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Work experience


Machinist, Part Assembly

Birdsall Marine Design

As my first machine job, I quickly became familiar with operating machines that include a lathe, mill, metal bender, drill press, and various hand tools. I also learned how to perform math required to be accurate with my work by 1/1000th of an inch. My duties were to manufacture aluminum into small parts and accessories for boats. Then assemble them, once all work had been completed, to be sold or placed in a showroom.


Closing Staff


As a part of the closing staff, I was required to work as a team to complete the tasks required to close the store and prepare it for business the next day. These tasks included sweeping and mopping the store, restocking the items in the back, as well as cleaning all the surfaces and washing the dishes accumulated throughout the day. All while still taking orders and fulfilling them, as this was all done while the business was still open. My previous experience helped here, as being able to retain orders and recite them from memory is an essential ability required to be able to multitask closing procedures as well as maintains good customer service.


Person In Charge/ Driver/ Meat Cutter/ In-Shop Employee

Jimmy John's

I began working here as a meat cutter and learned how to operated a slicing machine. My job consisted of quickly cutting the meat while maintaining the accuracy of the the weight of the slices. I soon moved to the line and sharpened my speed and reflexes while preparing the customers orders quickly and accurately. We took pride in our ability to perform fast and accurate. I was soon offered a position as a weekend 'Person In Charge'. My task as a PIC was to close the business on Saturdays and then Open/Close on Sundays. I was in charge or maintaining order accuracy and prompt deliver service, as well as completing the tasks required to open and close this operation. I handled the drawer and making the closing money reports, as well as balancing and maintaining the safe. I learned a lot about managing a small group of people and enjoyed my time in charge.


Cashier/ Driver

Jimmy John's - St.Louis, MO.

My first experience working at Jimmy John's. I was responsible for the operation on the cash register, as well as accurately taking the orders of the customers. This was also my first time as a delivery driver. Learning how to string routes together to be fast and efficient was necessary.


Hardware Sales


My first job in sales required me to learn more about hand tools and power tools. My job was to be knowledgeable about the products being sold, and to answer questions the customers may have. The end goal being to make a sale and a happy customer. I learned how to talk with people on a more personal level, as well as several sales tactics used to help finalize the deal. Operating and maintaining my own register as well as some light shelf stocking were also part of the job.


After School Counselor

The Wilson School

My duties at The Wilson School were to watch the children from the time school ended, until their parents picked them up. Children were divided into age groups and were rotated between the counselors daily. The groups were ages 4 - 12 and consisted of about 20 or so kids each. I was able to use my skills acquired as a lifeguard to observe them and make sure they were safe at all times.



Five Guys

My first food service job. My duties were to help with opening the store, including chopping vegetables, setting up tables, and making sure everything was ready for business. I quickly learned to take orders and handle money accurately.



The Rapids Water Park

As a First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguard certified young man, my first choice of employment to use these skills was The Rapids. I was tasked with maintaining the safety of the patrons. By careful observation, quick thinking, and some common sense, I was able to prove a safe environment for people to enjoy their time at the park.


Front End Clerk


Like many young men, my working life begun as a grocery store bag boy. I learned the basics of being in a workplace environment, as well as safety procedures and precautions used in many places of employment.


Jan 2006Jan 2007


Palm Beach Gardens High School

As a freshman, I was a part of the NJROTC program at my school. I participated on the drill team and rifle drill team, as well as after school physical training. After my freshman year was complete, I was accepted into the Area 7 Leadership Academy and spent 2 weeks at Admiral Farragut Academy. After my training was complete and I passed all the required tests, I was awarded the Silver Cord as mark of my accomplishments.

My sophomore year was different however as I ended up dropping out of the NJROTC program, and then dropped out of school shortly after my 16th birthday. However my intention was to acquire my GED and be done with school at a young age. I did so in just a few months and was prepared to enter community college just a few short months after dropping out. 


Rick Connery (Boss)

Rick was the overseer at Birdsall Marine and gave me my tasks to complete. (561)-906-9630

Kendrick Alley (Welder)

I worked along side Kendrick at Birdsall Marine Design preparing parts for him to weld. (561)-713-5093


  • Computer Tech
  • Money Handling
  • Opening/ Closing
  • Delivery
  • Sales
  • Food Service
  • Customer Service
  • Observation