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Rodney Woods

College student and Fate club member.


•Work Philosophy

I believe that anything can be accomplished, with the right mentality. I was taught, to always put forth you best effort. I believe communication is keen in a work place. It is important to keep everyone on the same page. I believe no one is never above asking for help. We all could use assistance every once in a while. I believe it is better to be a leader, and never a follower.

Work Experience

I worked as a cashier for Target as well as restocking products. August 2012 to July 2013 I also did yard work for multiple people in Phenix City, Al July 2011 to august 2014


Aug 2013May 2017


The University of Alabama

Bachelors of Science on a Pre-Med track.

Aug 2009May 2013

Advanced Academic Diploma

Brookstone College Prepartory School

I received an Advanced Academic Diploma from Brookstone College Preparatory School.

Initial (short-term) Goals

This school year I plan on making A's and B's, as a short term goal. I also plan on volunteering for at least three volunteer organizations. I would like to also have a job before the month of November is over. Another short term goal of mine, is to receive another scholarship, to help my family financially.


Work Ethic
Ever since I was ten years old I have been doing yard work for multiple people in my hometown. People know that if I'm working for them they are going to get my best effort. My father always taught me that the hard work I was doing would pay off in the real world.
Ever since I was little I have always been put in positions where I had to communicate with others. I've been a tutor as well as spoken in front of large crowds numerous times.
I am very good with numbers,and calculations. I worked as a cashier at Target for a year. I was also an "A" student in math in high school. I am very good with numbers and calculating them the majority of the time in my head . Working as a Target cashier only enhanced my skill when came to calculating numbers.

Long-term Goals

I would like to become a physician as a long term goal. Another long term goal is being a good husband and father. I would like be able to take care of my mother one day. I also would like to give back to my community that I grew up in. I wouldn't mind traveling the world one day,and seeing what other countries have to offer.

Sample of work or class projects

Special awards and recognitions received

I received an award for having one of the highest freshmen G.P.A' s. Freshmen year I made the Presidents list for making all A's. I was also inducted into the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity for having above a 3.6 G.P.A

Community Service

S.O.A.R.S - I was able to feed the homeless, and work alongside other members to buy school clothes for inner city children. Caring for Kids- I was able to volunteer ,and perform check ups on patients alongside a physician. Foxx Elementary School -Other students and I went and tutored less fortunate children every Wednesday in all subjects.We also provided guidance to keep the children on the right track.

Organization memberships and activities

Fate Organization, F.C.A, French Club