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To be an elementary school vice principal.


Facilitator and Presenter

School Leadership

2015-Ongoing Hazelgrove Elementary

  • Innovation Team - Learning By Design: Learning Labs; Innovation For Impact Grant Application. In a committee creating a school innovation action plan.
  • Technology Team - Supporting teachers individually and in small groups to implement the newest technology tools to enhance student learning.

2012-2015 Clayton Elementary

  • Innovation Team - Learning By Design: School Innovation Plan Grant Application (accepted). In a committee  that created an innovation plan that was district approved and is currently being carried out. 
  • Technology Committee - In a committee, planning, distributing and monitoring  the best use of iPads, laptops and apps while keeping in a budget. Supported teachers, in both large and small groups, how to best use technology for improving assessment practice and overall student learning. Assisted teachers in a move to Freshgrade.
  • School Leadership - Created a shared decision making model that connected students with staff in creating school functions. Leader in Implementing New Curriculums. Assisting teachers during lunch and in after school meetings to create curriculums placing the student first. A large focus was also put on using technology to enhance the learning process and communicate student learning.


2014-2015 - Surrey Teacher Association - Presenter

  • Focuses: Creating Weebly accounts to document learning, Twitter as a learning tool, creating a global classroom with Skype.

2014-2015 - Individual School Workshops - Presenter

  • Focuses: Creating Weebly accounts to document learning, Twitter as a learning tool, setting up an Edmodo classroom, how to participate in the Global Read Aloud, using Brene Brown in the classroom. 

2014-Ongoing - SESAA  - Basketball Convenor

  • As a convenor I run annual clinics for Surrey teachers on how to coach and referee elementary basketball. As a member of the executive I help make rules, write the handbook, manage problems that arise and share the executives values, vision and mission to all Surrey coaches and SESAA members.


2015 - Computer Using Educators of British Columbia (CUEBC) - Presenter

  • Focus:  Literacy ; using Adobe Voice as an alternative mode of expression.  

2015 - British Columbia Association of Teachers of Modern Languages - Presenter

  • Focus: E-portfolios/Website Creation; creating Weebly accounts to document learning and globalize a classroom.


2015 - Ignite 35 

Focus: Building relationships . Title: Run With It 

2015- Surrey Digital Dinner Series

Focus: Creating an innovative, passion-filled classroom. Title : Be a Superhero. 

2015- BAM Network Edchat Radio

Focus: Shared Decision Making Model

Communicating Learning

#7thchat Founder and Head Moderator

Grade 7 Educator Chat

#USedchat Guest-Moderator 

United States Education Chat

#MSchat Moderator

Middle School Educator Chat

#TLAP Guest Moderator

Teach Like a Pirate Chat

Teaching Experience 



Hazelgrove Elementary School

Grade 6 Teacher, Surrey, BC



Clayton Elementary School

Grade 6/7 Teacher, Surrey, BC



Dr. F. D. Sinclair Elementary School

Grade 6/7 Teacher, Surrey, BC



Betty Huff Elementary School

Grade 4/5 Teacher, Surrey, BC



Georges Vanier Elementary School 

Grade 6/7 Teacher, Surrey, BC



KB Woodward Elementary School

Grade 6/7 Teacher, Surrey, BC


Teacher on Call

Surrey School District

Student Teacher

Nestor Elementary School

Grade 5 Student Teacher, Coquitlam, cohort focus on self regulated learning



Post Graduate (working towards Masters degree)

Simon Fraser University 

Collaborative Frameworks for Innovative Learning Design


Bachelor of Education

University of British Columbia

Focus: Self-regulated Learning


Bachelor of General Studies

University of the Fraser Valley

Heavy Focus on Kinesiology and English


Associates Diploma

Douglas College


Distant Mentors

Although I have not worked directly (in the same school) with the following people, the ongoing dialogue I have had with these passionate educators have significantly impacted my leadership philosophies as well as my views on pedagogy and education reform.  

Chris Wejr

Principal at James Hill Elementary School in Langley, BC.

Shawn Davids

Principal at HD Stafford Elementary School in Langley, BC

George Couros

District Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning at Parkland School Division (Alberta)