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Obtain a marketing/sales management position which encompasses full responsibility in managing and directing distributors/vendor alliances/sales organizations/sales representatives, etc.  While also executing strategic objectives and goals, therefore; providing consistent growth and producing exceptional profit margins to increase shareholder and/or others equity.


A bilingual self-starter possessing motivational, energetic and strong work ethic characteristics.  I rely heavily on my outstanding communication, relationship building and analytical skills; in order to, drive the business forward.  I also strive to obtain & maintain a respectable business partnership reputation within all distributor management levels, sales representatives (On & Off Premise) and most importantly, various retailers. As a result, once I have developed these long lasting relationships (both business & personal); I am able to grow the business tremendously, therefore, accomplishing positive profit margins for the company and brand portfolio.

Work experience

Mar 2010Present


  • Consistently pricing and programming the overall WSBC portfolio in 2015 with a projected increase finish of +7% (Louisiana) & +44% (Oklahoma) vs. LY.
  • Successful in building a strong relationship/partnership with my distributor, customers and consumers within both states.
  • Manage distributor through Micros/Diver systems to gather informative results for tracking/meetings:  Conduct QBR's, monthly/weekly GSM's; track KPI's, POS, Programming, Pricing, etc.
  • Develop and employ plans of action to ensure assigned Distributor Management is informed and aligned to influence program compliance and execution.
  • Manage new product introductions to guarantee targeted shipments and depletion's.
  • Monitor Distributors inventory levels to meet sales objectives, while limiting oos issues.
  • Continue to execute within both the On & Off Premise sectors of the business, dealing with various independent retail accounts, independent chain accounts, regional accounts and national accounts  within my states.
  • Participate, initiate, execute and manage various Crew Drive and Market Blitz's throughout the entire Southwest Region (New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas and Texas).
  • Deliver fact based sales presentations to both sectors of the business.
  • Develop pricing structures to help manage distributor margins, while enhancing WSBC profit rates.
  • Initiate sales plan to meet assigned budgets and provide forecasting information to monitor all performance.
  • Create, construct and implement various unique product displays within the retail account sector, in order to, heighten consumer awareness and product pull. 
  • Excellent at training and developing, while possessing a greater asset in coaching and mentoring others.
  • Currently building brand awareness with the consumer, in order to , obtain best results of product push/pull within my territory through consistently conducting Special Events (Ducks Unlimited, CCA, Delta Waterfowl), Sampling Events (L'Auberge Charity Golf Tournaments, Louisiana State Troopers), Bourbon Dinners, etc.
  • Mar 2010 - June 2014 - South Central Texas Market Manager


  • Consistently increased portfolio volume performance over 2 years in San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Rio Grande Valley markets by an average of 9.9%, 4.2%, and 8.1% respectively.Responsible for delivery of over $15.3M in sales on 102,423 cases of high profile brands.
  • Reached monthly sales volume and profit goals between 95-100%: while controlling all costs and spending for each brand.
  • Provided product education, seminars and sampling events to distributors, customers and consumers, in order to; enhance product distribution, product awareness, consumer awareness and product depletion(s).
  • Utilized proficient and effective tracking techniques while dealing with brand/daily expense budgets, as well as, point-of-sale (POS) and merchandising materials in order to be used by the distributor cost-effectively.
  • Identified critical, high payoff strategies and prioritized distributor efforts consistent with Future Brands objectives, in order to achieve 100% of goal. Focused on 12 core brands on annual basis with an average increase of 10-25% versus prior years.
  • Fluently developed and implemented marketing programs and initiatives for all brands through all distributor alliance sales managers/teams within all 3 markets in South Central Texas, therefore; initiating a potential 100% ROI for all brands.


  • Consistently increased portfolio volume performance over 2 years in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Rio Grande markets by an average of 7.5%, 5.5%, and 9.7% respectively.Responsible for delivery of over $11.6M in sales on 81,563 cases of high profile brands.
  • Administered brand strategies (distribution, pricing, shelf sets, etc.), order and track POS with an estimated average budget of $266,000 annually.
  • Executed Quarterly Business Review Meetings with distributor management to discuss volume performance, market issues and develop action plans for success.
  • Recommended to customers new shelf-sets, existing shelf-sets restructuring and schematics pertaining to companies objectives, programming and pricing guidelines.
  • Actively directed and managed 17 distributor alliance sales managers/force within 3 markets in South Central Texas, in order to; maximize full product/brand potential within the Off-Premise retail sector of the business.


  • Responsible for managing a $5.1 million sales territory.Increased case sales volume by 8% on a 32,000 case base.Sales territory consisted of largest San Antonio Retail chain along with various independent retail chains.
  • Consistently exceeded volume expectations by 20 - 35% monthly.
  • Served as a liaison between suppliers/brokers and retailers, executing on all brand strategies with respect to pricing, merchandising and shelf positioning.
  • Assisted large chain accounts and regular accounts on maximizing profits through pricing, educational seminars and product knowledge.
  • Responsible for managing complete Mustang Pad consisting of Future Brands, Allied Domecq Spirits, Heaven Hill Brands, Barton Brands, David Sherman and Wilson Daniels throughout the entire surrounding area of Central Texas.
  • Successfully managed various top 100 accounts, for example, various restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars and catering agencies
  • Introduced new and existing products to various accounts, while following up with a strong promotional campaign blitz.
  • Implemented brand seminars, tasting and up-selling techniques to entire wait staff/bartenders on weekly basis.
  • Proposed and executed permanent well placements and permanent signature drink menus for various accounts/establishments
  • Aggressively utilized my entire capacity of industry/product knowledge to prepare, initiate, manage, accomplish and capitalize on all brand objectives and strategies, in order to, accomplish all goals and quotas on a monthly, quarterly and fiscal year basis.


Aug 1992Dec 1995

Bachelors Business Administration

St. Mary's University

Marketing/General Business Management


·Consecutive Canadian Club Society Award Winner – 2005, 2006, 2008

·Associate Member of Texas Package Store Association - 2004, 2005, 2006,2007,2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. 

·Volunteer for MS 150 Bike Marathon 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

·Able to Relocate

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