Work experience

Work experience

Café assistant

Jul 2015 - Present
The Square
I have been working at the square since July- been working in a café environment - so I have some experience in doing dishes and being a Kitchen assistant - I also run coffees to people and make sure that everyone is Happy. customers are Number 1 !!


May 2015 - Present
Jolly Punter
I have been working in a bar for nearly 6 months have gained experience in customer service and also serving alcohol and being a barman . I have major responsibility and making sure that people are having a good time and that everything is going well. I also clean up and do dishes as well as serving and working behind the bar . I also talk to customers and make sure that they are enjoying their time at the bar .

Staff member

Jul 2014 - May 2015
Reduced to Clear
worked at reduced to clear for nearly a year before being shut down in May 2015! \
what I did there was working behind a counter making sure that customers were happy with their goods. Doing checkouts and also I was out the back cutting things .
This was a weekend job both Saturday and Sunday . Customer skills this was my first job where I learnt how to build my skills with people and branch that on .




2015 - 2015
Whitireia - Radio Broadcasting school
2015 I studied Radio Broadcasting - this course was a 1year course where I achieved my Diploma In broadcasting .
I do the broadcasting and announcing part where I did an internship for 12 weeks and had my own radio show.
I studied my course at the NZRTS at Whitireia
I studied radio because I love talking and meeting new people and I have great people's skills


2010 - 2014
Takapuna Grammar school
I achieved all my NCEA - Level 1 with Merit and both Level 2 and level 3 with achievement !!
I attended Takapuna grammar school the whole years and was a hardworking man there. Takapuna was a great school for me and I learnt many things whilst I was there. I really excelled at music and sport and also History these were my top three subjects. I also have achieved university entrance .



customer friendly skills

    I love working with people and meeting new people. I have always been a friendly and love being around people. I have worked over time to improve by customer skills and making sure that they are always put first than anyone else. But I have a skill with working with people and love being around others and helping them succeed also .


I have skills with Music where I achieved my Grade 8 Piano with Merit in 2012 -
This was a huge achievement for me as I love music and this took me a very long time to achieve - I spent about 25-30 hours a week practising and making sure that I was at the required level to succeed. I really know what Hard work is and I want to make sure that I can make you and myself happy .

Basketball - leadership

Basketball Is my favourite sport and I have been playing for nearly 6 years when I started high school I was a beginner but I have been playing for a while that I have got much better and to an intermediate level.  But with this sport comes leadership and I have a skill in leading as I did a leading assignment as part of my NCEA assessment and did very well and I know that preparation and team work means a lot to being successful and making things happen.