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Work experience

Nov 2008Present

Category Manager

Distribuidora Maravilla, S.A

Responsible for the major brands in the Still Drink Category & Juices.  In charge of the marketing plan and its execution (Central America and Mexico).  The brands under my responsibilities' are:  Tampico, Sipi, De la Granja

  • Launched De la Granja Orange Juice in a unique package (it is the first product on that package worldwide), innovating the largest category in the Central American Region.  The package used was the first one ready to drink juice worlwide using an ambiente filling processing machine.  Besides the technology of processing, I was the project coordinator of the project which had several areas.
  • Executed a regional consumer promotion (Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) on time. Increased the brands' margin through finding a new form or production, saving in logistics and production.
  • Launched two new flavours of Tampico on time. Exceed the quarterly sales in just one month.
  • Implemented a consumer promotion for our core brand, increasing its sales of 20% over our monthly sales prior the promotion. Achieved a sales record over an 18 month period.
  • Elaborated the Regional Marketing Plan for 2009, where I found new business opportunities to increase the overall profitability of the brands.
  • Approval of the first consumer promotion in Mexico for Tampico, through using new forms of production that allowed the company to do it
  • Logistics, production and execution time of consumer promotions saving the company time and reducing the investment needed having better financial and marketing results
  • Authorization to buy new equipment for our facility to increase capacity in the SKU with more growth in recent years
  • Execution of the first consumer promotion -after its launched- of the brand who is the market leader in the juice category turning the downward trend of sales.
  • Approval of a new milk product to be launched into the market.
  • Strategic and Marketing Plan of the launching plan for the most important project for the company of the last 5 years
  • Launching in El Salvador of the brand with the highest growth of the company in the last five years, starting its regional process
  • Approval of an investment for a new machinery to increase our capacity for our Low Income SKU that has had the highest growth rate in the past years.
  • Strategic planning for our most innovative product for the company to be executed in 2009
  • Cost reduction in our Low Income Brand, allowing its regional expansion through a new strategic positioning
Oct 2003Nov 2008

Business Intelligence Manager

Distribuidora Maravilla, S.A

In charge of themarket analysis and trends, consumer research and business opportunities for the following categories:  juices, nectars, non carbonated drinks, sports beverages, among others.  Responsible for executing the Marketing Plan in the region.

  • Directed and implemented more than 100 consumer research studies in the Central American Region and Mexico in the following categories: juices, nectars
  • Analysis of the non carbonated drinks category where I concluded that the category has divided into two different segments: low price and premium. As a consequence the company launched a new product that fulfilled all the consumer demands and increased sales by 10% of the brand.
  • Implemented the project that allowed the company to buy state of the art beverage technology that will let the company to produce and market new beverages
  • Launched a new energetic drink in Nicaragua achieving the projected sales stated in the Marketing Plan.
  • Conjointly launched Del Monte's nectar in the Mexican market, through analyzing and finding the strategic option for the brand.
  • Executed and launched a new energy drink in Nicaragua, achieving the volume established in the Plan
  • Created and implemented the Company Five Year Strategic Plan which serves as a base for the future planning of marketing and production with the objective to double our profit in a five year period
  • Conjointly elaborated the Del Monte Strategic Plan for the next 5 year for the Central American and the Caribbean to double our profits in a five year period
  • Analyzed the US market of refried beans for Del Monte finding the opportunity to enter the market and proposed the value which the company had to pay for entering the market.
  • Analyzed the milk category in Guatemala and Central America, finding the business opportunity that originated the investment in state of the art technology, allowing us to expand into new categories.
  • Managed and created all the databases need for analysis of the modern channel. Reduced the days of receiving reports and trends to 5 days from 20. Also I cut costs of maintaining the databases by 10% of the annual cost.
  • Found three new business opportunities in the modern channel that increased sales by 10% in each of the categories involved.
  • Discovered a new business opportunity among the non carbonated category in the Central American Region. As a consequence the company launched a new product that represented more than US $ 1 million annually.
  • Market analysis of nectars in Walmart (former known as La Fragua), where as a consequence we introduced our nectar to the fastest growing stores that gave us the leadership.
  • In charge of Customer Service, where I reorganized the procedures and we were able to reduce the number of days we solved a problem (from 15 to 2) and placed the company as # 1 among the other companies of the corporation.
  • Elaborated and implemented the Trainee Program in the company with the objective of having the human resource available for the future expansion of the company. In less than six months the new trainees executed two important projects for the company: helped to introduced to the market a new beverage in a new category and launched a new concept into a new distribution channel.
  • Trainer in our Customer Service Program, training more than 100 coworkers.
Jul 2001Oct 2003

Trade Negotiator and Assistant to the Executive Director


In charge of the Negotiations and Trade Agreements where I represented the interests of the Guatemalan Business Exporters Association.

  • Worked as a Trade Negotiator for the Private Sector in the CAFTA Agreement. Achieved the objectives that the Guatemalan Exporters wanted (maintain preferences and gain access in new markets)
  • Created and implemented more than 5,000 thousand profiles of Guatemalan Exports to the US, which served as a base for the CAFTA Agreement.
  • In charge of the macroeconomic analysis of Guatemala and gave recommendations on exchange rates that were affecting the exporters
  • Worked with the Ministry of Economy to established Guatemalan positions on Trade Negotiations as ALCA and WTO, that represented exporters interests.
Apr 1996Aug 1999

Research Associate, Social Area


In charge of statistical analysis and consulting projects for the World Bank, Interamerican Dialogue Bank (IBD), Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de Empresas (INCAE), el Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) y Center for International and Private Enterprise (CIPE).

  • Analysis of the violence in Guatemala for the PNUD. It has served as a base for future analysis and it created the first research in that field that had an analysis of the situation.
  • Developed a project with the objective to establish a benchmarking between our Statistical Office and the best around the world (Canada, Peru, Mexico and Australia). As a consequence of the research the Ministry of Economy is studying its implementation.
  • Part of the team in charge of the elaboration of the Guatemalan Human Development (Health Section).


Aug 2000Dec 2000

International MBA Exchange Student


Office Suite
To analyze all the scandata from Walmart I created a database using Access given us the ability to reduce costs and to response quickly than buying software from souces like IRI.
Nielsen Advisor, Nitro
As a part of my day to day activities as a Business Intelligence Manager I had to use Nielsen's software to analyze and create knowledge to my company.  This knowledge meant business opportunities.

Personal Objective

Find a job where I could create and develop new ideas and face everyday challenges in different environments as well as cultures.  I am pursuing a career in which I am able to work as a part of a team building and executing projects worldwide.  


Spanish (native), English (spoken and written) and Italian (beginner).


I like to read Military and Business books of Strategy.  I also like technology.


Fanny de Estrada

Carlos Castillo Eggenberger

Jorge Lavarreda