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Highly respected professional in demanding SW design tasks. Experienced in many areas from reset vectors to web-programming and object-oriented analysis. Professionally passionate about testing automation. Special interests in electronics and drumming. Language specialty: Russian.

Work experience

Jul 2013Mar 2016

Senior Specialist, SW

Haltian Oy

Responsible for developing and maintaining several generations of automation software testing systems. Systems included web-frontend, orchestration tooling and integration with different external services (issue trackers, test management tools, file clouds). Notable technologies used: Docker, virtualization (ESXI, QEMU-KVM, libvirt, VirtualBox), Debian, nodejs + NPM, Python, Bash, XML (XSLT), Java, Go, Git, Puppet, C, Qt, Android, PHP, Perl, hardware test harnesses, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Involved with software design concepting, feasibility studies, RFQ, customer support, technical writing (, CI/CD, quality

Oct 2011Apr 2013

System Specialist

Accenture Services Oy

I continued working on Nokia's modemadaptation code asset with the same responsibilities. Main focus was on error correction. Over its course our team and me also took responsibilities over additional areas (cellular software in Symbian, USB, PC connectivity, NFC) for the purpose of further maintenance.

Jul 2010Sep 2011

Senior Software Engineer

Nokia Oyj

I continued doing pretty much the same work as before, when I was employed by AlexSoft (see previous entry). I grew considerable network of contacts within Nokia and were involved by others as a primary contact point for TSY issues. During Nokia career I had performance evaluated to "exceptional" level twice consequently. During my business trip to Beijing in 2010, following the hard work me and my colleagues made first video call in CMCC's TD-SCDMA network on Symbian^3 software.In 2011 I played significant role in creating robust baseline (special variant of modemadaptation) for implementing Nokia's ticketing and payment solution (via SWP and NFC). In 2011 I received Kudos award for contributions to product quality. Main contribution was redesign of test system to make it very fast and easy to use and develop. Big efforts were invested into "evangelism" to convince team members and managers that changes in the workflow are needed. As the result, regression errors inflow dropped dramatically. Even though the test asset is some 7-10 years old, during next 1.5 years number of testcases increased from ~550 to ~1150 thanks to usability improvementsAt my own initiative I designed and developed some tools in Perl and C# to help defect analysis. They attracted attention from outside our organization. I created and maintained internal blog, where I posted news and provided support to users. One tool grew so popular that it received (and I integrated) feature contribution from one of the users.I established and was the first admin of the internal forum meant to give support regarding our code asset to outsidersI created and got approved changes to releasing process to adopt Jenkins-like (I did not know of Jenkins at that time) approach on Synergy CM. It was ought to save developers time by organizing testing of submitted tasks in batches

Jun 2008Jun 2010

Senior Software Engineer

AlexSoft Oy

My biggest contribution has been the development and maintenance of a low-level functionality in Symbian telephony stack (TSY) software using C++, Nokia ISA technologies in accordance with various 3GPP, ETSI and ISO standards. The implementation work has been done in a customer project for the Series 60 Platform and is productized in many in-market devices (S60 3.2.3, S60 5.0, Symbian^3). For 1.5 years in this project I did defect analysis and fixing, which allowed me to earn great knowledge on modemadaptation code asset.

Apr 2005Jun 2008

Software Developer/Technical Lead/Architect


During the employment with Telma-SOFT I participated into different projects with different roles:

Multimedia codecs porting and integration into Symbian 9.1

Porting multimedia codecs (GIF, JPEG, BMP, WBMP, MP3, AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, H263, WMA, WMV) from POSIX to Symbian. The challenge was to integrate intact source code with high-level native frameworks (ICL, MMF). Developed on a reference ARM9 macro-board.

SoC design verification, tests porting and defect analysis

SoC (system-on-a-chip) comprised of DSP-core, AP-core (ARM11) and SDMA. The design was developed in Verilog and the verification was performed at the RTL-level. Our task was to port existing tests to new testbench design, run them, gather results, analyze defects, find root cause and take care about regression defects.

Smartphone software (bug-fixing)

I analyzed and fixed bugs in the software running under Symbian 9.2 (UIQ3.2). The defects I was dealing with involved me getting in touch with a variety of OS functional areas.

HomeZone for O2 (Germany)

Developed UI back-end for a feature on Symbian 9.2 (UIQ3.2). It included status bar indicator and idle screen enhancement.

Wi-Fi bearer UI back-end

Developed status bar indicator and its behavior on Symbian 9.3.

Forward Lock protections support

Integrated support for proprietary progressive HTTP download solution from telecoms operator into Symbian 9.3. Added support for SDP-descriptors to UIQ download agent. Designed security (CAF agent plugin, encryption) required to satisfy access policies.

Opera browser FlashLite 3.0 plugin

Integrated Adobe FlashLite 3.0 as Opera browser plugin in Symbian 9.3 (UIQ3.3). Delivered functional designs, requirement analysis and supported management with reporting, UX and testing.

Aug 2004Apr 2005

Software Developer


Developed PC (Windows) client for cardigology unit monitors. Coded in Borland C++ Builder with VCL. Rendering reworked to Windows GDI calls for better performance. Employed on a contract basis: negotiated terms and acted on deliveries acceptance.

Skills cloud

Allure-NG, Android, Ant, AOSP, ARM architecture, BATS, BitBucket, Bluetooth, bower, Bugzilla, C/C++, CGI programming, Chai, ClearCase, CoffeeScript, CPAN, CSS, Cucumber, Cygwin, Design patterns, Docker, Embedded programming, FreeRTOS, Game design, Git, GitLab CI, Github, git-repo, gmock, GNU make, Go, google-test, Groovy, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JIRA, JNI, jQuery, JSON, JUnit3, JUnit4, libvirt, Linux (Debian, CentOS, Arch), Mantis, Maven, mocha, .NET(C#), NFC, Node.js, npm, NuttX, OOD, OS X, Peer review moderation, Perl, Php5, py-test, Python, QEMU-KVM, Qml, Qt5, Rally, Raspberry Pi, Requirement analysis, REST, RTP, RTSP, S60, Scrum, Selenium, Shell scripting, Shopify-dashing, should.js, SSH, Symbian, Synergy CM, TCP/IP, TestLink, TLS, Twitter bootstrap, uGFX, UIQ, Unity test, Unix way, VirtualBox, VmWare, Windows, XML, XSD, XSLT, YAML, 3GPP


Sep 1999Jun 2004

Specialist in biological sciences

State University, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Specialized in molecular biology and genetic engineering

Sep 2003Jun 2004

Software coding programme

State University, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

C/C++, Web-technology, database programming