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Infrastructure System Management / Programming


  • Cross platform System Management -> Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows, VMware, VMS, Security, SAN, NAS
  • Virtualization: VMware, Sun VirtualBox, qemu
  • Capacity and Performance Management, ITIL V3 Certified
  • Data Center Construction, Build, and Move includes Electrical, UPS, HVAC, Network, Security, SAN, NAS
  • World Wide Level 3 Call Center Creation
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance team member for Intel
  • Application Move, Upgrade, and Porting for same and Cross Platform OS
  • Cross Platform Monitoring, Trending, and Backup for thousands of systems
  • Cross Platform Programming with Perl Ruby Python R VB shell(s) C C++ C# Java FORTRAN Pascal lisp Smalltalk
  • Object Oriented Frameworks such as MVC (model view controller) and MVP (model view presenter)
  • tools: MS Word, Excel, Project, Visio, SharePoint, SQL, LaTeX, GnuPlot, R, Gimp
  • Six Sigma, Lean Sigma, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Process Control, FMEA, Reliability, Fault Tree, Fishbone
  • CAD tools: AutoCAD, Anvil 5000
  • Project Management: MS Project, Primavera
  • Construction: 2 Intel Fabs, 1 Nuclear Plant, 2 Submarines

Work experience


Implementations Engineer

OptumInsight / UHG

Responsible for implementing Health Information Exchange connectivity using various web based services. Connections cover State to State, and State to US Government operations like the Veterans Administration.

The technologies include: Java, JBoss, XML, XSLT, SSL, TLS, SAML, Lotus Notes, and Lotus Domino. Together these make up the Web Services and the Web Interface presented to the end users.


Capacity and Performance Analyst


HP is a leader in the production of Computer Equipment and Computer Services worldwide.

Capacity and Performance Analyst for UNIX and Windows

  • Increased capacity and performance analysis rate per analyst by a factor of 15x. The original rate was 200 systems per analyst. The new rate is up to 3000 systems per analyst. This increase was accomplished by automating the statistical analysis and graphs for each system using R.
  • Data Monitor – converted the manual checks to automated alerts with trending graphs. The initial PDSA cycle reduced 90% of the previous problems.
  • Provided Weekly Statistical Analysis and Trending for 1500 systems, producing a summary PDF that contained the metric graphs. Each system PDF covered the current years' worth of data. The Pareto was used to find the top problem systems in each area. The Pareto was also useful for virtualization, showing the least used systems that were good candidates for virtualization.
  • Documentation – prefer publishing documents in PDF format for general release to customers. This eliminates cross platform printing and viewing problems. It also allows viewing on any device that supports PDF (cell phone, Kindle, etc.)
  • Abstract submitted to HP Tech Con 11, “SPC Everywhere using R”.
  • Ranked at performance Level K: the highest level available in the HP Focal Point Review process

Infrastructure Manager


Intel Fab23 Automation Systems Infrastructure Manager

The Infrastructure Manager is responsible for the management of the Factory Automation Systems and hardware. This includes all VMS, Windows, and UNIX that support the factory. 

  • Managed the purchase, installation, and ramp to production for all infrastructure equipment (VMS, Windows, UNIX, SAN, NAS)
  • Created the cross platform system monitoring process with point and click fix capability for VMS, UNIX, and Windows systems.
  • Created with team members a Web based account management system for request, approval, and creation on VMS, UNIX, and Windows systems. This implementation helped to meet SOX requirements.
  • Enabled Fab23 to lead as the lowest cost Fab in the Intel factory system by achieving high uptime and availability for ALL Factory Automation systems

Intel Hub Support Startup

The Intel VMS Hub was the first factory automation infrastructure to adopt the follow the sun methodology for third level VMS support.

  • Founding member for the VMS follow the sun methodology. The VMS hub was successful, and then used as the model for the transition of UNIX and Windows to worldwide hub support.
  • Compiled, debugged, and released the Factory version of Perl 5 for VMS. Perl is used as the cross platform glue between VMS, UNIX, and Windows. A person familiar with Perl can support Perl code on all three platforms.
  • Designed and propagated the VMS Gold disk for VMS Hub support.

Fab15 Startup

  • Created the Intel UNIX station controller gold build CD. This was a CD that allowed for the boot and build of a Solaris x86 station controller in the field on the raw hardware. This method was used to create the 1200 to 2000 station controllers required by each fab. This method was propagated to the other Intel sites as the "best known method". 

Network and VMS System Manager

United Technology Corporation
  • Two computer room moves, responsible for design, planning, and implementation
  • 5 node VMS cluster management
  • Network installation and support for local, building to building, and site to site
  • Solid rocket motor real time data collection for test fire using a VMS system





University of Louisville

3.66 / 4.0 GPA

Graduated with High Honors

J.B. Speed School of Engineering, awarded the John H. Simester Award for outstanding student in my field of study.


Cross Platform System Programming
I have extensive experience in programming in each environment. This includes the glue languages like Perl, Python, and Ruby which can used on UNIX, Windows, and VMS.
Systems Engineering
For details on some of the projects, please see the "Roger Yanda Capabilities Overview" in the portfolio links.

Top Secret/SCI