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Work History

Enterprise Data Warehouses, Information Governance, Data Management


Certified Solution Architect & Project Manager

and Business Intelligence solutions as well as Roadmap strategies in a diverse range of industries leading to increased business visibility, efficiency and productivity gains. He is currently expanding in the area of Cloud Infrastructure, Data Lakes, Big Data and Cognitive Services and has worked for numerous multinationals, small, midsize and major blue chip companies. Furthermore he is is an experienced liaison between business and IT for alignment and requirements gathering Mr. Siem is a nominated member of the Americas Architect Profession Validation Board and a receiver of several IBM awards for his excellent delivery and leadership skills related to the FCC and ICBC data warehouse and migration projects. Employer History IBM Canada, GBS, Canada Certified Solution Architect & Project Manager In the role as Certified Solution Architect(specialty Information Architecture) within IBM Strategy & Analytics, I have participated in several client projects doing the following work: Data Warehouse and ODS Architectures ETL Architecture(for star-schema, 3rd normalized form and IBM insurance industry datamodel IIW) Data Warehouse Modeling

Information Governance and Data Lake Roadmap


Resource Manager

Data Migration Management of Softlayer private Cloud infrastructure and setup of global Geo Redundancy. Management of Big Data initiatives. Impact and risk assessment Project Management Configuration Management Methodology tailoring Micro designs Requirements gathering Direction and guidance to QA and test teams Mentorship I was also nominated as a board member of the Americas Architect Profession Validation Resource Manager: Marianela Araya Chaves Page 1 of 9 Date: Identifying risks and issues Creating project schedules Creating project change requests Hiring and management of development resources Approval of hours for development resources Adherence to data security and policy regulations(DS&P)



Performance Management Developer

Consultancy firm Performance Management Developer

Cognos Cognos


Report Developer

Client: leading manufacturing company of Agricultural goods, Winnipeg, MB Report Developer Mr. Siem assisted in the development of financial, parts and labor, and scheduling reports in the Business Intelligence part of an ERP(JDE) project. Mr. Siem was also part of a team that supported their existing reporting system.

Cognos Cognos


Application Architect and Developer

Client: largest and only national sporting goods retailer in Canada, Calgary, AB Application Architect and Developer Mr. Siem designed, implemented and tested a Data Mart and Stock Allocation Cube to get a better oversight of the inventory levels of specific goods in stores and warehouses to make better decisions regarding the retrieval of these goods from the corresponding vendors. The project had a particular high priority and visibility on senior management level.



Cognos Etl Developer

Leading consulting and IT services firm Cognos ETL Developer(Independent Contractor) client: insurance company Mr. Siem was part of a team in which he analyzed, developed and tested the extraction of Financial data into datamarts dealing with transactions, claims and invoices to support the accounting team with their monthly reports.

Cognos Product Development and Marketing


Resource Manager

service provider Resource Manager: Marianela Araya Chaves Page 2 of 9 Date: 24-Feb-2017 Data Warehouse Architect Mr. Siem has gathered business requirements for a complete new data warehouse which he also modeled and implemented according to Kimball and Inmon design principles. Mr. Siem also consulted in the acquisition of a new ETL tool and server for all future data transformations, which led to the purchase of IBM Datastage and a p-series server. Mr. Siem co-managed this project in the entire lifecycle.

Cognos Product Development and Marketing


Major Retailer of Consumer Electronics

Major retailer of consumer electronics and personal computers



Specialist Mr. Siem participated in the ETL development and testing of extracting inventory movement data to an existing ODS. Mr. Siem also modified OLAP cubes and reports for better performance and extra information. He provided production support for MS Analysis services sales cube and inventory data marts to support both stores and Canadian headquarters. He initiated and negotiated the setup of SLA's with clients for daily loading of their reports. He improved level 1 support at night by making production jobs automatically restartable. This reduced the number of calls by more than 50%. He improved Cognos OLAP cube building for some financial data from 12 hours to 5 hours. He created a report to provide the organization with daily sales budgets and GM%. He provided coaching and created a plan to start outsourcing production support to offshore team in India leading to 24/7 coverage.

National Federal Bank in the Netherlands


Senior Sas Programmer

Senior SAS Programmer(Independent Contractor) Mr. Siem created extraction code to convert 360 tables with data from all Dutch banks and insurance companies to another system. Mr. Siem used advanced programming techniques to accomplish this task in the most efficient and repeatable way. Mr. Siem also assisted in creating a frontend user interface for clients to access their data.

SAS Statistical



Leading Pharmaceutical company Programmer(Indep. Contractor) Mr. Siem reported on statistical key indicators, table listings and graphs of clinical trial data for senior statisticians leading to more insight of adverse events and effectiveness of the medicines. He also added studies to a research database to make reports possible over a greater number of reports. With that he uncovered severe errors in the research database unknown for years and corrected the problems.




scientific research organization for drug use and outcomes SAS Statistical Programmer Mr. Siem was responsible for all data management activities concerning a pharmaco- epidemiological database with all pharmacy and hospitalization data in The Netherlands. He developed a research data warehouse with combined hospital and pharmacy data for more efficient and higher quality data extractions resulting in significant faster reporting from at times 13 hours to half an hour. He also performed quality control of data processes and assisted pharmaco-epidemiologists in data extracts and transformations to make reports for clients. He also provided analysis data sets and statistical output.


Vrije Universiteit