Rohit is an IT Professional with more than 8 years of experience in IT, with over 3 years experience as Project Manager for enterprise applications and operations management at HT Media Ltd.

Currently manages a diverse range of Applications on varying platforms & technologies. Introduced efficiencies to reduce time to delivery and decrease vendor reliance costs. Plan and execute Enterprise wide upgrades. Mentor team to manage high pressure and high risk operations. Promote cross functional skills within teams to ease man power requirements and ease expansion.


The current interests are spread over a spectrum of time, some of the recent ones are


 - Studying MySQL Technicals for management

 - White paper on low cost CMS based on open source tehnologies

 - Evaluation of Scribus

 - White paper on consolidating infrastructure by decentralising datacenter resources


 - Learning Golf

 - Music

 - Reading

 - Travelling

 - Bollywood Movies


Aug 1998 - Jul 2002

Bachelors in Technology

Kurukshetra University

Four year full time course for Bachelors in Technology of Computer Science from Kurukshetra unviversity.



Project Management

Project Manager for Enterprise applications

Database Administration

As a requirement of management systems the interest grew in managing databases.

Operations Management

Associated with Operations of multiple organisations

Content Management Systems

Affiliation to Newspapers has allowed me hone my skills into developing better understanding of content management systems. This integrated with my education and experience in Softwares and Hardware has allowed me to design and deploy Enterprise scale solutions for Content management.

Work History

Work History
Mar 2007 - Present

Sr. Manager

HT Media Ltd.

Currently in the role of Sr. Manager for Enterprise Applications at HT Media Ltd (HTML). The role involves management of operations for business applications. The applications are divided into two aspects

Advertising Related

Editorial Related

Also currently managing the technicals of Infratstructure expansion project for Hindi Business of HTML. This includes full time responsibility of development and deployment of content management system.

Enterprise applications

  • PPI, EIDOS, Newswrap
  • Used over 19 locations nationwide wide
  • Operations management
  • Configuration management
  • Design and deployment
  • Change Management
  • Upgrade and Update management
  • Licensing compliance

Team Management

  • Shift management
  • Hiring resources
  • Skill assessment
  • Mix balance of outsourced and internal staff


  • Introducing open source alternatives
  • Exploring new technologies
  • Contingency planning
  • Process refinement
  • Operations analysis


  • Cross functional interactions
  • Soft skills
  • Project management methodologies
  • Documentation

Chronology at HT

  • Joined as Manager Enterprise applications
  • First assignment was management of Content management application application for Mint
  • Took handover of EIDOS systems from vendor EIDOS Media
  • Took over operations management of PPI application
  • Analysed and built predictable efficiencies in PPI
  • Upgrade planning and testing of PPI
  • Reduced vendor reliance for EIDOS
  • Part of SAP Upgrade integration testing with PPI
  • PPI Upgrade from version 2.5 to 2.9
  • Introduced change management practices in PPI and EIDOS
  • HDFC Payment Gateway integration with Quick Booking Centers for Credit card payments
  • QBC – Advertisement booking software deployment for HT Seal – Call Center
  • Promoted to Sr. Manager
  • Attended training on Project Management skills
  • Training on PPI systems internals in Kiel, Germany
  • PPI Hardware upgrade proposed for remote locations
  • Hindustan Dainik Content Management systems Architecture proposed
  • Design and Enhancement of Functionality and GUI of NewsWrap
  • Customisation of NewsWrap
  • Proposed and introduced DNS based addressing
  • Consolidation of PPI De-central servers from 9 to 6
  • Deployment of NewsWrap on MySQL
  • Tuning of MySQL infrastructure
  • Deployed NewsWrap client via Sun Secure Global Desktop
  • Hindustan Times Content Management systems architecture proposed
  • PPI Upgrade planning for Sysbase update
  • Introduced Nagios for monitoring servers and services
Nov 2004 - Nov 2006

Sr Customer Support

Summit Information Technologies Ltd

Senior Customer Support Engineer

Successfully completed International and Domestic assignments. Generated requirement and gap analysis for Multiple clients. Review and plan replacement of legacy applications with system architecture either dependent on Structured (SQL) and/or unstructured context. Including suggesting development and customization of tools to suit customer requirements and enhance operating efficiency.

Responsible for support and deployment NewsPro (Editorial content management systems)

    • Coordinating with client from request and planning through acceptance, Installation, implementation and verification of Product and Services

    • Recommendations for Standards, Best practices and Adoption strategies

    • Upgrade of Older version to newer versions of Products

    • Microsoft SQL server Database administration

    • Writing and executing SQL queries

    • Microsoft SQL database tuning and analysis

    • Problem and Request analysis and bug reporting

    • Delivering Bug fixes (Instruction and/or software to client)

History at Summit

    • Joined as customer support engineer

    • Trained on NewsPro software and MS-SQL database system

    • System study for Amar Ujala (India)

    • Implementation at Wijeya newspapers limited (Sri Lanka)

    • System Study at DAWN (Pakistan)

    • Implementation at Dinamalar group (India, 5 centers)

    • Promotion to Senior Customer Support engineer

    • System study for Virakesari (Sri Lanka)

    • Implementation at DAWN (Pakistan)

    • Implementation at Amar Ujala (India)

    • Implementation at Virakesari (Sri Lanka)

Oct 2002 - Nov 2004

Sr. Engineer

Bennet & Coleman Co. Ltd

Senior Engineer, Production

Have been an Active part of Production Systems Team of the Pre-press Operations in Managing Networks, Software Solutions and Windows 2000 and 2003 based servers. Manage production and Trouble shooting of Network and server problems. Managing Data on network and designing workflow as per requirement. Managing RF connectivity via Microwave Link. Optimization of processes and Network software's by Implementing various Design Scenarios.

• Working in a high pressure, low error threshold Newspaper environment. • Achieved targets and timelines for Projects. • Built redundancies and checks in planning, to achieve maximum quality output

• Underwent training for managing and planning for large enterprise networks 

Career path at Times group

    • Joined as Management trainee     • Two months of Orientation followed by 10 months of probation, wherein was given training in all aspects of Technology being used in a newspaper     • Transferred to printing location at Sahibabad to manage network and production.     • Promoted to Senior Engineer     • WAMAC Networking project (Assigned setup and upkeep duties.)     • Trained on Windows 2000 server based networks.     • Team expanded from 5 people to 8 people delegated with responsibility of training new recruits     • Expansion of current network, separation of Newspaper Production and MIS network (ERP users).