When he first joined Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB), now known as Credit Suisse, Roland Lorenzo served as Director and Manager of the firm’s non-dollar equity finance division. In this position, Mr. Lorenzo oversaw his department’s operations across four continents, managing work in the firm’s New York, London, Zurich, Tokyo, and Hong Kong offices, as well as in Australia. After a year directing the expansion of the non-dollar equity finance business, Roland Lorenzo earned a promotion to Managing Director and Head of the Equity Finance Group for Europe and Asia. This group within CSFB included multiple businesses areas, such as managed lending, alternative capital, securities financing, and prime brokerage. In his oversight of these businesses, Mr. Lorenzo managed the global trading and sales departments and provided close guidance to the Credit Suisse First Boston (Europe) Limited (CSFBEL) and Credit Suisse First Boston Equities Limited (CSFBE), two major investment businesses for the firm. While leading the Equity Finance Group, Roland Lorenzo co-founded and became President and Chief Operating Officer of CSFB Index Company. In his capacity as President, Mr. Lorenzo secured a strategic partnership between CSFB Index Co. and Tremont Advisors, which created the first asset-weighted hedge fund index in the industry, which came to be known as the CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index. The CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index is comprised of one major index and nine sub-indices, which track a wide range of investment types, including managed futures, long/short strategies, and global macro convertible arbitrage. Outside of his professional endeavors, Roland Lorenzo enjoys traveling, collecting vintage analog recordings. Mr. Lorenzo is a supporter of the Foundation for Fighting Blindness, American Heart Association, and the Make a Wish Foundation.

Roland Lorenzo would like to congratulate America for another successful election regardless of who won in the end democracy prevails.

Caring for Vinyl Records

By Roland LorenzoThe crackle and pop sounds that can be heard when a vinyl LP plays mean that dirt has found its way into the grooves. To achieve the best sound, audiophiles and casual listeners alike should consider the following tips for record care.1. Store them properly, preferably upright. Stacking can lead to warping, cracking, or ring wear on the album cover. Additionally, keep records away from heat sources.2. Handle with care. Pick up a record by the center hole or between the palms of clean hands (use archival gloves if you are really particular). The body’s natural oils attract dust, which can distort sound quality.3. Take care when playing them. To raise and lower the needle on your turntable, use the cueing lever to avoid gouging the grooves with a slip of the hand. Do not lift the needle before the music ends. Always wait for the turntable platter to stop spinning completely before picking up the record.4. Clean them with the right tools and fluids. Serious collectors often invest in a vacuum record cleaner, which applies a cleaning solution, spins the record so that a soft brush can loosen dirt and oil, and vacuums away the grime and moisture. To clean an LP by hand, you can use a special solution along with a high-quality cleaning brush. Once records are clean, they require a touch up via a carbon fiber brush before and after playing.Equity finance executive and Naples, Florida, resident Roland Lorenzo enjoys a lifelong hobby of collecting and restoring vinyl records. He estimates his collection to stand at more than 750 selections.

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