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Work experience

CFO View Master-Ideal Group Portland, OR

Gregory McWade

When Roger came on we had a real problem with Toys Us – they were holding back on payments; our sales guys did not want to “ruffle the feathers” of one of their best customers; and our CEO wanted to get the receivables in- in other words, Roger was the “squeeze guy”.He not only was able to improve the collections from Toys Us he did so without alienating one of our key clients.

Roger was “way ahead of the curve” for the day – PCs were just coming in.I remember Roger wrote his own program to manage the data and reporting for his team.We were a big mainframe shop which was very cumbersome and not efficient.

Roger is extremely ethical and skilled at handling sticky situations with customers.

He was not easily steamrolled into leading our company into a poor decision.

Roger is a self starter who knows what he is doing and knows how to let others do their work.He oversees and manages his team without micromanaging them.He is good at delegating and yet, not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what needs to be done.

Roger was good at working with everyone from the CEO to Sales, to Production to his team within our corporate structure and he was able to get along with everyone.The production manager would seek out his advice as would the sales team.The CEO was a micromanager and would bypass me to call Roger directly.Roger handled those situations professionally and then made sure I was kept in the loop.

Area Credit Manager, Ferguson Enterprises, Federal Way, WA

Mary Anne Friedrich

I would put Roger at the top of the list of Credit Managers I have worked with.

Roger was different from a number of those I have worked with.Roger is more thoughtful and analytical than most and he does not have that kind of “jumpy” excitable personality.

He just seemed to instinctively know what to do.Because of his maturity and knowledge Roger knew what to prioritize, how to organize and how to get started.Bad debt was down, write offs were down – his numbers were fabulous!Once he cleaned up the “mess” he had been left he continued to have good numbers and reached out to other credit manager to help and advise them.

He has phenomenal computer skills – one of the things he did for us was to create a program in MS-Access to help identify target accounts that needed attention.He shared that program with other satellite Branch Managers that were part of the management group in that region.This was not something he had to do, or even was asked to do. – it was just his style to reach out to his colleagues.

Roger was respected by everyone he worked with – peers, customers, other managers.

President, National Association of Credit Management-Oregon, Inc. Portland, OR

Rodney Wheeland, CCE, CAE

Over the years I have worked with at least 100 directors and board members and I would put Roger in the top 10-20% of directors.

I felt Roger showed leadership, was consistent reliable –did what he said he would do; came prepared, did his homework and was ready to lead a discussion to get to a decision.

One of the key responsibilities of the Chairman was to lead the strategic planning for the organization and to operate at the 40,000 foot level. – Roger was very good at knowing his role and did not try to micromanage the day-to-day operations.

Associate Professor of Finance, Arizona State University Tempe, AZ

George Gallinger, PhD

Roger was a student in the classes I taught at Dartmouth College in NH – I taught Financial Analysis and oversaw the final class project. Of all the students I taught in that program I would put Roger in the top 10%.

I would tell any hiring manager that if they hired Roger they would have someone who is not only motivated to do an excellent job but who is also capable of doing an excellent job.


P&L Responsibility/Credit Management Leadership/Strategic Planning /Resolve Dysfunctional Systems/ Develop Synergistic Teams/Improve Profits & Processes

Fortune 500 Senior Financial Manager and Mentor. I have been fortunate to enjoy a management career that has included key credit and management positions with AirBP, View-Master Ideal Group, Pope and Talbot, Inc. Boise Cascade Corporation, Harry and David, Jackson and Perkins, Ferguson Enterprises and NACM-Oregon, Inc. Career Track: Professional growth through such positions as Accountant, Credit Manager, Director of Credit, Consultant, Chairman Board of Directors for Non Profit organization. I have mentored many successful Credit Professionals.

Corporate Experience/Non Profit Leadership/Joint Ventures: Over the past 20 years, I have been utilizing management expertise assisting organizations manage their balance sheets by maximizing cash flow and minimizing losses. I have a track record of facilitating increased sales, reduction of costs, and streamlining operations in a wide range of situations.

Proven Record-Across All Major Corporate Functions:I am skilled in all areas of senior management, including developing operations throughout the Northwest. Involved in Marketing, Production and Inventory Control, Logistics, Credit and Financial Management and Human Resources. I have P&L experience and have consistently exceededcompany objectives managing significant accounts receivable portfolios.

B.B.A. Accounting, Boise State University, Certified Credit Executive, National Association of Credit Management Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management, Dartmouth College, Graduated with Highest Distinction.

Selected Achievements and Skills

Enhanced shareholder value by improving balance sheet. Director of Credit at View-Master Ideal Group,Managed receivable portfolio project clean up enabling company sale. Completed 6 months ahead of schedule.

Built strong technical alliances at Pope & Talbot, Inc.Pioneered Faxing of invoices and marketing documents using state of the art communications servers.Changed way an entire industry invoiced their customers. Within two months of implementation, Willamette Industries, Weyerhauser and Canfor followed suit.

Reorganized and revitalized NACM-Oregon, Inc., 98 year old nonprofit. As Chairman and acting Presidenthired new President, refinanced Banfield Plaza office complex, modernized all IT systems,transitioning retirement benefits from fixed pension to 401(k) professional provider, opened satellite offices in Eugene, OR and Boise, ID.

Succeeded in declining market at AirBP Aviation ServicesManaged collection of $7,650,000 of working capital that was slated for write off to bad debt. Cash flow and Income Statement reflected results beyond expectations.

Provided technical leadership at Harry and David, Jackson and Perkins. Business Lead for conversion project migrating 408,000 customers to Y2K compliant Credit Card System. Managed a team of 22 professionals resulting in on time and on budget implementation.

Skills: Exceptionally strong written and verbal communications skills. Highly personable and capable of working with all levels of management and staff. Proficient in solving problems, designing and implementing policies and procedures. Expert level skills in MS-Office Suite and MS-Access. Hands-on executive, with the experience to assist in your success in these difficult economic times.


Golf, (Tiger has no worries about me catching him)




Amateur Radio

Kappa Sigma Fraternity Alumni

Life Member Boise Lodge #2 AF&AM

32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason

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