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Multifaceted Producer and Project Manager, with proven track record of successful project releases. Focused on delivering strategies and solutions to start-up companies as well as providing support to more established businesses.

Work experience

Aug 2017Present

Project Manager


Managing and maintaining our white label platform "TurnerVIP" for Turner Broadcasting System, I am working closely with the client to ensure we deliver the best solution following their requirements. TurnerVIP is a constantly evolving product that is now used by EMEA, LATAM and APAC teams. Worked on the development of two additional Apps attached to the platform, including our new Meeting Manager, to help the client's sales team across the world.

  • Content on-boarding and processing (Multi-bitrate encoding and DRM application)
  • User on-boarding across all regions
  • Bi-weekly meetings with the client to ensure we are delivering features on time, as well as discussing and implementing new ideas to improve the overall UI and UX
  • Working closely with the sales team across all regions to ensure they have the tools to boost their sales and reach to new customers
  • Database & Metadata management - overseeing the totality of the product's content across all platforms and ensuring QA
Mar 2016Present

Distribution Account Manager


ScreenHits is the first online marketplace for the buying and selling of Film and TV content across the globe.

Maintaining client relationships as well as bringing new businesses to the B2B site, I am also responsible for the well being of the platform and content ingestion and delivery. In charge of marketing and content creation, as well as designing and managing events to promote the platform. Currently working on a white label version of the B2B platform. Constantly looking for new cloud based solutions to keep up with demand. 

  • Manage all existing accounts and ensure the content is up to date
  • Research, budget, outsource and tailor solutions for the white label packaging, working closely with clients to fit their requirements
  • Bring on new businesses to expand the platform's database
  • Maintain the site using Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio
  • Market new content through interactive newsletters
  • Create and manage events throughout the world to promote the platform
  • Find solutions for seamless video playback (CDN) and security (DRM)
  • Help develop iOS and Android app with download-to-go feature
  • Responsible for Quality Control, testing and general user experience
Sep 2015Nov 2015

Production Assistant

Savoy & Gregory

Savoy & Gregory is a start-up film production company founded by Italian Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy and Bafta-nominated Demian Gregory. 

Responsible for budgeting and scheduling multiple productions as well as clearing titles and footage. Support the producer on a daily basis, arranging meetings and networking to bring in possible investors. Organising and facilitating the hiring of crew for various productions.

  • Budget multiple worldwide productions
  • Acquire quotes from numerous rental companies
  • Research titles and stock footage for clearance
  • Negotiated 35mm film stock and lab development costs
  • Hired and briefed local production managers in EMEA and USA
  • Scheduled 10 weeks long shoot for a feature length documentary 
Aug 2015Sep 2015

Marketing & Sales Manager

Beyond Features

Production company focused on sharing valuable messages through the moving image. Their first documentary centres on healthy foods and diets.

Accountable for all the marketing and advertising of the company's first feature 'We Love Paleo' directed by Caroleen Moise. 

  • Creatively using research tools for online marketing (Social Media, Meetups, blogs, forums, etc...)
  • Organised, managed and promoted the Premiere event at The Gate cinema
Jan 2015Jul 2015

Production Manager

Films United

Films United was a film production company with the aim to create a sustainable system where the revenues of each features would fund the next one. Their biggest achievement was the creation of Asteroid Day, an official day to raise awareness on the potential dangers of asteroids and meteors.

In charge of post-production and distribution of the company's latest feature '51º North' directed by Grigorij Richters, which inspired the creation of Asteroid Day. Negotiated and signed an agreement with Discovery Channel and a local distributor for said feature.

  • Set-up the company to be eligible for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and raised funds through private investors
  • Hired and managed post-production crew
  • Researched and secured all music and footage licences
  • Responsible for organising the deliverables for distribution
  • Organised and managed the sold-out Premiere event held at the London Science Museum on Asteroid Day
Jun 2013Aug 2013

Production Assistant

France Television/France 2

France 2 is a public television channel owned by France Television SA, the French public national television broadcaster.

Assisted producers during pre-production for a new show launched by France 2 called 'Des Paroles et des Actes'.

  • Organised travel schedules, routes, and tickets for the production team
  • Organised meetings, both internal and external, on behalf of the producer
  • Helped facilitate the producer on set for the pilot

Gained invaluable knowledge from the broadcasting and the TV industry.

Jul 2011Feb 2012

Live Sound Engineer & Lighting Director


Gala is an event company based in the French Riviera and specialised in imaging, creating and organising events all over the world. 

Managed and designed live shows in Europe. Led the set up and sound team for a 3 month long music festival.

  • Created and designed events directly with clients
  • Hired and managed teams for each event
  • Led the set up and sound team for a seasonal festival in Cannes' biggest night club 'Le Palais'


Sep 2011Jun 2014

Bachelor of Arts - Film Production

Ecole Supérieure de Realisation Audiovisuelle (ESRA)

Studied all aspects of the film industry for over 3 years with film and TV professionals. Specialised in film production and produced six short films. Gained invaluable knowledge from mentor and friend, cinematographer Jean-Louis Bompoint who has over 35 years experience in filmmaking.

Sep 2010Jun 2011

EAI - International Business

sKema Business School
Studied legal issues in film production, economics and administration.