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Former Learning and Development Professional with more than 10 years of work experience,  in areas like:

+Change Management

+Managing key business processes and projects

+Fundamental Business Data Analysis

+Administrative Systems Planning & Design

+Social Media Presence Management

+Website Content Writing

+Consulting on English Language and Soft Skills program development and implementation

+Creating unique and innovative training material for the BPO/ITES Industry

+Delivering training in English Language & Professional Development Skills

+Assessing English Language Skills


To assist businesses to cope with change, by using the combined strength of my knowledge and experience in various industries and domains.


Content Writing/Copywriting
In some way, I had been writing and publishing my thoughts online when I started blogging in 2005, but I never really became a bona fide Content Writer until I got a job with the same title. Since then, I have discovered that following the fundamentals of good writing--doing things like outlining what you're going to write, planning a theme, topic sentences for each of your paragraphs, and things of this nature--is a great way to help promote on-page SEO efforts.
Training / Tutoring
I have been involved with some form of tutoring since I was in high school, when I first helped my Japanese roommate, an ESL student, with his English skills. Since then, I have been certified to tutor at the Hawai'i Pacific Univeristy Tutoring & Testing Center when I was a student at this university, and have received my CELTA certification in September, 2008.
MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Being in the corporate/English language training industry for this first part of my career, I have taken it upon myself to utilize MS Office as efficiently as possible in creating document templates, formats for capturing key training-related data, and presenting this information in a succinct and effective manner.
Curriculum Development / Instructional Design
I have designed training curriculum for ILT and CBT training at Next Link Pvt. Ltd., SlashSupport, Deloitte and John & Mary International (JMI). Currently, I head JMI's "Research and Content Development" division.
English Language Proficiency
Going as far back as high school, I've been assisting people with their English assignments. Professionally, I've been an English Tutor in college, in the US, assisting native English Speakers at the graduate level with their thesis papers and other coursework. More recently, I've been part of the Learning and Development departments of a couple of MNCs.

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Founder & Lead Content Writer/Strategist

conTENT about CONtent


+ Initiating client contact and generating leads for content writing services, including website content, social media consulting, and most types of documents, including Press Releases, Marketing Plans, Academic Theses, Product Reviews, Résumés/CVs and Cover Letters, etc.


+ Creating unique content for all manner of online/print purposes, from flyers and billboards to online banner ads and website articles/blog posts.


+ Promoting the use of Social Media to enhance business image and presence online, working to build communities online around the core product(s)/service(s) of the client.

+ Multi Social Network strategies to help leverage visibility online using Social Media to drive specific business activities.


+ Writing complete website content for all pages, including captions, taglines for banner/slider images, Meta-tags, alt-tags, with selection of the most appropriate keywords.

+ Compiling client/industry-relevant statutory policy documentation, from Website Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions to enhancing FAQs and Management Bios.

Jun 2015Nov 2017

Organizational Development & Change Manager

Sersang Group


  • Working with key people throughout all levels of the organizational hierarchies to identify the necessary modifications to existing processes/procedures in order to enhance operational efficiency
  • Identifying key personnel across the organization to assist in leading and implementing change, forming a proactively responsive group of individuals who are able to effectively cope with resistance
  • Enabling Managers and other supervisory personnel to provide planned/structured mentoring to subordinates in an ongoing manner, with a view towards achieving long-term “succession planning”



  • Collaborating with Senior Management of DGO to formulate a macro-level plan document for the planning and implementation of organizational change/development, with a view towards fashioning real-time feedback mechanisms to assist in in-process modification of the change/development plan, as deemed necessary to overall successful achievement
    • Assisting in translating the macro-level objective into smaller, department/process-level aims, with the collaborative buy-in of both Management and the respective personnel
  • Working with Senior Management to establish feedback mechanisms to assist with the identification, planning, implementation and evaluation of future change objectives



  • Identifying efficiency and effectiveness of current organizational structure(s) both at Group and IGU levels
  • Working with Senior Management to identify necessary modifications to structure of Group and IBUs to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Planning, Designing, Implementing and Evaluating success of necessary enhancement(s) of the organizational structure based on empirical evidence



  • Enabling the creation of business/industry-specific systems to monitor/track change implemented, in order to be able to assess the success/failure of intended change
    • Providing framework to assess the data generated by the monitoring/tracking systems, with a view towards easy modification/adjustment to suit business needs
  • Assessing the utility of systems, and planning for future improvements and updates of the existing systems based on advancements in technology and software



  • Documenting all aspects of the transition from existing to new brand, to include creation of all relevant documents, questionnaires, forms, metrics and measures of success, macro- and micro-level plans, tracking/monitoring systems, and reports
    • Working closely with Senior Management to design and have approved the necessary documentation
  • Generating reports with specified frequency, for the purposes of ongoing information to be made available to Senior Management for their assessment and analysis of organizational change in process



  • Providing the necessary outlines and frameworks to assist in the transition to a more planned approach to business management, with a view towards long-term standardization of the same in the areas in question
  • Working closely with Senior Management to identify best-fit processes to assist with the day-to-day functioning of IBUs, to address such areas as objective performance management and evaluations, for example
  • Assisting and working with Senior Management in identifying and adopting the right mix of presently available technology to enhance the efficiency of operation of the IBUs and Group Central Departments



  • Assisting Management of IBUs and the Group in analyzing skill gaps/deficiencies, whether inherent in existing personnel, or as identified in personnel who require additional mentoring to acquire a complete set of necessary job skills
  • Providing the necessary documents for in-house learning/training initiatives aimed at bridging any and all identified skill gaps, to include all Forms related to training initiatives, such as Requisitions, Training Needs Analysis, Evaluation and Feedback, as well as Training Outlines, Notes and other Documentation (Handouts, Case Studies, etc.)
  • Delivering Training and working closely with Senior Management to maximize impact on day-to-day productivity of staff members in the area of focus in question
  • Working in conjunction with Senior Management to develop career paths along professional knowledge/skill verticals, with the relevant compulsory training or knowledge/skill acquisition needed to progress up the hierarchy of the specific IBU or Group Central Department



  • Generating easy-to-read dashboards for ease of presentation of information, as compiled from reports generated by SMPL, for the benefit of the Managing Director (SG) and Chairman (SG)
  • Updating/Modifying forms and reporting systems to provide real-time/near-real-time updates to assist in business decision-making
  • Handing over completed, approved dashboard documents to necessary members of the SMPL staff for business continuity of business practice
Dec 2013Jun 2015

General Manager - HR/ADM

Damchen Group of Organization


+ Was involved with day-to-day activities and macro level planning, in order to better establish existing HR practices of the Group, including and not limited to developing strategies to combat legacy issues and to centralize the department and its functions.


+ Was tasked with all aspects of Land Records Management, Structural Upkeep, Insurance Renewals, Vehicle/Fleet Management, both in term of everyday inputs and management, as well as developing systems and strategies to identify best practices to implement, immediately and in the near future.

Sep 2012Dec 2012

Product Manager

Honeypot IT Consulting


+ Hired to oversee end-to-end planning, production and publishing of Call Letter magazine to accompany LMCET online "employability" test.

+ Wrote individual articles, entire proposed First Edition, Press Release, Promotional Mailers, etc. for Call Letter and LMCET.

+ Wrote partial and complete website content for internal purposes as well as for clients of Honeypot IT Consulting.


+ Hired to serve as Editor for Call Letter magazine. OVERALL MANAGEMENT: + Tasked with managing in its entirety, a source of  "employability" testing for Final Year Engineering Students and First Year Freshers, in Andhra Pradesh state.

May 2012Aug 2012

Content Writer

Parivartan Software & Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.


+ Generating catchy, memorable tag lines for client websites, brochures and other branding materials and efforts

WEBSITE CONTENT WRITING:+ Collected, synthesized and created content of static websites as part of Client initiative to provide "online" presence to small and medium businesses across India, following generation of leads

Jul 2011May 2012

Content Writer

Iridium Interactive


+ Pan-India telemarketing of Client initiative to users or related products


+ Collected, synthesized and created content of static websites as part of Client initiative to provide "online" presence to small and medium businesses across India, following generation of leads

Mar 2009Jul 2011

Founder & Lead Trainer

Conscient Training Consultancy


+ To offer aggregated online resources to English Language Learners with a system of identifying the best individual resources for each learner, while providing learners with the knowledge and ability to develop an ongoing language skill development framework.


+ To provide the most effective learning resources to English learners around the globe, aimed at creating self-aware and self-motivated learners and equipping them with a “continuous learning” perspective.


+ To offer low cost training/tutoring/consultation in the area of English Language Training and Professional Etiquette Training

+ Making use of Internet communication technologies, such as blogs and networking/community sites, and collaborating with pre-existing curriculum developers to leverage the best possible learning opportunity for learners

+ Encouraging learner participation both as feedback mechanism as well as means of business continuity

Oct 2009Jan 2010

Head - Research and Content Development

John & Mary International


+ Identified assessments related to aptitude and skill testing, both for deployment on-site or online, and established strategic partnerships with assessment providers


+ Developed three levels of English Language Program and one Business English Program, incorporating current language learning techniques

+ Established curriculum development standards and ongoing feedback mechanism for participant and trainer feedback, as part of ongoing curriculum review and enhancement process

+ Collaborated with members of the Advisory Board to help design and deliver cutting-edge management training through seminar and workshop delivery models


+ Managed Content Development team, and was key member of Executive Committee for strategy-level discussions


+ Helped partner with key industry leaders to co-brand the organization’s training interventions and initiatives, to be able to offer an unbeatable combination of training and associated learning materials

Oct 2008Dec 2008

Centre Head, Trivandrum

John & Mary International, (Licensee of Hero Mindmine)


+ In-charge of promoting course offerings to attract walk-in candidates, institutional and corporate clientele. COUNSELING:

+ Matching needs of potential candidates with the right course; setting them on the right path to learning English and acquiring further knowledge and skills for life MANAGEMENT:

+ Managing trainers and staff with a view towards achieving organizational efficiency, while being the epitome of professionalism RECRUITMENT:

+ Interviewing new staff members to add to the growing training team TRAINING:

+ Delivering Communicative English training at three levels, IELTS preparatory training, Call Centre Certification training, and Retail Sales and Services training; course offerings of Hero Mindmine, the franchisor TRAINER DEVELOPMENT:

+ Providing crucial methodological input to trainers along the lines of the most effective ways to teach English, how to truly facilitate learning and being able to assess training effectiveness

Oct 2007May 2008

Assistant Manager - Language and Culture Development

HSBC Global Resourcing


+ Identified assessment tools and metrics for HR communication skills screening process; part of Skill Assessment and Profiling Project NEEDS ANALYSIS:

+ Analyzed historical data for US HR Operations to identify issues and generate solutions regarding written and spoken English language skills PROJECT MANAGEMENT/ADMINISTRATION: + Managed Skill Assessment and Profiling Project to help identify organizations communication skill gaps across South and East Asia

+ Set up and managed training for AMOs and MOs of US HR Operations of “Writing in English” ( self-study software VENDOR MANAGEMENT:

+ In-charge of managing interaction with vendors providing assessment tools for Skill Assessment and Profiling Project; scheduled meetings and presentations to be delivered to senior management and Executive Committee

Jan 2007Aug 2007

Analyst - Learning and Development

Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.


+ Identified certifications available to Deloitte practitioners, worked with senior managers to identify ‘gateway certifications’ COMMUNICATION SKILLS SCREENING:

+ Conducted communication skills screening interviews for Tax practice to deselect unsuitable candidates NEEDS ANALYSIS:

+ Worked individually with Deloitte practitioners to identify communication skill gaps, created customized learning plans RECRUITMENT:

+ Conducted initial round of interviews for Communication Gym Faculty candidates, set up panel interviews, and created and managed the entire interviewing schedule TRAINING:

+ Designed and delivered “Level 2 Telephone Skills” training to Accounts Payable team; 6-week program TUTORING:

+ Supplied critical know-how on effective use of learning resources, presented continuous learning plan for future self-study VENDOR MANAGEMENT:

+ In-charge of managing interaction with vendors providing assessment tools and learning resources for the Communication Gym

Aug 2006Dec 2006

Curriculum Developer - Soft Skills



+ Exclusively developed new material and compiled existing training resources into 120-hour soft skills training program for technical support professionals; integrated Voice & Accent and Customer Service modules PROJECT MANAGEMENT/ADMINISTRATION:

+ Initiated and set up continuous feedback loop for trainee and trainer feedback to facilitate future curriculum revision

Jan 2006Jun 2006

Assistant Manager - Special Projects

Next Link Pvt. Ltd.


+ Partially created and edited Job Preparatory Program curriculum; 2-month paid professional development program for BPO/ITES industry aspirants MANAGEMENT:

+ Managed Special Projects team and coordinated creative efforts of curriculum development and graphic design/Flash animation to create innovative WBT communication skills programs

Jan 2005Jan 2006

Content Developer

Next Link Pvt. Ltd.

CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT: + Designed and continuously updated Voice & Accent, US/UK Culture, and Customer Service curricula based on client/organizational needs + Solely responsible for developing and deploying CBT package simulating client data entry screens using vendor software + Provided critical inputs for current and upcoming projects in meetings with CEO, CFO, Head – Special Projects and Senior Manager – Content Development GENERAL ADMINISTRATION:

+ Communicated with other training centers across India to understand needs and to provide assistance with learning resource requirements and modification PROJECT MANAGEMENT/ADMINISTRATION:

+ Single-handedly created 3-day culture workshop/training package for Indian managers traveling to the US

Mar 2004Dec 2004

Voice Coach Trainer Consultant

Next Link Pvt. Ltd.


+ Participated in college job fairs and other promotional/awareness-raising activities to present professional development offerings for BPO/ITES industry aspirants TRAINING:

+ Delivered English/Phonetics training to trainees both in-house and at client training centers TUTORING: + Worked individually with Support Engineers at Microsoft to identify individual communication skill gaps, predominantly spoken language skills, and provided tailored learning paths + Prepared Support Engineers to take the periodic Pronunciation Clarity Level assessment VOICE COACHING:

+ Monitored technical support calls to help Support Engineers identify potential opportunities to engage in customer service as a means of delighting the customer

Jan 2004Feb 2004

Customer Service Representative



+ Provided technical support for US-based ISP; received customer satisfaction rating memento after first week on the job

Mar 2001Dec 2002

English Tutor

Hawai'i Pacific University Tutoring and Testing Center


+ Administered initial English placement tests to new students as part of university English proficiency requirements TUTORING:+ Tutored non-native English speakers in basic language and communication skills as part of English Foundations Program + Tutored native and non-native English speakers in Writing 1100 and other academic writing projects at under-graduate and graduate levels + Edited projects/reports/theses of native and non-native English speakers at under-graduate and graduate levels for APA and MLA formatting



Sep 2000Aug 2003

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

  • Nominated to Composition Studies (WRI 3510) by professor in Introduction to Literature (LIT 200)
  • Received College Reading & Learning Association "Advanced Tutoring Certificate" into my second month on the job; the average is the fourth month

University Transfer Program

International Center for Management and India Studies (formerly Centre for American Education)

ICMIS - International Center for Management and India Studies ( was formerly known as CAE - Centre for American Education


KIS Diploma

Kodaikanal International School

International Baccalaureate Certificates:

  • English (Higher Level)
  • French (Subsidiary Level)
  • Math Studies (Subsidiary Level)
  • Physics (Subsidiary Level)


Advanced Tutoring Certificate

College Reading and Learning Association
Nov 2006Present

Business English Certificate (BEC) - Higher

Cambridge ESOL
Dec 2006Present

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

Cambridge ESOL
Jun 2007Present

Certificate Course in Instructional Design

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
Jun 2007Present

Certificate of English Proficiency (CEP)

Cambridge ESOL
Sep 2008Present

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)

Cambridge ESOL