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Edmonton, AB(Keephills and Sundance Power Generating Plant at Wabamun Site) MANAGER, SUBCONTRACTORS Oversaw capital and operational expenditures(capex/opex) for 2 projects.

Managed coordinator foreman, and approximately 60 subcontractors per on-site construction projects. Managed capex/opex, budget, purchase planning of electrical and mechanical products, and vendors, maintaining cost at or under budget. Oversaw subcontractors, ensuring operational activities were correctly completed and within budget. Identified, restructured, and implemented cost model improvements, simplifying use and enhancing readability. Collaborated with stakeholders on inputs, creating efficiencies and reducing communication errors by using essential interdepartmental codes.


Manager Supply Chain & Operations

CANADA, Spruce Grove, AB MANAGER SUPPLY CHAIN & OPERATIONS Managed contracts, international transportation, budgets(capex/opex), inventory, procurement, and repair/maintenance of engines and compressors. Oversaw purchase team of 6 fulltime staff(FTE) at HQ and 6 branches, including parts managers and local warehouses. Managed inventory, warehouse, and purchasing activities for Hub in Spruce Grove and 6 branches across Canada, purchasing all electrical and mechanical products. Built correct stock in local warehouses and improved turnover by 1.5 extra. Managed inventory and purchasing of gas and oil products, including valves and gaskets, setting up categorized inventory system. Guided manufacturing planning, quality control, and international purchasing, as member of worldwide project group, driving global changeover to SAP 6.0. Restructured SAP and implemented purchasing methods for use with new system in Canada. Compared specified costs quoted by sub contractors and vendors versus budgeted costs, ensuring correct mark-ups while mitigating damage of unforeseen losses. Developed and implemented procurement strategy, creating effective purchase ordering in SAP. Set up and implemented ABC categorization process, ensuring seasonal controls were operational.

Supplier Manager

Edmonton, AB SUPPLIER MANAGER Performed vendor, contract, budget, and warehouse management across Canada, including oil-related products and electrical circuit boards. Managed contracts with worldwide suppliers. Set prices in contracts for 3 to 5 years terms, reducing cost prices 2%(average) annually. Worked with vendors, fully closing 17 contracts in 1 year. Drove key performance indicator(KPI) from 60% to 85% in 1 year by improving delivery time on customer orders(within 24 hours from moment of input). Controlled capex/opex via Excel and communication with Accounting and Production departments, keeping supplier costs(materials and labor) at or under budget. Achieved 120% achieved on target.


SOLAR GROUP, Alkmaar, Netherlands
MANAGER INVENTORY, PURCHASING & OPERATIONS Oversaw operations, 2 Purchasing departments with 17 FTE, 2 warehouses, and inventory for Hub and 26 branches, worldwide. Purchased electrical and mechanical products and managed P&L, transportation, and budget(opex). Improved key performance indicator(KPI) from 82% to 98.5% in 1 year, delivering customer orders within 24 hours of input. Enhanced working capital turnover from 3.0 to 3.9 in 8 months, exceeding target of 3. 5.

Purchasing & Supply Chain Operations Manager

SORGENTE BV, Houten, Netherlands
PURCHASING & SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS MANAGER Ran complete Supply Chain, Purchasing, and Technical departments. Oversaw distribution and purchasing of feeding pumps and technical repair/maintenance centre. Managed warehouse for all products, 3 FTE staff, P&L, purchasing within Benelux, transportation, production control of technical feeding pumps, and budget(opex/capex). Forecast inbound and outbound orders, providing accurate information for Purchasing. Set up new Technical department, ensuring repair processes were fully in place. Improved quality of service and delivery time for customers while reducing cost of 3rd-party service providers. Restructured warehouse processes, improving outbound orders from 75% to 90%.

Purchaser & Operations Supply Chain

Amsterdam, Netherlands PURCHASER & OPERATIONS SUPPLY CHAIN Performed budgeting, purchasing, and inventory control of raw material for electrical and mechanical products, including transportation planning, production control of dairy machine parts, and capex. Coordinated purchasers and suppliers, ensuring purchasing costs remained on budget. Monitored raw material and budget management. Established just-in-time process for inbound materials, improving efficiency. Collaborated with Engineering department, setting up new production control method, in accordance with lean procedures. Achieved 18% cost reduction. ADDITIONAL RELATED EXPERIENCE KENFIL DISTRIBUTION, Amstelveen, Netherlands SUPPLY CHAIN & OPERATIONS MANAGER



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