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Rohan Naik

Audio Engineer, Sequencer and Music Producer


  • Technical expertise with studio standard recording equipment as well as studio setup and maintenance. 
  • Knowledge and experience with studio standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software 
  • Good ear for music with an understanding of sound image desired by various performers.
  • Ability to come up quickly with solutions for problems that might arise during a recording scenario.
  • Always eager to learn and keeps coming up with new techniques and approaches to audio technology


Tiger Studio


Audio Engineer

  • During my first year of graduation in Parvatibai Chowgule college, I worked in the studio out of interest. I learnt to use all the gear and software in the studio and put it to practice.
  • Recorded and mixed various things during this one year including 2009 Laptop Mela commercial, soundtrack of college documentary etc.
  • Recently, worked on two projects as a composer and arranger whose recordings were done in Tiger Studio. This gave me the opportunity to work with, understand and get familiarized with the current setup in the studio.

My home studio


Composer/Arranger/Sequencer/Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

  • I have been working on various projects ranging from theater productions to commercials and Films.
  • Produced songs for plays like 'Ishtaagat', 'Krantijyot', 'Aamhi Tarunaee' and 'Khel Kheliyela'.
  • These songs were all recorded, digitally mixed and mastered by me in my home studio.
  • Worked as the Music Director for a film called as 'Home Sweet Home' 

Technical Skills

Operating studio equipment & signal chain
  • Dynamic and condenser Microphones
  • Audio interface and Preamps
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Connectors
  • Monitor Speakers and Headphones
Audio Mixing

Can digitally mix recorded and sequence audio using various plug-ins and processing like Reverb, Delay, Compressor, EQ, Limiters etc

Experienced with DAWs
  • Steinberg Cubase
  • PreSonus StudioOne
  • Image-Line FL Studio
  • Avid Pro tools
  • Adobe Audition
Music  Sequencing

Can work with variety of sampled instruments and sequence them in a realistic fashion


Abasaheb Garware College - Pune


M.Sc. Biodiversity Management