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      Significant experience in computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing of many products for over twenty years. Skilled and experienced and mold design, product design, cam machining and electrode design using the latest Cad/CAM software's such as Pro engineer wildfire and  Catia V5, increasing productivity for companies not using these new technologies. Introduced new machines new software's and machining techniques to shorten manufacturing cycle times and bolster on time delivery. Skilled in creating and laying out work cells for fabrication of many different types of components.

      Served on material review boards, directed tool room operations and provided training for personnel as needed for best machining practices and setups. Competent in the Microsoft office suite software series.

      Extensive experience in rapid prototyping for short run production of components, to evaluate fit and function. Prototyping processes such as Selective Laser Sintering SLS, Layered Object Modeling LOM, stereo  Lithography  SLA, Bridge Tooling for short runs in aluminum molds.

Work experience

Jan 2008Jan 2009

Designer - Automotive rubber injection molds

Pfaff Molds
  • Designed functional molds using catia V5 for rubber sealing components in the automotive industry. Worked with details that sealed water from entering into unwanted areas on an automobile. Designed rubber on glass over-molds and support fixtures for rubber extrusions.
  • Placed sensors on all molds to control the opening and closing of the mold in the proper sequence to prevent mold damage during operation.   These sensors also controlled the opening and closing of the press for safe operation and to prevent operator injury.
  • Integrated heating and cooling in areas of the mold when required.
  • Used computer simulation to verify all movement of mold components using catia V5 .
  • Specified standard industry mold components from DME, Misumi, Hasco for placement in mold.
  • Placed all pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders for mold opening and closing operations.
  • Routed tubing using catia V5 where needed using the equipment systems module.
  • Placed wear plates and areas of high wear such as slides to increase mold life.

Tool and Die Designer / Manufacturing Engineer / Forging Designer

California Amforge Corp
  • Using Pro/Engineer Wildfire  and Catia V5 as a designer and manufacturing engineer increased the overall production of forgings using more efficient and advanced tooling in the machining area by reducing machining time by 35% using high speed machining and new tools, as well as effective management and training of the CNC and EDM department reducing a company bottleneck.
  • Revise the operation of the die assembly department through  a new  training program based on modern methods used today, these methods reduced the time for die  assembly by 50% thereby reducing the amount of time for dies rotate in and out of the forge.
  • Introduced CNC and EDM routing and set up sheets, to guide shop personnel in setting up stock blocks as well as EDM burn locations.
  • Eliminated  costly forging tryouts by introducing forging simulation software later purchased by our company, such as (Qform3d, Deform 3D, MSC Superforge, Forge 2000) using FEA software for forging tryouts reduce the overall cost by 48%. Simulations were performed on upset operations as well as closed die forgings.
  • Instrumental in the design and manufacture of universal setup cassettes that all of our forging dies could be placed in the  preset-up condition before traveling to the forge and placed  in any of our forging presses if needed. This was accomplished by the vice president of engineering (BSME) Cal poly, myself and our engineering team.
  • Designed unique nozzles for scale removal and graphite lubrication application for attachment to our new cassette system, this allowed descaling and lubrication between forging blows.
  • Reverse engineered forging  machine components not readily available and machine them in house when not readily available.
  • Reverse engineered wood pattern dies by scanning them and converting them to parametric cad  files, this was done in house using Minolta  scanning products.
  •  Design special jigs and fixtures for prebending heated mults for special forging considerations.
  • Repaired all imported and incomplete data sets using Catia and Pro/Engineer cad systems.
  • Provided inspection data-sets for quality control to ensure our forgings met customer specifications.
  • Specified and ordered capital equipment when needed to improve our overall on time delivery.
  • Using Pro/NC machined all closed die forging,upset forgings and graphite electrodes for EDM; trained other engineers in my department to use this cam software from PTC.
  • Specified limit sensors on die sets and cassettes to ensure the safety of personnel operating forging presses.
  • Designed fixtures for machining forgings of many different types.
  • Designed stripper plates for flash removal when removing flash  from forging punches.
  • Trained in Lean Manufacturing.

Mold Design, Cam Machinist and Training Employees

  • Responsible for training four employees to use Pro/NC (Pro2000i)  with no current involvement or knowledge of a Cad/Cam platform. After training, CNC output was increased by 68%, allowing the company to complete more plaster molds than previously.
  • Created solid and surface models of toilets, bathtubs,sinks and fixtures like faucets and shower heads using Pro/Engineer.
  • Responsible for editing Internal post processor inside pro/nc; Gpost, for seamless integration with new machining centers.
  •  Specified and ordered post processors from Icam, for fanuc controllers not in Gpost.
  • specified and ordered a large scale vacuum system to remove CNC dust from all plaster cutting cnc machines, virtually eliminating shop dust hazards.
  • Designed fixtures for testing toilet equipment for failure analysis.
  • Completed detailed drawings for all cad  projects involved in using geometric tolerancing and in dimensioning  and tolerance stack-up.
  • Involved in Polka yoke  Mistake proof manufacturing.
  • Trained in the Shingo  AAA quality assurance and testing program.
  • Started training in the Six Sigma training program on the greenbelt level,training not completed company redirect.
  • With my  background in rapid prototyping specified Stereo-lithography and Selective Laser Sintering prototypes for preliminary evaluation of design projects.
  • Trained personnel to design and construct RTV rubber molds for urethane injection.

Training manager,Head tool & fixture Designer

  • Managed and trained 25 personnel in the cnc department as well as training in pro-engineer & catia V4 cad/cam software's. Surfacing in solid modeling skills are increased by 35% after engineers after receiving my   training program.  
  • Designed tube bending dies,pressure forming dies,sheet metal forming dies for 5000 ton hydraulic Press, jigs  and fixtures for aircraft tubing components for end point verification.
  • Created Mylar drawings for tube profile and boundary verifications. 
  • Specified in ordered capital equipment (CNC's Tube bending machines, Edm hole Poppers).
  • Designed in machine copper electrodes for the edm process.
  • Responsible for maintaining in acquiring all server license involving cad/cam.
  • Updated all progressive stamping dies from drawings to 3D model designs.
  • Engineering and design Swaging dies to reduced tubing diameters. 
  • Engineered special dies for tubing not using normal tube bending operations, cerabend was used to fill the tube and the dies would complete the forming. The cerabend melted away with hot water leaving the tube empty.
  • Created fixtures and stands for Vacuum  brazing operations.
  • Designed special induction coils for induction gold brazing of specialized fittings under argon gas for afterburner tubing sets for military aircraft. 
  • Specialized alloys  used in these processes(Invar, Wasp Alloy, Titanium, Inconel, aluminum ).
  • Created detailed drawings based on ASME Y14.5.   

Manager of cad engineering dept, CNC operations, Machine shop operations.

Union Tool
  • Implemented cnc as a new platform for machining and completing all die manufacturing; prior to this implementation all work was completed using manually operated machines for milling. After the implementation productivity was increased by 80% due to CNC as a platform.
  • Specified capital equipment, integrated the equipment to cut costs and on time delivery. Equipment included (Mori Seiki SV500 milling machine,  Trak3Dnc knee mill, Conversational horizontal lathes...).
  • Reverse engineered handmade pattern dies by scanning with a minolta scanner, importing them into cad, reconstructing them parametricly. This eliminated antiquated techniques, dies now milled using CNC programs using Pro/NC.
  • The implementation of this scanning and reverse engineering  procedure, reduced cutting time from 3 days, to just two hours of milling time.
  • Performed all tool design and managed  tool room operations and implemented a modern training program to bring employees current with all new machining programs using CNC.
  • Designed roll forming dies for forging operations.
  • Converted over 350 2D drawings into 3D parametric files using Pro/Engineer allowing these parts to now be machine using CNC.
  • Designed along with the engineering manager (BSME), a forge roller for making garden hoes, from heated metal blanks.
  • Specified and implemented computer workstations to efficiently run cad programs.
  • Created plastic injection molds for any of our products needing plastic components.
  • Introduced die sets into operations for easy  insertion into presses, eliminating  the manual alignment of dies, thereby reducing setup time in some cases by 2 hours.
  • Created detailed drawings of all tool and die designs before released two the machine shop for fabrication, these drawings contain all of the tolerances  required and a bill of materials(BOM).

Class A Mold Designer, Manager of CAD Department, Head CAM Machinist

Stargate Technologies Inc.
  • Integrated cam machining into an already developed CNC operation completely eliminating manual programming causing on time delivery to change from 58% to 100%. The softwares' used was Pro/NC, Catia, Cimatron, Proe/Mold Design and Assembly.
  • Using Proe Mold Design developed plastic injection molds  for the medical industry.
  • Programmed  all CNC machines while training others to operate and set them up.
  • Specified mold bases and ordered the required materials to complete the mold. 
  • Designed copper and graphite electrodes for EDM machining.
  • Using Proe Legacy  repaired all damage cad files and poorly imported data later to be used in the mold design.
  • Prepare drawings and bills of material (BOM) for molding components.
  • Specified and ordered capital equipment, tool holders, cutters and other items as needed. 
  • Ordered all prototypes when needed fouandr design verification.
  • Through team meetings with the tool and die shop, eliminated  costly errors.  

Journeyman Cad Tool Designer, CNC Programmer/Operator, Rubber mold Designer

Plynetics Express Corp.
  • Specialized at urethane injection and color matching  urethane for molded parts for RTV rubber molds.
  • Designed and constructed RTV rubber molds from stereo-lithography templates. 
  • Spray painted components after molding for shipment to customers.
  • Operated SLA / SLS machines preparing them to build components; of the builds are completed removed all components preparing them for the model shop.
  • Cad training on several different platforms (Autoad, Pro/Engineer, Catia, Rhino, Cimitron, WorkNC, Virtual Gibbs, Trakage3)
  • Bridgeport mill and lathe operator.
  • Plastic injection machine operator.
  • Trained in organic surface design and imported scanned data-sets.
  • Received mold design training using several different CAD platforms.
  • Designed aluminum bridge tooling using Proe/Mold Design.
  • Developed CNC programs using (Pro/NC, Cimitron, Virtual Gibbs, WorkNC) as platforms.
  • Design fixtures for secondary operations on components required by customers.
  • Using epoxy designed wax injection mold for components to be cast in steel  for knee or hip replacement  components.
  • Created a mold storage and retrieval system for easy  retrieval when needed.
  • Involved and the SLS KEL Tool rapid die creation program, using copper infused steel.
  • Trained in the use of layered object modeling  machines and processes.

Military Policman

U. S. Army
  • Was trained in all procedures of police duties as required by the federal government
  • Received extensive training in report writing for criminal investigations.
  • Performed traffic accident investigations.
  • Performed desk duties like radio dispatching of patrol officers to incident's as they occurred.
  • Received a certificate for completing the primary leadership course in Fort Ord California.
  • Completed correspondence courses in air traffic control.



Jess Lanier High School

BSME Incomplete

Continued Education


Product design and machine design
Wire and Sinker EDM
Machining processes.
Rapid prototyping
Sterolithography, Selective laser sintering, Layered object modeling, Keltool, Aluminum bridge tooling.
GD&T per ASME Y14.5
Team Managment
Jig and fixture design
Rhino 3D
Surfacing cad pakage.
Microsoft Office Suite
Word,Excel, Power Point, Front Page.
Rotary draw bending
Tube bending.
Rtv rubber mold designer
Molds for polyurethane.
Cnc operator and trainer
Set up and operate cnc's
Catia V4/V5 design
Design module.  
Pro Engineer W4 Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal module
Pro Engineer W4 Assembly
Assembly module.
Pro Engineer W4 Drawing
Drawing module.
Pro Engineer W4 / Piping
Tube routing module.
Pro Engineer W4 Mold Design
Mold design module.
Pro Engineer W4 / NC
Machining module.