML & XML Parsing.(fall ‘08)
  • Cryptography & Computer Security: Proposed, developed & simulated a Strong Password Protection Protocol for mutual authentication & secure communication in C#, JavaScript and deployed it on Server 2008. (fall ‘08)
  • Advanced Topics in Wireless Networking: Provided tutorial & simulated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in TCL & C++ on Network Simulator-2 (NS-2) with Linux Platform. Team Size: 2 (fall ‘08)
  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms: Developed The Game of Pig using Dynamic Programming & Value Iteration Algorithmsusing Core Java & Java Swings.Team Size: 3(spring ‘09)
  • Software Reverse Engineering: Developed multiple highly obfuscated software applications in C/C++ and Java using anti-reversing, debugging & disassembly techniques. (fall ’09)
Sep 2003May 2007

Bachelors of Engineering

D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, University of Mumbai

Bachelors of Engineering, Computer Engineering at D. J. S. College of Engg., Mumbai University

Graduated in Jun 2007 

GPA: 3.6

Some Coursework:

C, C++ and Java Programming, Operating Systems, Distributed Computing, Algorithms, Computer Networks, System and Assembly Programming, Web and server side programming, Computer Organization and Architecture


  • Bachelors Final Year Project: Generic Interface Specification Client Tool: (‘06 – ’07): Lead a team of 4 in design & development of the tool for testing authentication using GIS protocol on broadband & dial-up networks using Visual C++, Xerces XML Parser & WinHTTP.
  • Computer Programming Language: Developed a strategy game of Master-Mind using Java, Applets and Frames
  • Developed a college website using HTML, JavaScript and JSP as a term project


Gary Fowler

Vijeta Khatri

Dr. Kenneth Louden

Dr. Mark Stamp

Dr. Jon Pearce


iOS and Objective C
Software Tools Experience
Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, NetBeans, SQL Server, MySQL, OllyDBG, Oracle, VMware Server, VSphere Client, Virtual PC, Ethereal, Source Control Tools, Bug tracking systems, NAnt & Star UML
Web Technologies
XML, XSD, XSLT, XPath and Parsing
Database: SQL, Oracle, ADO.NET, LINQ
PERL, PHP Programming
C, C++, C#, Java Programming




Mar 2008Present

MCPD 70-547

Microsoft Corporation
Oct 2011Present

Objective-C for Pro Developers

About Objects
Oct 2011Present

iOS Development for Pro Developers

About Objects
Dec 2007Jan 2008

MCTS 70-536

Microsoft Corporation
Sep 2007Oct 2007

MCTS 70-528

Microsoft Corporation