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I have a unique combination of education and experience with 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and 12 of those years in a technical role ranging from technician to engineering manager and senior engineer.My schooling is in business both my bachelors and my soon to be completed MBA.

Work experience


NAND Sr. Process Integration Engineer

  1. Coordinate advanced NAND Flash project development issues impacting yield. Work with PE, Probe and YE on priority issues.
  2. Conduct daily tactical meetings to keep focus on critical priority items and to keep track of lower level issues so that those issues do not get dropped.
  3. Manage project WIP and allocate material for experiment work and assign priority.
  4. Lead engineers in the advanced NAND Flash project team on development issues.
  5. Designed experiments, analyzed data and developed advanced processes for next-generation NAND Flash products.
  6. Interact with production organization on yield issues and process set-up for the latest process transferred to production
  7. Taught classes to various groups including offsite joint development partners on latest process for advanced NAND Flash.

NAND Flash PI Structure Manger

  1. Process integration manager responsible for multiple development projects across sever process technologies.
  2. Managed a group of process integration engineers, with a wide range of education and experience, in developing advanced NAND Flash products.
  3. Responsible for evaluation of project challenges and interacting with process partners to determine critical priorities and timelines for solving project challenges.
  4. Responsible for setting group goals and for working with each individual to set personal development goals.
  5. Conducted planning with joint development project partners planning for advanced NAND Flash development and resource allocation. Planning included timelines, critical paths and learning cycles.
  6. Responsible for coordinating work across multiple groups, and responsible for making sure projects get appropriate priority among other projects in Research and Development.
  7. Managed Micron process integration interaction with team members from our joint development agreement with Intel which included integrating them into our team and hosting them as contractors.
  8. Managed successful transfer of advanced NAND Flash process into production.

Process Integration Engineer

  1. Process integration engineer working on start-up of Micron’s NAND project.Worked on initial NAND development, and was responsible for initial process flow determination and process selection.
  2. Designed experiments, analyzed data and developed advanced processes for next-generation NAND Flash products.
  3. Supervised a group of process integration technicians directing their work in supporting the entire group of engineers working on our projects.Worked with them to set goals for advancement and development.Based on their interest and abilities, I assigned them special projects beyond normal work requirements that would aid in their development.
  4. Worked as process integration engineer for NOR-Flash working on gate stack development including evaluation of tungsten gate and mask weakness issues.
  5. Responsible for field device set-up, simulation and characterization including running experiments to center and optimize field devices.
  6. Performed bench characterization for gate oxide QBD problems; ran long-term stress tests for transistor degradation evaluation; and completed CV measurements to analyze gate poly doping changes.

Process Integration Technician

  1. Supported NOR-Flash memory development projects working closely with the engineers on the project.Facilitated the execution of experiments to solve process problems.
  2. Developed process training materials to document details of how to build Flash memory.
  3. Taught Flash process classes to a wide range of people from operators to senior engineers.


  1. Operated Dry Etch equipment involved in process of building DRAM and Flash memory.
  2. Responsible for training new people on operating equipment and on how the operation fits into the whole process flow for building DRAM and Flash memory.
  3. Taught classes about the production Prioritization and scheduling system to operators, engineers, and managers.