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Always being fascinated by science and technology, I consciously took up engineering studies and successfully completed Bachelors in Technology (Electronics and Communication Engineering) from India. On completion of the course, I was recruited on campus at Kale Consultants as a programmer analyst. Here, I obtained vital work experience in the software industry and the 18 months of stay in the company was big learning opportunity for me. It was at this stage of my career that I took a liking for the management aspect of a business apart from the technicalities and hence I decided to make a career shift towards management.

For this, I chose Audencia-Nantes School of Management in France to get a taste of French culture, European business system and true international exposure along with students from more than 25 other countries. My experience at Audencia has been truly rewarding and has proven to be a right choice for management education. The International Masters in Management (IMM) curriculum suggested the logical approach of implementing the theory through practical projects. The structured methodology based on planned lectures and case studies with intensive activities on team building, leadership, presentations, out of class training proved to be the best engagement with knowledge. I have had the chance to study courses like Operations and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Financial Management, International Marketing, International Business, European Business, New Product Development and many more.

The opportunity of working with DCNS in form of an intern in the field of supply chain management of spares for foreign navies helped me in gaining the insight into the complexity and the importance of supply chain management. Moreover, my Master’s Dissertation “Role of Supply Chain Management: Best Practices in Naval Defence” required the preparation of the literature with the help various academic journals and articles providing the detailed and in-depth understanding of the theoretical aspects of supply chain management and also purchasing, logistics, and through-life support activities encompassed by supply chain. The motivation of associating my research with DCNS in the form of case study has proven to be the best engagement in understanding the business processes and the ways of managing the supply chain operations.

Currently working with DCNS India Pvt Ltd. as Senior Executive – Quality & Audit from March, 2011 in Vendor Development - looking after the quality management and working as an Auditor for Supplier Qualification Process.

Work experience

Mar 2011Present

Senior Executive - Quality & Audit

DCNS India Pvt. Ltd

Main responsibilities

  • Contribute to supplier development for the Group activities
  • Overseeing the quality activities, perform audits and ensure their application 

Initial evaluation of Supplier

  • Identify suitable suppliers (on internet, exhibitions, Indian shipyards, etc…)
  • Conduct audits at the supplier’s premises to evaluate capabilities, opportunities and improvement points
  • Forward the results to management team, including Engineer’s suggestions,and get their feedback
  • Ensure the implementation of the feedback with the evaluated supplier

Quality Applications

  • To ensure the compliance of technical files sent to suppliers
  • To verify the respect of norms application
  • To ensure the compliance between the Requirements mentioned in the Specifications versus the job performed by the supplier

Qualification of Supplier

  • Prepare a qualification process, in coordination with French team
  • Perform audit at the supplier’s premises
  • Prepare the report of audit and release the audit results
  • Setup and oversee the deviations maintaining the dashboards

Coordination with Project & Purchase team

  • Coordinate with the Project team & Purchasing team to clarify any supplier technical queries
  • Coordinate with Project team and Purchasing team to select the suitable supplier

Sustaining Activities

  • Instruct the supplier & team about supplier’s audit performance
  • Oversee the job status at the supplier’s premises and prevent any deviations
  • Report to the Project team and Purchasing team about Indian supplier’s deviations
  • Setup and oversee the corrective plans and preventive plans, by using some quality tools
  • Setup and oversee the corresponding actions plans
  • If required, setup Kaizen and 5S, and oversee the implementation
  • Respect of the quality management system ISO 9001 and specific norms of the activities.

Other activities

  • Involvement in new innovation projects
  • Work for Continual improvement activities
  • Work with suppliers to have improvement in process
  • Coordinate with team France for process Improvement
  • Attending any exhibition for choose suitable supplier
  • Should be required to undertake additional tasks within our capabilities and which are consistent with the position hold.
Projects Executed:

Vendor Base Development:

Constantly working for finding and developing the vendor for the specified product concerning the Indian operations. Also worked for the products/parts required for the French projects.


Audited four vendors for different products as Lead Auditor. Follow-up with the vendor in order to resolve the NC's found during the audit process. The audited processes include Quality (ISO standards), CSR, production activities, design process, handling of non-conformities, monitoring & measurement, and resource management related to specific activities.

Quality Assurance:

Handling one project as the incharge of quality asurance concerning two products for the naval defence and responsible for the complete management of the quality system. Ensure and witness the key aspects at the supplier's premises in order to make sure the timely delivery of the product. 

Jul 2010Dec 2010

Intern - Supply Chain Management

DCNS Group

Internship – Understanding

·The supply Chain Management of spares for foreign navies.

·The handling of client’s requests and orders

·The purchasing process specifically for the spares

·The various ways of providing through-life support.

The training period involves the:

ðKnowledge of supply chain processes for foreign navies, including purchasing

ðAnalysing Client’s request, orders, and proposals

ðUnderstanding of the ERP System – MOVEX

ðSynthesis of the training period to reach a conclusion for the improvement of processes, if required

ðWorking on Microsoft Excel

ðPreparation of power point files for Supply Chain Management and Purchasing

Oct 2007Mar 2009

Progrmmer Analyst

Kale Consultants Pvt Ltd

Key Responsibility:

  • Making XMLs
  • Development on .NET platform
  • Working on the database
  • Working on Web applications
  • Providing support to the client
  • Member of organizing committee in the company

ðClient interface understanding channel for BCD Travels (German company) on behalf of Kale Consultants

ðThe understanding of the client requirement and proposed customisations on real time basis by providing expert professional suggestions within the core group

ðReceived appreciation for working on E-Profile, a product of Kale which resource to access, analyzes and acts on the dynamic data, their travel programs produce at any given moment in time.

Projects Executed:

E Profile:

It’s a product of Kale. This application resource to access, analyzes and acts on the dynamic data, their travel programs produce at any given moment in time. I have worked on E Profile product of Kale as developer.


It’s a project of Kale. This application resource to access, analyzes and acts on the dynamic data, their travel programs produce at any given moment in time. I have worked on integration of three GDS’s (Global Distribution Systems) with our application. Currently, nine GDS’s are integrated with our application. With the integration of new GDS’s, we are also providing support for the existing GDS’s.


It’s a project of Kale.BCD Travels is the leading travel company and is the client of Kale Consultants Limited. We as a team provide support and develop new projects for BCD Travels. I am an active team member for providing support and communicating with the client regarding the issues reported by them. Basically, I have to provide support in case of profile creation, updating or deletion issues on the GDS.


It’s a product of Kale based on Travel domain catering to air and hotel. Rainbow is used for air ticketing, hotel bookings, docketing .The bookings made through rainbow are also reflected on the GDS’s (Global Distribution Systems) through export services. I have worked on the user management system for Rainbow which deals with the rights and permissions given to a specific user. I have also worked for the profile export system used in the Rainbow.


Sep 2009Dec 2010

International Masters in Management

Audencia Nantes School of Management

Core Courses Studied at Audencia:

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • International Marketing / International Business
  • New Product Development/ Project Management
  • European Business Environment / International Business Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
Sep 2003Jun 2007


Faculty of Engineering & Technology


Apr 2011Nov 2011


Training while working
Aug 2011Sep 2011

Six Sigma Black Belt

Anexas Consultancy Services