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Áron Joó

Customer Service Representative


High level German and English speaker with good IT and order management knowledge and experience is introducing himself. A reliable and responsible quick learner, who does not retreat from new business environment and seeks for challenge. Posessed with great team spirit and paying particular attention to teamwork and colleagues, supplemented with loadability and professional interest. A candidate with all the necessary specifications to be an excellent support for a company, who takes a job serious but also with enormous spirit. Willing to learn and to gain experience but most importantly, precision are the further key traits of mine.

Work History

May 2015July 2016

Customer Service Representative

British Petroleum (BP)

My duties as a Cutomer Service Representative included most of all managing orders placed by cutomers of BP. Orders came in via phone, e-mail or fax. The orders were assigned to us in Siebel and then, after a careful read-through, we gave them is at first in a system called AS400. Since August, the company changed the system from AS400 to SAP, which is now our current ordering tool. Other tasks to mention a few, like following up orders, overviewing the product stocks, giving information to the customers, correcting invoices and staying in daily contact with our personal field servie colleagues were also very important.

Sep 2014Apr 2015

Business Coach

Cpl Jobs Kft.

After my promotion, I was able to deepen my IT-based knowledge, while I was able to perform diverse, more challenging and more interesting tasks. I organize trainings and set up computers for new hire colleagues, answere escalation mails, analyze tickets(complaint tickets, incident tickets, error tickets) created by 1st level agent and gave them feedbacks, help them by answering IT-related questions, contact the appropriate colleagues in case of outages, missing legitimations and various other issues, hold trainings, refresh training materials and help my Team Leader to take over ad-hoc tasks and to be able to keep the company's Service Level Agreement.

Dec 2013Sep 2014

Technical Support Analyst Level 1

CPL Jobs Kft.

As a 1st level technical support analyst, I was active at recording IT-realted issues through phone contact, moreover, my task was either to try solving these issues with the help of knowledge database or forward the created ticket to the responsible workgroup with good documentation. Within 4 months, I was offered to hold trainings for the new hires regularely, which I accepted.

Jul 2012Sep 2012


Freiberger Brauhaus GmbH

As an ERASMUS stunden in 2012, I got the oppurtunity to work in a german brewery in Freiberg, Germany, where I was responsible for various technical, chemical and biological measurements. My secorndary work was also to take part and carry out sensory analyses.

Jun 2011Aug 2011


BUSZESZ Élelmiszeripari Rt.

During my bachelor university years, I decided to complete my 3-month trainee job at BUSZESZ, a vinegar and soft drink producing company. Next to carrying out chemical analyses of vinegar and different soft drinks, I also worked close to the production area. I took part in creating base drinks and sensory analyses, too.


Jan 2012Jun 2014

Food Engineer - Master's degree

Corvinus University of Budapest - Faculty of Food Science

As a master student in food engineering, I was able tu study more complex subjects,
like enzymology, experiment planning, process control, quality management, product
developement, genetics and bioinformatics. I participated in several academic
competitions with good results, I also publicated a scientific review as first author.

Sep 2008Dec 2011

Food Engineer - Bachelor's degree

Corvinus University of Budapest - Faculty of Food Science

During first years as a student of food engineering, I studied various sciences, like
mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics, unit operation, economics, food
technology and informatics. At the end of 2010, I started studying the technologies of brewing and distilling, which quickly became a favourite subject of mine.


Language skills

German - C1 language certificate, actively used since 1998
English - B2 language certificate, actively used since 2002

Computer skills

I have a good knowledge of of Microsoft Office™ tools (Word™, Excel™ and
PowerPoint™), moreover, I am able to work with SAP, Siebel and HPSM.

Job-realted skills

I consider myself as a responsible, accurate, reliable, quick-learner and loadable person, who is quality oriented, has the necessary professional interest and is precise when trusted with any kind of task. Willingness to learn new things has always been important to me. I am also eager to work with people directly.

Organisational skills

As a Business Coach and along my other Coach colleagues, we had overall 70 people (10-12 colleagues pro team) to take care of regarding properly working assets, IT related questions, holding refreshment trainings and maintaining the business levels. I took care about 20 agents. Explaining and teaching certain tasks and new processes were also part of my job, where I received good feedback both from agents and Team Leaders.

Communication skills

I am able to work in team and I also posess a good team spirit. I am capable of adepting myself to new environments quickly and easly. I am conversational, extrovert and regardful to others. My public speaking is also worth mentioning.