Roger Wilson

Work experience

Work experience

Route Sales

Mar 2012 - Aug 2015
Cromer Food Service

Raised route sales from $9,000 to $14,000 a wk.

Store Manager

Mar 2011 - Mar 2012
Dollaer General

Managed all store operations.

Assistant Manager

Sep 2004 - Mar 2011

Started out there as the grocery manager and moved my way up to the assistant manager.




1999 - 2001
Itt Tech

Electrical Engineer Technician

College transfer Courses

Sep 1997 - Jun 1998
Tri County Tech


Liberty High School



Route Driver

I also ran a route for lance crackers for 2 years before I worked at ingles.

When you are running a route you need to keep every thing full, and make sure that you know what the managers in each location want. Also Negotiation Skills are very help full in this, to get a display or extra space you need to learn what the managers want, and think outside the box to delivery that. 


The key to managing is communicating and following  through. Most people just want to know that they're  getting heard and somebody is trying to help.