Romina Di Pompeo

Romina Di Pompeo



Computers skills and competences

Windows, Office 2007, Spss, Java (hints), C++ (hints), Internet, Photoshop, Business Objects, As 400,Ms Project, J. walk (Supply chain), Sap, Proclarity, Emmpower, Estims, M3, SQL, OLAP.


Dear All

I am willing to enter in a new working environment to pursue new professional goals and for this reason, I would like to bring my CV to your attention.  

I am a “professional expert of numbers”: I have a degree in Statistics from the University of Teramo and very good knowledge of Management Engineering. I have been working as a business & marketing analyst for 10 years.I also have experience as a buyer and as a person in charge for trade services. I have a lot of years of experience in multinational companies where I dealt with the planning and management of human resources and staff training.   

During my studies and my work experience, I have gained a good understanding of the main tools for data mining, data warehousing, and problem setting.

My assets are determination and a strong sense of responsibility, result orientation, dedication and good organizational and problem solving skills.

According to the principles of relevance, accuracy and completeness, I am now part of the Data Quality Management of Roberto Cavalli S.p.A., where I deal with the phase of data definition, data quality assessment, problem resolution and data quality monitoring, according to the criteria of timeliness, consistency and clarity, in a view of data integration and data synchronization.

The Data Governance of which the data quality management is a part, is a combination of people, processes and technologies that ensure the high quality of the data, and guarantees that this very accurate high-value information can be the basis on which you build your business efficiency. It is a discipline that governs the rights of the decision-making process and the responsibilities on related information process, in accordance with agreed upon models which describe who can do certain things, and in what circumstances, with what information and when, and by which methods. The Data quality is an ongoing program: once defined, it must then evolve with business strategies and data needs.

Various surveys and research indicate how companies have understood the importance of a strategic and structured data integration approach, instead of treating this activity as a series of isolated projects with limited purposes. This trend is expressed in a relatively strong growth for some segments of the market for data integration and data access, fundamental to the management of information within organizations.

The interest of the end users for the Data Governance is growing, and it will grow in the coming years. In this future perspective I am sending my references in case that any professional opportunities occur.

Thank you in advance for the attention you will dedicate to my application and, hoping in your kind reply, I will be available for further information.

Best Regards

Romina Di Pompeo

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2011 - Present

Data Quality & Licensee Control

Roberto Cavalli
Oct 2010 - Mar 2011

Project Management


Project management 2011 Politecnico of Milan

New technological settings for retailing

Oct 2009 - May 2010

Marketing & Comunication


All the projects start from a data gathering, followed by analysis, assessment and resolving proposals.

Marketing and Communication 2010 IULM: 



Spread of typical products of Lombardy

Evolution of fidelity cards

Internationalisation of the company Lavazza

Market research on media and communication

Supply chain evolution

Passenger air transport: analysis of the competitors settings and strategic groups

Jan 2009 - Oct 2009

Business & Market Analysis & Inventory, Terminal Purchasing

Vodafone spa

Turnover analysis and products turnover; promotional campaigns; budgets vs objectives; reports; costs campaigns; market monitoring, management support; comparisons: trend VS FY; daily and weekly cover index; creation of data panels for file and limited access.

Apr 2008 - Jan 2009

Business & Market Analysis Hewlett Packard

Praesidium spa

Implementation of the project Store in Store on Mediamarket – evaluation technical characteristics of stores for a pilot project implementation; turnover analysis and products turnover; budget, target, reports, costs, market trends, decisional support for the project-managers; creation and monitoring of macro indicators; comparisons: trend vs FY; promotional campaigns; evaluation of products layout and advertisement, advertisement trend control, evaluation of sales incentives, promoters control and training for new products.

Jun 2001 - Oct 2007

Business & Market Analyst, Buyer, Service Management

Mediamarket spa

Person in charge for opening new dealers in the field of services and new technology: management of clients and suppliers; phone and mobile agreements, payment services, bookkeeping, fidelity management and promotional campaign; purchasing, evaluation of agreements; business analyst: sales analysis, margins, revaluation, incidence, forecast, budget, suppliers and profits and costs percentages, analysis of rotations, support to the area managers, analysis of objectives, monthly closure and comparison with European turnovers, historicity of dealers – mobile year or not – price deviation, geo-marketing, incidences of loyal and non loyal customers; promotion and fliers; study of areas for local promotions, stores trend  at the net of promotions; additional costs of the stores, human resources costs, on request additional analysis for all directions, analysis of good and made, analysis working days of stores, costs for opening new stores and costs for remoulding. From April 2007 creation of the Special Business Commercial Services department.





2010 – Workshop “ Social responsibility in retailing: envaironmentally friendly development paths” at “Il Sole 24 ore”, Milan

2009 – Marketing and communication course at IULM in cooperation with Galgano, Milan

2008 – Master 24 On line “Purchasing, production, logistics and quality of processes”

2008 – Access 2007 course at Microsys Srl, Milan

2008 – Excel 2007 course at Microsys Srl, Milan

2006 – Excel 2003 advanced course at Mediamarket S.p.A

2006 – computer security course at Mediamarket S.p.A.

2006 – Privacy Law course at Mediamarket S.p.A

1999 – Civil and Penal Lawyer’s office assistant course, D.A.P. S.r.l. Institute, Milan. Final mark 60/60

Dec 2001 - Apr 2005

D.U. In Statistica

Master in Project & Service Management