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Qualification Summaries

Metallurgy Engineer with one year & six month of field work experience. Proven skills in Metallurgical organization  with a background of Material science. Versatile, to build a long-term & stable career in the filed of Metallurgical engineering with opportunities for career development and to enhance my professional skills in stable & growing workplace

Work Experience

Aug 2012Oct 2013

Graduate Trainee Engineer

Geo Steel Limited Liability Company

Graduate engineer training in rolling mill operation department to responsibilities:-

  • Production controlling, ( controlling the rolling mill from batch furnace to cooling bad)
  • Survey of production & processing (operating batch furnace, changing the pass of the roll to guide management inducing operating 3-hi rolling stand )
  • Arrange production activity, (arrangement of roll for cantilever stand to 3hi rolling stand)
  • Managing man power including shift In charge
  • Department Documentation
May 2012Aug 2012

Metallurgy Engineer

NOVA Oleo Chemical India Limited
  • Arranging man power
  • Controlling processing
  • Controlling leaching process through open hearth furnace
  • Operating pressure vassal,cooling system
  • Analyzing production processing


Aug 2014Aug 2016

Master of Engineering in Material Science

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia 
First Semester  - 4.0 GPA
Second Semester  - 4.0 GPAThird Semester  - 4.O GPA

currently pursuing forth semester  up to August 2016

Engineering Project :- Investigation of Lamb wave propagation in aviation aluminum for structure health monitoring, Aluminum alloy - AA2024 T3, AA7068 T65

Jun 2007Jun 2011

Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgical and Material Science) 

Indus institute of Engineering, Gujarat University,India 

Percentage - 68%

Bachelor of Engineering Project: - Non Destructive Test on Casting of duplex steel chuck body was according to API (API 26). We conduct non destructive testing on throughout the casting body. At TCR laboratory at Baroda. (The casting made in GPI foundry Kolhapur)

Academic Publications 

Oct 2014

Measurement of Ultrasonic velocity for strain evaluation of tensile stressed low carbon steel specimens

Name of conformance -  Modern Technique and Technologies MTT’2015  

Place of conformance -  National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University 
Indexing -  In Proceeding - published on  

Apr 2015

Investigation of Lamb wave based ultrasonic technique for AA2024 evaluation at static tensile loading

Name of conformance -  HTRA 2015 - Applied Mechanic and Material 

Place of conformance -  National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University 
Indexing -  (In press)

Apr 2015

Lamb wave based ultrasonic technique for AA2024 fatigue evaluation. 

Name of conformance -  HTRA 2015 - Applied Mechanic and Material 

Place of conformance -  National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University 
Indexing - (In Press) 

Oct 2015

Lamb wave ultrasonic evaluation of welded AA2024 specimens at tensile static and fatigue testing

Name of conformance - Modern Technique and Technologies MTT’2015  

Place of conformance -  National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University 
Indexing -  In Scopus (Published)


Name of Organizations



All-Win Aluminum, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India

Training conducted in the field of Foundry - Green send casting of aluminum with knowledge of orientation of Induction furnace, also worked on Patten making, surface finishing & Fabrication.

15 days

Rami Metal Ltd, JHAGADIA, Bharuch, Gujarat, India

Training oriented out on hug production of steel with help of electric arc furnace, vacuum degassing & continues casting.

5 days

Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Izhevsk, Russia

Training carried out on different acoustic emission methods and other Nondestructive testing methods.

20 days

Technology Skill

Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Words, Excl, Power Point,
Software - Navision 2011,Basic of Abaqus , Graphics - Origin Pro, Basic of  GIMP

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Thanking you

Ronak shah                                                                                                                                                                       
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