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  • Creative, results-focused professional with a track record of initiative and leadership in increasing efficiency, cutting costs, and streamlining processes. Strong writing, editing, communication, and teamwork skills.
  • With these skills, I would like to obtain a position in marketing and public relations where I can utilize acquired knowledge and collective experience to assist a talented team in its growing client needs .

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Sales Supervisor


Sales Supervisor

2011Jul 2011

Staff Management

Tulip Construction Company
  • Managed both workers as well as potential clients
  • Created strategies to increase overall revenue
  • Worked closely with the purchase department and marketing

Sale Staff

Tesco Company
  • Managed the sales teams by overseeing the work done in each department.
  • Assuring proper service to the customers
Jul 2006Dec 2007

World Performing arts festival (Staff Management)

Rafi Peer
  • I was working as the Delegates co-ordinator in the Rafi Peer Theater. My duties were to handle the schedules of the numerous bands performing from all parts of the globe.
Aug 2004Present


SOAS Children orphanage
  • I assisted this orphanage by teaching the children a number of skills such as: reading, writing, arthmatics, and good manners.



Business Management in Marketing

Brunel University West London
  • I completed my foundation And diploma of Business in Brunel university with my Highschool Degree
  • Gpa 3.0
  •  Related Coursework:

    Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research Techniques, Behavioral Issues in Marketing, International Marketing, Managerial Writing, International Management

  • Communication
  • Computer Microsoft


( American school ) of International Academics
  • Accumulated Gpa : 3. 38
  • A.S.I.A is an American School that has been dealing with High School for 10 years. Its Head Office is in Gullberg III Lahore and recently  have started a bachelors programme as  well
  • Mrs Ayesha M.Hamid is the Superintendent
  • My further studies in this school helped me prepare my self for university
  • Attended After school sporting club activities - Basketball "Winners" for Asia October 2005-Soccer "Runners Up" for Asia October 2005
  • I officialy Got an English Language Proficiency Certificate  to certify that English was my main Academic from pre-school nursery up to 12 Grade
Jun 2005


Aitchison College
  • Learned the importance of teamwork, hardwork, and respect for self, collegues, and elders
  • Aitchison College was the foundation for my development and made me an assertive, creative, and well mannered individual