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Personal Profile

A fourth (final) year student pursuing electronics engineering. I am a hardworking, motivated and organized individual with strong problem solving skills. Have keen interest in Digital VLSI Design, Computer Architecture, Design Verification and Mathematics. Having worked in intensive University team projects, I have the ability to work under pressure in real world scenarios while reflecting on my strong academic roots. Seeking opportunities in the field of digital systems and processor design, VLSI design, Design Verification, embedded systems and programming.



MEng Electronics Engineering

University of Southampton

First Year: First Class Honours                                                                                                                                Second Year: First Class Honours                                                                                                                        Third Year: High 2:1

Modules Undertaken: VLSI Systems Design, Embedded Processors, Digital Systems Synthesis, Digital Systems and Microprocessors, Digital IC and Systems Design, Advanced Computer Architecture, Cryptography, Mathematics, Signal Processing, Control and Communications.

Technical Experience

  • Microprocessor Design: Designed a microprocessor using the System Verilog HDL for my 3rd Year individual project. The MIPS instruction set architecture was used and the processor was pipelined. The AHB-Lite protocol was used to interface with a single memory block (princeton architecture).
  • Bit-Slice Divider Design: Implemented an 8-bit divider using bit-slice design techniques. Involved writing synthesisable System Verilog code for the control unit and making layout for the datapath using the Magic CAD software. Also created an IC around the datapath and control unit.
  • System Design: Worked in a team of 5 and designed a wireless communication device having different modules such as the communications , audio, control and the power modules. Was responsible for designing the amplifier circuits for the microphone and speaker and also the data encryption in C using the Blowfish algorithm. This project greatly enhanced my communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Integrated Circuit Design: Worked in a team of 6 and designed an IC consisting of 5 circuits using OrCAD Capture and L-Edit. As a member of the layout division, I had to look over the minutest of details, as a small error would’ve have resulted in the circuit not working.
  • Digital Circuit Design: Designed an n-bit unsigned binary sequential multiplier using System Verilog and implemented it on a MachXO2 CPLD. This project increased my appetite to learn more about digital systems design and also enhanced my System Verilog skills.
  • Digital Systems Design: Implemented a traffic light controller and a toy lift machine controller using their corresponding ASM charts and designed in System Verilog.
  • Analogue Circuit Design: Designed a multi-stage amplifier consisting of a common emitter followed by a common collector circuit. Enhanced my knowledge of analogue circuits and debugging skills.
  • Hardware Security Module: Programmed in C++. Set up a file encryption system for the Raspberry Pi, which uses an ATMEL 644pa chip as a hardware security module.

Work Experience

JuneSept 2016

Hardware Intern - Design and Verification

ARM Ltd.

Did a 3 month long summer internship at ARM Sheffield. Worked on System on Chip RAM/ROM integration for the first half of the internship. This involved interacting with teams from Bangalore and Cambridge, the task involved reading through spec, writing RTL (RAM wrappers) and understanding and using internal configurable flow. This task greatly enhanced my verilog and communication skills.                                          The second half was dedicated to an IP verification. I used SystemVerilog testbenches to write testcases, coverage and assertions. I took two online courses on verification, which introduced me to things like System Verilog assertions (SVA), covergroups, interfaces, modports, scoreboards, checkers etc. The courses also gave me a basic idea of how UVM and Formal Verification work. I was then responsible for applying this knowledge on the IP verification. This task also involved understanding how the APB protocol works, adding to my existing knowledge about the AHB-Lite protocol. This task enhanced my debugging skills, introduced me to various verification techniques and I also learnt about the importance of verification in real world projects.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: Have a basic knowledge of C and C++. Also have experience with SystemC.
  • Hardware Description Languages: Highly proficient in Verilog and  System Verilog for Design. Have experience with System Verilog for Design Verification.
  • CAD Tools and Software: Technically sound at Modelsim, Synplify Pro, LT Spice, PSpice, Multisim, Eagle, OrCAD Capture, Magic, L-Edit, Vivado.
  • Others: Have a good knowledge of MatLab. Confident user of Microsoft Office. Have good experience of working with Linux Systems.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Universities Business Challenge (UBC): Gave me a basic insight into the world of business and financial strategies.
  • President of Science Club (in High School-2012): In charge of organising the Annual Science Fair. This responsibility honed my leadership qualities. Bridging the gap between the students and teachers by speaking for the student body. This enhanced my communication skills.
  • Coordinator of the Mathematics Club (in High School-2012)
  • Community Service: Worked at an NGO as part of Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) module in 2012.


  • Fluent written and spoken English.
  • Highly proficient speaker of Hindi.

Other Interests

  • Sports: Excellent team and leadership skills developed through playing football and cricket competitively since early teens.
  • Travelling: Enjoy travelling to new places, which helps me learn about new cultures and getting to know people from different countries.
  • Gaming: Has helped me develop an eye for detail and has also enhanced my concentration levels.


                                                                 ***Available on Request***