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Rolf Fabricius is the President of North American Steel located in Whitby, Ontario. North American Steel is the largest producer of warehouse racking in Canada. Their innovative products are manufactured across Canada, with offices and plants in Toronto, Whitby, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatchewan, as well as Quebec and the Maritimes. The company provides storage solutions that include: warehouse equipment, pallet racking, light duty shelving, and more. Rolf Fabricius has been at the forefront of the material handling and steel storage industry for more than twenty-five years. As President of North American Steel and its group of companies, Rolf has been involved in the acquisition of a number of large manufacturing firms. Rolf is an active board member of the Canadian Standards Association committee, and he has been instrumental in developing the new Canadian Rack Standard. Rolf Fabricius is a graduate of Queen's University, Structural Engineering.

North American Steel 
300 Hopkins Street
Whitby, ON L1N 2B9
(905) 668-3300