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Rolando R. Rodriguez, M.S.

Sustainability Consultant


Seasoned, Creative, Results-Oriented, with a high ROI Project Manager and Supervisor with a Master degree in Management and 15+ years of progressive experience in the private and public sectors. Have achieved recognized accomplishments in Environmental (Natural) Resources Management, Sustainability and Consulting arenas. Constantly managing Risk and streamlining processes through Critical and Creative Thinking. Funny, iconoclastic and relentless. Visionary, maverick, mentor and persuader. Skilled Negotiator. Able to unlock the power of possibility. Has done things whose positive influence spread, transcend, and contribute to the future of life on Earth.  Powerful communicator, whether face-to-face, the classroom, or the written word. When he writes and speaks, he can change people’s minds. Commands loyalty and respect while inspiring the support of talented colleagues and employees. Capable of building powerful teams and dramatically leveraging the impact of their efforts. Has acted as catalysts to groups of people, inspiring members to step up to the challenge at hand. His uncanny intuition allows him to combine his knowledge with new perceptions and ideas to create new knowledge or ideas that go beyond the sum of the original ones.  Successful at combining expertise and hands-on experience with cutting-edge management know-how to lead, leverage and sustain strategies that positively impact the environment and drive the corporate Triple Bottom-Line (TBL).

Work experience


Commercial Account Executive.


Call Center. Account management. Engaged about 30 - 40 prospect client per day.

Matched client's wants and needs with Comcast services.


Team Leader / Runner (Customer Service).

GCS, Inc. / AVIS-BUDGET Group.

−Supervised a team of 4 - 5. AVIS-BUDGET vehicle fleet management.

−Front line Customer Service Rep. Received and inspected cars after rental.

−Closed rental agreement and solved any last issues.


Office Operations Supervisor.

U. S. Department of Commerce / Bureau of the Census.

−Hired as an Office Clerk, was promoted after spearheading, developing and maintaining a tracking system in MS Excel to keep track and report the number of questionnaires received (~61,000).−Monitored operations and delivered progress reports despite the failure of the original software.−Upon management request, implemented the tracking Spreadsheet in three other Census Offices.−Assisted and helped organize the operations of three troubled Census Offices.

−Coordinated, supervised and was part of a highly efficient team with about 10 Clerks.

−QA/QCed received questionnaires and solved problems and inconsistencies before shipping them to HQ.


Sustainability Consultant.

Gaia Sustainability & Executive Solutions.

−Performed preliminary assessment to benchmark company's use of water and electricity; waste production, and employees' environments and habits.

−Offered tailor-made consulting services that help organizations implement their Sustainability Plan.

−Implemented profitable green initiatives by reducing energy and water consumption, decreasing waste production, implementing recycling and, creating awareness in employees on how to reduce their Carbon Footprint inside and outside the office.


Commercial Account Manager.


–Employed by CompUSA as a Small/Medium Business Representative, was rapidly promoted to Business Account Manager.

–Managed several commercial accounts including private companies, private schools, and non-profit organizations.

–In addition to providing computers and electronic equipment; was responsible for understanding clients' IT needs and match with all sorts of solutions: Data Backup,Network Installation, Information Security, Training, and many others.

–Responsible for securing services and purchase orders from local S/M Businesses. Retail sales at the store to secure new accounts. Accountable for bringing ~$500,000/in sales. Company went out of business.


Assistant Store Manager.


–Hired by Pet Supermarket as an Assistant Manager for a new store to get it up and running. Created an effective team with the Manager and Sales Associates that took the store above the $100,000 a month mark in just 4 months after it opened. The store also surpassed its sales goal in two months out of five in spite of severe negative effects of the 2005 hurricane season.

–Assisted store manager with administrative, personnel, customers and store issues.

–Supervised and trained staff of 10 sales associates in all aspects of store operation including excellent customer service, selling techniques, merchandising, cash accountability, cash register operation, pet care and products information.

–Observed and analyzed customer buying habits and trends to suggest new products and services.


Biologist II.

Miami-Dade County.

Twelve years of progressive project management and supervisory experience in the area of Environmental Resources Management, Sustainability and Green BMPs in the 3rd largest County in Florida. Knowledgeable of Federal, State and local environmental regulations. Coordinated and supervised an effective team of Field Inspectors, Engineers and Biologists. Collaborated in County and State Rule making. Performed Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Executive Negotiations, Training, and Presentations.

–Successfully negotiated and managed an inter-agency (County-City-Railroad Co.) project to dredge excess rocks and sediment material accumulated under the railroad trestle at a local creek. The sediment was obstructing the natural flow of the creek degrading water quality and ecosystem. The bottom profile and natural flow were restored and after 6 months, the water quality and ecosystem of the creek improved noticeably. Convinced the railroad company to absorb the cost of the project saving thousands of Tax Dollars to the City and County. Article published in the "Water Magazine."

–Reduced by 80% the amount of time engineers needed to search and review permits and files after implementing the digitizing of hundreds of paper files to electronic format in two Sections of a County Department. This project was the pilot to document digitizing in the rest of the Department.

–Commended by the Department for the coordination and establishment of an ongoing program to produce and mail out -twice a year- a brochure to County resident (over 400,000 households) with important information on hurricanes, flooding and flood insurance.

–Instrumental in the implementation and expansion of a County Department's Recycling Program (paper, acetates, 35 mm film containers, ink cartridges, plastic, aluminum, etc.).

–Identified, proposed and supervised several hundred thousand dollars' worth of projects funded with State grant monies. Projects mostly associated with restoring South Florida's surface waters.

–Active in county environmental projects with local communities to foster environment stewardship such as storm drain stenciling, beach cleanup (Baynanza) and park restoration programs.

–Reviewed applicable environmental regulations, codes and standards. Coordinated updates to the environmental program management systems.

–Knowledgeable and OSHA trained in HAZWOPER2 and Environmental Site Assessment. Projects involved illegal dumping sites, waste management, waste vendor due diligence program, sampling, enforcement, etc. Familiar with ISO 14000.

–Performed data acquisition, analysis, interpretation, modeling, and reporting. Managed various Databases.

–Active in county environmental projects with local communities to foster environment stewardship such as beach cleanup (Baynanza) and park restoration programs (Arch Creek).

–Authored, co-authored several Technical Reports and Papers.


Post Graduate Studies in Aquaculture and Fisheries.

State University of Gent

With a Fellowship from the Government of Belgium. It included lectures and visits to the Belgian Sea Fisheries Office, State University of Gent, Catholic University of Leuven, and other Universities and Aquaculture companies in Belgium, England, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, and Norway.