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Work experience

Jan 2006Present

Team Lead, Sr. Associate Manufacturing

As Team Lead, responsibilities include:

oMonitor daily activities:

-Prioritize and assign tasks; observe staff for adherence to procedures and knowledge of operations; Observe equipment to ensure proper working condition; Identify issues and corrective actions; Delegate external issues to Maintenance and Engineering groups

oMaintain Compliance:

-Audit technicians’ work to ensure compliance with CFR, GMP/GDP, safety expectations, and Amgen Standard Operating Procedures;Review batch records and resolve discrepancies

oConduct training:

-Train staff on equipment and processes, including both 1:1 and group training sessions

oCollaborate and communicate:

-Act as point of contact for QA , Supply Chain groups, and third party vendors; Liaise between upper management and technicians; Coordinate issues that need escalation to management; Work with management on general team strategy; Engage in general dispute resolution

Projects and Accomplishments:


-Created the Safer Space Initiative, a campaign adopted by all of Clinical Manufacturing that promoted safety awareness through the elimination of clutter, maximizing space, and recognizing individual efforts to eliminate waste and improve safety in their area

-Restructured the process so that process hoses no longer ran along the floor and obstructed the walking path, easing room congestion and improving safety

-Planned and implemented remedies to potential safety hazards on plant floor – project leader


-Researched and presented concepts to the department such as Emotional Intelligence in Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing Concepts in Fermentation, and Cell Biology Concepts

oProcess Efficiency/Streamline:

-Helped decrease the fermentation process time by identifying trends from data collected at various stages of production campaigns and implementing Lean concepts

-Planned and implemented the 5S System throughout the plant that lead to decreased preparation time, faster equipment turnaround, and safer working conditions

-Decreased the cleaning and approval times of lab materials used in process, making them more readily available for re-use

-Successfully designed and implemented inventory re-stock program based on Kanban system

-Extended the use of a critical process component an additional 90 days, eliminating the need to reproduce the component every 7 days

-Co-managed a project that resulted in a larger feed batch for the fermentation process, eliminating the need to produce 2 batches of the same component

oCross Functional Collaboration:

-Led a team consisting of an IS Specialist, Engineer, QA Officer, and Production Planner in order to make a more linear, comprehensive procedure for manufacturing, ultimately leading to a reduction in human errors and reconciliation issues

-Participated in a Protein Clipping Study with R&D that identified which process parameters had the most effect on molecular clipping, paving the way for higher product yields in future processes

Aug 2004Dec 2005

Team Lead, Production Associate

  • As Team Lead, responsibilities included:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

    • Responsible for the development of the top-selling Luminex Immuno-Assay Kits
    • Responsible for allocating labor and resources to high priority projects and kits
    • Conducted monthly audit of all inventory and raw materials used in kit production; worked with management to determine costs
    • Assisted in Standard Operating Procedure development and document revisions

    Projects and Accomplishments:

    • Successfully re-developed existing Kits into more efficient assays with less cross reactivity using optimization studies; ultimately led to more revenue with sales
    • Collaborated with scientists and management to develop production procedure that cut production time by one hour per kit; ultimately leading to higher volume of production
    • Led a team of Research Associates in the development of a complex custom-made multi-assay kit; 4 month project resulting in higher revenue and new product ideas
May 2003Aug 2004

Research Associate

  • Successfully designed 13 recombinant proteins in 6 months; used internally in the Hybridoma Lab as well as externally for customers seeking custom molecules
  • Improved E Coli scale-up efficiency using expression optimization studies
  • Responsible for the maintenance of viral-infected insect cell lines
  • Performed expression validation studies with Western Blots and SDS gels


Jan 2007Dec 2009


Sep 1999Dec 2003



Trackwise Software
Used for Change Control and Change Management, Process Safety Analysis, Environmental/Safety Incidents Tracking, and Corrective Action Management
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Microsoft Office
Excel, Word, Power Point
ELISA, LUMINEX, Hybridoma Techniques
Molecular/Cell Biology
Cloning Techniques, transformations, primer design, sequencing
Cell Culture Scale-Up
People Management
Project Management
Lean Manufacturing


I intend to leverage my business aptitude, technical background, and leadership attributes to provide value to an organization in a more business-oriented role.


Live music, playing soccer, going to the gym, watching sports, photography, traveling, cooking, and eating.


Pragmatic, resourceful professional with over 6 years of multi-functional experience in the Biotech industry. A demonstrated leader who exhibits effective people management by developing rapport and promoting accountability. Effective Project Manager with accomplishments that include reduced costs, enhanced process performance, equipment modifications, and improved workplace safety. Known to possess a strong ability to understand complex operation systems and has developed a strong aptitude for efficiency improvements, as demonstrated by recent accomplishments. A rational and methodical approach to challenges has led to additional responsibility with every year of employment.