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Golf, Tennis, collecting "antique" broadcast microphones

Professional Organizations

Massachusetts Broadcasters Association, North Carolina Broadcasters Association, National Association of Media Brokers


Rodney H. Rainey founded RadioMetrix Solutions Corporation (RMXSolutions) in 2005. Based out of North Carolina, RMXSolutions is a media brokerage firm that has built a healthy network of station operators and owners who are actively involved in the acquisition and/or disposition of radio stations. RMXSolutions employs a professional team of radio professionals that possess an understanding of how radio stations operate and what the general business climate for the industry is trending towards at any given moment. Rodney Rainey has created a firm in RMXSolutions that utilizes the most up-to-date technology in conjunction with today's mergers and acquisition strategies and best practices for the radio industry. Rodney Rainey and RMXSolutions provide results for their clients, taking full advantage of the substantial resources at their disposal. Rodney H. Rainey brings almost two decades in radio broadcasting to his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of RadioMetrix Solutions Corporation. Rodney Rainey has worked in various positions with the radio industry, including sales and management, in markets of all sizes around the United States. Mr. Rainey has worked with Clear Channel Radio in Houston (KTJM-FM), the Rusk Corporation, Evergreen Media (KTRH), the Boch Broadcasting Group (WCOD-FM), and CBS Radio (KILT-FM). Rodney Rainey’s unique experiences across multiple markets qualify him to assist a range of radio owners/operators, from the small business operator to the sophisticated corporate group. Before his time in broadcasting, Rodney Rainey worked for more than 10 years as a commercial real estate broker. Based out of Houston, Mr. Rainey spent a decade building a strong reputation selling income producing real estate as well as raw land for mixed-use developments. Rodney Rainey has also operated as an entrepreneur in the past, developing a fully disposable and biodegradable barbecue grill company that began as a start-up and developed into a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of disposable and recyclable barbecue grills. Rodney Rainey currently resides in North Carolina.

Work experience

Jan 2005Present


Radiometrix Solutions Corporation

Develop selling strategies for owners who are divesting various radio properties. Analyze the selling stations current financial, personnel and equipment circumstances and will build and recommend to the owners a strategy to achieve the optimum value based upon our analysis. Build acquisition strategies current with real-time economic conditions for those buyers who are seasoned veterans of radio operations & ownership or who are entering the broadcast ownership arena for the first, but who have compiled years of experience in the operation of radio stations. Talk with equity and debt financing groups who have an interest in the radio sector and who are looking for those special deals and for those up and coming owners/operators who understand the industry today and who see the direction the industry is headed and who carry with them the best practices to achieve their goals.


Sep 1973Dec 1976

University of Houston