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Romina Alexandra Pescaru

Founder and Facilitator of                           Organizational Systemic Intelligence


Consultancy for Organizations, from a Systemic Perspective, identifying and creating Vision, Mission and awareness of common values and core believes at a Collective Subconscious Mind level. Building and implementing projects for Organizations in order to create engagement between stakeholders and the Vision, the Mission and the Goals of the Company. Identifying patterns of thinking and behaving at a Collective Subconscious level and implementing projects for change and maintenance of the desirable ones. Applying methods for solutions regarding challenging and constraints situations in Organizations and for conflict situations between departments and employee. Designing and providing programs for Team Renewal & Building, programs for building intelligence and values commitment. Using Systemic and Business Constellations and other methods for identifying the dynamics inside the Organization, regarding certain dysfunctional situations and results in order to bring value and solutions.

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Founder of Organizational Development & Empowerment Process

Organizational Systemic Intelligence -The Leader of Organizational Achievements

Founder of Organizational Systemic Intelligence -The Leader of Organizational Achievements

The Process/Methodology covers: Analysis, Diagnosis, Recommendations, Solutions & Implementation

Benefits for the Organization:

Clarity about the Mind and The Intelligence of the Whole - As Organization, specifically The Conscious Mind of the Organization and the Subconscious Mind of the Organization

Clarity of the Compatibility and Sustainability of these two parts of Organizational Mind, regarding the Vision, the Mission and the Goals of the Organization

Consultancy in identifying and creating the Purpose, the Vision and the Mission of the Organization, in order to inspire both the Shareholders and the Stakeholders

Consultancy and Support in creating the Organizational Culture, at both levels of Organization Mind, the Collective Conscious Mind and the Collective Subconscious Mind in order to build a healthy and sustainable Organizational Culture that inspires people and leads to desirable results, at every  level of the Organization

Consultancy and support in providing and implementing solutions for challenging and constraints situations and problems solving, at the cause level which can be very often at a Systemic Level of the Organization, the Subconscious Mind of the Company

Organizational Systemic Intelligence behind being the name of the OD & OE Development Process I provide for my Customers, is also an Intelligence that every Organization has within, due to the features of a Human Living Systems

Organizations are Human Constructions so they became Human Living Systems and so Organizational Systemic Intelligence exists already in every Company, and it has a powerful impact on the results and situations of the Company. 

Through this OSI Process you and your Team can be aware of this Intelligence, at the Systemic level of Organization and its power and impact, and by starting to be aware, together we can Develop it and we can Grow it in order to bring positive impact and benefits for the Whole Organization, both for the Shareholders and for the Stakeholders

Organizational Systemic Intelligence as a Development and Empowerment Process is focused both the People and the Organization Systemic Intelligence, so it touches the Development and the Growth of the Human Resources and at Organizational level

Feb 2012Present

HR Consultant & OD Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Organizational Development and HR Development Consultant

Organizational Development and HR:

  • Design and implementation of organizational development programs
  • Lead and deployment of Human Resources projects Implementation and analysis of organizational feedback(360 degree feedback)
  • Organizational Culture analysis, diagnosis and solution building and implementation


  • Need identification, implementation and evaluation
  • Design, delivery and evaluation of Training curriculum (Leadership, Conflict Management, Communication, Creative Thinking)
  • Design and coordination of Team Building programs 
  • Training programs consultancy


  • Building and delivering customized coaching techniques and programs for individuals and groups
  • Develop and conduct life coaching for individuals
Sep 2006Feb 2012

HR Consultant

PicOil Info Consult

HR Consultant


  • Need identification, implementation and evaluation
  • Design, delivery and evaluation of Training curriculum (Leadership, Conflict Management, Communication, Creative Thinking)
  • Design and coordination of Team Building programs
  • Training programs consultancy
  • Ensure performance management strategy implementation and coordination
  • Contribute to employee engagement projects: evaluation and solutioning
  • Coordination of assessment centers for employees capabilities and skills Recruitment and selection(CPI, Raven, Belbin)



Business and Organizational Constellations

Jan Jacob Stam

Mind Mapping Practitioner


Business and Family Constellations


Personal development 

Essence Foundation – dr. Menis Yousry

Coaching Certification

Coaching Essence School



NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner

NLP Explorer

Train the Trainer Certification


Project Management Certification


Bachelor's Degree

Babes Bolyai University

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science


Human Resources Management


Practicing Marketing Techniques